by Richard, with observations by Byron LeBeau THE BOOK OF THE SECRETS OF ENOCH, chapter six:

They showed me (Enoch) the treasure house of the dew, like oil of the olive and the appearance of its form, as of all the flowers of the earth; further many angels guarding the treasure houses of these things and how they are made to shut and open.
The first key word is 'treasure.' In Greek (thesauros) denotes a "a place of safe keeping." 'Treasure' in general (as noun) is the accumulating of valuable things, highly valued possessions; it also means to store away. (Remember store houses in chapter five of this same book; the place of safe-keeping is the 'house' which, in Greek (oikia) is a 'dwelling' - metaphorically of a heavenly abode.
In Greek, 'heavenly' (ouranos) means the "aerial heavns" and aerial in general means "of or in the air," but also means "living in the air!" (Earlier, we established that these dwellings (objects) come from the upper atmosphere, the air, the sky & not outer space.! ) The inhabitants of these dwellings (fallen angels & evil spirits) appear to be storing valuable possessions of some sort....
(I can only believe that these valuables must be detained abductees, donors (abductees also), stored substances, &/or tissue, cattle parts, blood among various other things, - all to support a logistical line of needed nourishment to create a complete environment as some sort of facility to fashion hybrids & humanoids, while using incubators or glass containers, they themselves being filled with nourishment and growth materials.)
The first key word in this section is dew. 'Dew' in general is water droplets, but the verse says "dew like oil" so it could be construed as "water like oil." 'Like' here means similar characteristics to each other. What does water do that oil does also? Olive oil was used for cooking, and light lamps for lights & heat. Water ~ like oil ~ was used years ago to power grain wheels, & water wheels to power machinery. Today, by the use of dams and other devices, we extract the energy from water to make electricity. So water & oil share the same thing: - that is, energy! The word 'water' in Greek is (hudor) and this is where the English prefix 'hydro' comes from. The word 'hydro' in general is water, hydroelectric, hydrodynamic, hydrogen & hydropower.
Let’s look at the word ‘hydroelectricity.’ It is made by converting the energy in running water. Could Enoch be telling us that water here could relate to some sort of energy used for these dwellings? We know that witnesses (of present day UFOs) have reported seeing objects going in and out of the water, and also moving at high speeds through the water. {{This is true in my own observations of the UFO field; specifically, a few years’ ago, there was a program on UNSOLVED MYSTERIES where, in Australia, a white spherical object was seen by a witness, beaming down a white funnel-like white light into the lake, and extracting water from that lake. On another occasion, THE HISTORY CHANNEL had an interesting program (this year in 2006) where the U.S. NAVY had tracked an unidentified object going faster than 150 knots at a depth of over 10,000 feet, which was admitted on the program – we cannot do!}} Could these objects, then, be using the water (our waters) for this above purpose, as suggested by Richard?}} Let’s explore the possibilities.
The words ‘”title power” is a means of electricity generation achieved by capturing the energy contained in “moving water.” It is called, “moving water masses.” So when an object moves through the water at speed, it creates this moving water mass around itself. Two types of energy can be extracted: One is kinetic energy, created by the currents of the moving water mass around the object; the other form is potential energy. This is created by the difference in the height from the bottom of the object to the top of the object. This is called the ‘head.’ The higher and wider the ‘head,’ the more energy can be extracted.
Kinetic energy is the work needed to accelerate a body (object) from rest to its current velocity. It gains this energy, its acceleration, when the body’s speed changes (as in slower) – the kinetic energy also drops. So, do these dwellings make hydroelectricity moving at speeds under the water, thereby creating the power to move at high speeds through the air and create kinetic energy? Potential energy may be obtained as a work against a specific force, such as gravity. What’s very important here is that we must remember that these dwellings are inhabited by supernatural beings, such as fallen angels & evil spirits, who, by their supernatural power, have the ability to create all the mechanical devices needed to power their dwellings. The power probably is created from water…the likes of which we can only imagine!
How they most likely do this is in transcending the material order, changing the substances or metals beyond their natural structure. From what God has already created - these fallen angels created (or fashioned) the devices needed for their use, a use (or uses) that are at heart - deceptive!; for instance, at Roswell, a thin piece of metal crumpled, returns back to its original state – changing the molecular structure to act the way they wish by supernatural power. The same principle goes for aliens/alien bodies such as the ones left at the Roswell crash, which were created hybrids, originally designed as humanoids.
I believe they can create (via implantation,) drawing from abductees (donors) that which is needed, plus possibly some tissue of their own make-up, which produces unnatural alien bodies, found to be real! Why not? They are flesh & blood living creatures, created by these fallen unholy angels. ((This solves the problem of the wrestling with those who are not of flesh & blood, as St. Paul describes in Ephesians 6:12, since the unholy mating of spirit and flesh, created abhorrent flesh-earthbound creatures, and leading to the earth-bound evil spirits to boot!}} They must be real aliens, right? If you intend to deceive the world, and have the power to do so, you will do so! Seeing is believing, right?
So then is Enoch showing us that these houses, dwellings (objects) have been and are extracting energy from water? Possibly! Below is a list of different types of energy. Some of these types have been reported to be found by investigators at UFO and crop circle sites.
1) chemical energy
2) heat energy
3) electromagnetic energy, radiation, light
4) potential energy
5) mass energy
6) nuclear energy
7) kinetic energy

