SECTION TWO of ’’The Bite of the Serpent’’

by Richard & introduced & edited by Byron LeBeau

{{The below information by experiencer, Richard, zeroes in on the potential culprits of the heretofore UFO enigma, and squarely points the finger at the demons that Jesus talked about in the New Testament, namely, ‘’serpents & scorpions’’. Coincidentally, there will also be cited a ‘’seasoned’’ exorcist priest, who will, not so coincidentally, finger the same culprits as he discusses the latest doings in the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH as it pertains to the rite of exorcism, and how this rite is being ~ perhaps ~ mitigated!?!}}

Richard starts this new section by focusing on the word “HOST” which is one that furnishes facilities and resources for a function or an event. A “FACILITY” is something created to serve a particular function…(such as the UFO phenomenon.)

“RESOURCES” are assets available for an event and that which is needed and used to support the event or function, as in (deceptive phenomenon.) The created assets are deceiving “props” and all that is needed by Satan. It is ‘’supernaturally’’ created by transcending the material order, to convince the world that alien races exist. It is being used as a “cloke (cloak) of deception” for Satan’s use and the use of the evil spirits (demons) for their own ends. When people look at outer space, and say we can’t be the only ones here, there’s got to be other life out there, then Satan has ‘’already got you hooked.’’

It makes his job so much easier, because we might feel that there should be life out there; however, we did not create the universe – God did! So why don’t we ask Him if there’s life out there” If you believe God’s word as reflected in the Bible, don’t you think God would have told us, especially if that alien life was coming to give the world ‘’so much torment!’’?!?

God created Man in His own image. Why then would He create an evil alien race to dominate us in every aspect? ASK YOURSELF: If there is life out there, pertinent to us, God would have told us in the Bible! So then, what are we dealing with?


”HOST” ( the GK ‘XENOS’) means stranger, which itself means strange; strange means foreign or alien. {{In SOPHONIA 1:5, we see the reference to starry host, which is linked with the evil Baal.}} “ALIEN” (GK ‘allotrios’) = belonging to another-not of one’s own & an enemy. “ENEMY” (GK ‘echthros’) means hateful or hated. This hate is akin to (‘ektos’) which means outside, and in the active sense – hostile. Used as a noun, an “enemy” adversary is equated to the devil; cf. MATT 13:39 & LUKE 10:19. “OUTSIDE” as a noun, is an outward aspect or appearance. “ASPECT” also as noun, is a way that something is viewed by the mind.

As we continue with these linkings of words, “STRANGE” = out of the ordinary-not previously known-differing from the normal-not of one’s own locality or environment & characteristic of another place. “ORDINARY” means commonly encountered (but UFOs are not!) “OUTWARD” has a Greek note with it: The phrase “en to, phanero” in (LIT) refers to “in the open & “manifest” which is rendered as outwardly (In the KJV, 2 COR 10:7 as “outward appearance.”(Keep in mind where the word “APPEARANCE” leads us, further on in this analysis.)

“VIEWED” (in our mind) comes from “ASPECT.” “VIEW” (as noun) means an individual and personal perception; an effect having an ability to be perceived as real to the mind, chosen specifically in use to each individual. (The supernatural creation of the creatures or objects create the overall effet ‘’so intense’’ that our minds perceive them to be real. It has chosen each event as personal to each individual.)
“VISION” (as noun) = unusual competence in discernment or perception-a mental image- & the experience of seeing a supernatural being. (“Supernatural being” is to mean ‘’not of’’ flesh & blood, but a created image by supernatural beings.

“SHINE” (GK ‘PHAINO’) means to cause to appear. “CAUSE” (as noun) means the producer of an effect, result or consequence; to cause for a reason; therefore (the UFO phenomenon is created for deception as a “cloke” of hiding.)

“CONSEQUENCE” (as noun) means a relation of the result to its cause (where the effect is supernaturally executed as real so we believe it to be real; the result is – ‘’WE BELIEVE IT!’’)


“APPEAR” (GK ‘PHAINO’) = in the active voice-“to shine”—whereas in passive voice-to be brough forth into light, and lastly, to become evident; to “appear.” Now “APPEAR” (as GK ‘anaphaino’) means to appear ‘’suddenly’’ (‘phaneroo’) and in the active voice, to manifest, from the word “outward.” “MANIFEST” (GK ‘phaneros’) means to open to sight; visible, from the root (‘phan’) that signifies “shining.”


In order for something to appear ‘’suddenly’’ – to become visible (open to sight,) the appearance means the “instance of coming into sight” or to come into existence; instance means occurring immediately or at once, so then for these images to appear suddenly, wouldn’t they have to be ‘’invisible’’ to begin with, or at least created by a force that is invisible, effected instantly? AND – if these images appeared suddenly, then how could they be of living matter…i.e., flesh and blood?!? To follow this logic, let’s see where the word “SPIRIT” goes….