Let’s say you travel under water at high speeds, with a “moving water mass” created around your vehicle. You now create from that energy hydroelectricity. At the same time, you also are creating potential energy from the “head” – the width & height of your vehicle. That power enables you to fly at great speeds through the air, which creates kinetic energy. In between, you create electromagnetic radiation (light) and heat. Add some outside light and colors, and what do you have?

The title of this essay is OF THE DEW THE OIL & VARIOUS FLOWERS. The ‘dew’ is water. So what’s the oil? To get olive oil, the olives are pressed - so oil appears as a form. Here oil is reflective of an appearance, a form which ‘’is suggestive of flowers!’’ “The appearance of its form” (as) of all the flowers of the Earth. ‘As’ here means when taken into consideration with a specific form, or as in some manner of. How does oil work with flowers?
The word ‘press’ in general means to compress or reshape, to press, flatten. In Greek, the word ‘appearance’ (phantazo) is “to make visible.” ‘Form’ in Greek (morphe) is a special characteristic ‘feature’ and (morphosis) is an outline, image or (impress.)
‘Form’ in Greek also means ‘pattern.’ The word ‘impress’ in general is a mark or pattern. A pattern is an artistic or decorative design. The word ‘design’ is a graphic ‘form’ – (the appearance of its form? A graphic one?) ‘Graphics’ (as noun) in general meaning is the making of drawings in accordance with the rules of ‘mathematics.’
Now ‘flowers’ here has two meanings which we need to use. To follow-up with the above meanings, the word used is ‘flowers’ (plural) in the verse. ‘Flowers’ (as verb) is to “decorate with a floral ‘pattern’” ‘Floral’ is suggestive of a flower, and most all flowers are circular in outline, and have many patterns.
So let’s see what Enoch is trying to tell us here. We take the words ‘press’ & impress’’pattern’ ‘artistic’ designs, to flatten graphics by the use of mathematics, the circular outline of flowers, and the flowers different patterns, and what do we have?
Combine these crop circles with the presence of certain types of energies talked about earlier, such as heat, electromagnetic radiation, etc., and it sure sounds like what has been reported by crop circle investigators, doesn’t it?
{{For those readers not familiar with Richard’s suggestions, patterns of crop circles worldwide, and possible theories as to their execution. Please click onto below link for a brief review:}}
Let’s now examine the other meanings of ‘flowers,’ as in “various flowers of the Earth.” ‘Various’ (adj. G.M.) is of “diverse kinds” – “unlike” – “more than one” – many-sided” and also an “individual or separate member of a group.” (Many different designs separate or the same as each other, various sizes, patterns, etc.) So we have “of (diverse kinds) various flowers (floral patterns) of the Earth – around the Earth.
The other meaning of flowers is in Greek (huperakmos) from (huper) as ‘beyond’ and (akme) as “the highest points of the Earth with the word ‘various’ as different places.
So beyond the highest points of the Earth equals the atmosphere. The rest of the verse is cited as follows: ‘’how they are made to shut and open.’’ But what shuts and opens?
The word ‘open’ in Greek is a verb (anoigo). It means a “door or a gate” (dianoigo) “to open up” (dia) ‘through’ and as a noun (anoixis) – an ‘opening’ (ope) – a ‘hole’. So at various points - the highest points of the atmosphere – we have “portals, doors, openings” that they go ‘through’.
The word ‘shut’ in Greek means (apokleio) “to shut fast” (apo) away from, as used in Luke 13:24 & 13:25 in the Bible. This reflects to and expresses the “impossibility” of entrance after the closing.
In Luke 13:24-25 & Matthew 7:13-14, there is a reference about the small gate and narrow road which leads to Christ (as metaphor) while the large gate and wide road does not (as in posing the good vs. the evil roads.) Those in Christ will be with Him after the flesh dies, since the spirit lives. Yet only in spirit form can we enter beyond to the other side; therefore, the meaning of the door shut, the impossibility of entrance after the closing where these ‘dwellings’ go (through the doors, gates, portals) – we, in the flesh, cannot!
(Remember, they are fallen angels & evil spirits, not flesh. Their “beyond” the other side of the door is possibly the abyss or the realm of the lost, as in Jude 6; it talks about darkness for the fallen angels, and in Jude 13, a darkness reserved for the fallen ones. The word ‘blackness’ in (Vines) is the Greek (zophos) which is the gloom of the region of the lost. Could this be the beyond, or the other side of the gate? They have the ability to do this: to come and go from our world to theirs.

{{At the risk of complicating the phenomenon of the opening and closing of the gates or doors that Richard cited in the above analysis, suggestive of the portals of the 'FALLEN ONES,' allow me to cite an observation from the files of FATIMA of 1917, and what was witnessed there, according to the chief witness in this most amazing spiritual drama It is a girl named Lucia, as reported in the book HEAVENLY LIGHTS by Dr. Joauim Fernandez; after reading the citation, if you wish to read the whole review of this book (by Byron LeBeau) - just click onto the below link...but the point is to dramatize the concept of entities leaving our dimension (possibly) via portals or gates "of a ‘vibrational’ kind." WITNESS BELOW:

Lucia indicated that as THE LADY left on one occasion (the June 13th one,) and Lucia said that THE LADY left and so did the object (cloud), then made this enigmatic remark: “ There! Now it can’t be seen. It has just now entered the sky and the doors have closed. (PIU) The authors give many examples of how UFOs use clouds to hide their identity; cf. pgs. 53-55.
And later in the same essay, a different citation on another occasion:
The Being was then transported back to “the cloud” by the same way it came, appearing as if “the doors had closed” (as was referred to before in the words of Lucia.) Then “the cloud” streaked across the sky and superimposed itself in front of the Sun (and several witnesses saw a “ladder” next to the “Sun” (which may have been a cigar shaped second craft, according to the authors.)

ALSO, I have had the sneaking suspicion that the crop circle phenomenon possibly revolves around the 'supernatural' as in activity of the FALLEN ANGELS; obviously, this cannot be proven, per se, but - if Richard is connecting the etymological dots correctly, then it is a strong possibility that supernatural beings (not necessarily all evil) can drop into our third dimensioanl reality from their own "space" or "time" or "dimension" through their own "doors" or "gates" - but more importantly, with us none the wiser ostensibly! This is what makes, to me, the subjects of the cattle mutilations -- the crop circles UFOs & alien abductions and, of course, the personages as represented by the Nephilim (Nophelim) such intriguing subjects, when it comes to getting to the root of WHO DONE IT, that is – interfacing with mankind?!?
And to carry this possible set of links ONE STEP BEYOND even the above, let us not forget that the UFO/ALIEN ABDUCTION and anomalous phenomena also includes missing time of people, and even of planes (the latter of which sometimes includes strange green misty lights;) there was a program on "SIGHTINGS" a few years' ago, where an L-1011 was coming into a Florida airport, and mysteriously went off the radar scope for a full ten minutes, concerning the “reception committee” so much that emergency fire engines, etc., were scrambled. Then, just as suddenly, the jet reappeared on the scope and landed safely. What made this case bizarre (and to this day unanswerable,) was the fact that all the passengers had lost ten minutes off of their watches, as if they were in another dimension for those same ten minutes; also, the official jet clock had lost ten minutes too! Did this jet too go through an inter-dimensional portal or gate or door?!?
Just maybe, this gate or door does transport one to another dimension, where our time does not interface, and once the door is shut, it is impossible to either go in or out...until...the door reopens. Some of us would call this the spiritual realm of existence, and death is that opening door; perhaps, certain spiritual beings have the same power of opening and closing, and use it for their own designs, that may include the gathering of things in their treasure houses, like cattle & people, and Enoch may have been warning us about this, - like Richard has suggested; perhaps not, and perhaps the above group of exercises may be nothing more than fanciful speculation, but exploring these ideas in a novel way, as Richard has attempted to do, may be a step in the right direction!}}

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