“SPIRIT” (a noun) that means a supernatural being as in angel or demon; it is a being inhabiting or embodying a particular place, object or natural or unnatural phenomenon. (Do the demons inhabit “hybrids?” Do they inhabit created false images manifested to the point that they can be ‘’felt’’? Do you know that because you can touch something, ‘’it doesn’t necessarily mean’’ that it is a real creature or object as it appears to be? REMEMBER: The use of supernatural powers creates a dynamic where ‘’anything goes!’’ If you are creating a deceptive phenomenon, you will make it be real, and use all of the support characters needed.) {{To me, this is reminiscent of “VIRTUAL REALITUY” where, once put into an ‘’altered state.’’ Everything flows from that “naturally.” YET – it is still virtual reality – not true reality! Anyone familiar with the sophisticated tricks used in MIND CONTROL, would not see Richard’s argument as being ‘’too far fetched’’ – methinks!}}


This is a Greek word (‘pneuma’) that denotes the “wind” akin to (‘pneo’) which means to breathe; blow; also breath. The spirit is then like the wind – “INVISIBLE!” (Evil spirits!) ”SPIRIT” (GK ‘phantasma’) and as per both MATT 14:26 & MARK 6:49 of the KJV) = “”APPARITION;” this latter word means a phantom, a phantasm from (‘phaino’) which means to appear; appearance.

“PHANTOM/PHANTASM” = something having no physical reality but apparently seen-an illusory mental image- & (in Platonic philo) objective reality as perceived and distorted by the five senses.


In the Gospel of Luke (10:19) of the ‘’NIV LIFE & SPIRIT BIBLE’’, Christ is speaking:

“I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions, and to overcome all the power of the enemy; and nothing will harm you.”
In a note in this same Bible, relating to the above, ‘’snakes & scorpions’’ are terms representing the most dangerous forces of spiritual evil. {{If you go to the below link, about an exorcist who confronts both types, and could even recognize them by the look in their eyes, you will see that this is no joke – but really real phenomenon that exists and has been documented; go to }}

Incidentally, Richard notes that the word “enemy” from LUKE 10:19, also is used as one of the titles of Satan; the same holds true for MATT 13:39.

“SNAKE” (as noun) means any of numerous scaly, legless, and sometimes venomous reptiles of the suborder – “serpents.” “SERPENT” also happens to be another title for Satan as per 2 COR 11:3 & REV 12:9….It comes from “serpents” which is a reptile of the order of serpents; a snake.

“SNAKES” in LUKE 10:19 are symbolic of the forces of evil (like demons & evil spirits.) (RICHARD SPECULATES: Could the “reptilians” then be created by the snakes, demons and evil spirits, as a symbolic reference Biblically to themselves, created for a deception? A description of a Reptilian-like being was actually seen by Richard at age fourteen while in his backyard with his friend Jody; it was a sunny day, and the being stood about ten feet away; from what Richard remembers, it was ‘’greenish scaly skin~~long sharp teeth~~a short tail, one to two feet in length~~long clawas on the feet~~ three long claws on the hands~~with eyes he will never forget: They had a yellow background (iris) with pupils that were almond-shaped, which were black, and ran vertically across the yellow background.’’)


This, of course, is another title for Satan (as per REV 12:7) Allegedly, it is a mythological monster, traditionally represented as a giant reptile, with lion’s claws, long sharp teeth, a serpent’s tail, wings, and scaly skin; it is also greenish in color…and I, Richard, am sure that the descriptions and color of the eyes pretty much matches (what I saw.) Using the same Bible as referenced before, Christ is speaking in LUKE 11:11-12:

“Which of your fathers, if your son asks for a fish will give him a snake instead? Or if he asks for an egg will give him a scorpion?” (Why were the ‘’snake & scorpion’’ used? I believe they are also symbolic representations; here’s how!)

Let’s look at the word “SCALE” as it relates to the “FISH” & “THE SNAKE.”

“SCALE” is a small plate-like dermal or epidermal structure; external coverings on a fish, reptile and certain mammals. Fish, reptiles & snakes have sharp teeth and fangs; they are also cold-blooded. Fish have tails, as do snakes and reptiles. Some colors of fish match the colors of snakes. In other words, there is a similarity between them….But what does a scorpion have to do with an egg? LET’S SEE!

VINE’S DICTIONARY notes regarding LUKE 11:11-12, that the scorpion is an allusion to the egg, since it has the same shape of it ‘’when at rest.’’ Is this a symbolic reference? I think, YES!

Let’s do a description list between scorpion (evil forces-demons) to the GRAY “ALIENS” reported so often in the alien abduction phenomenon:

The heads of the Grays are egg-shaped; the allusion here is that a scorpion at rest resembles an egg-shape. In concert with this, the shape of the Grays' eyes are like almonds. To see how a scorpion is similar to a Grays' eye, we must first take the word scorpion in Greek:

Here, (‘skorpios’) is akin to ‘(skorpizo’) which means to scatter. “SCATTER” (‘diaspeiro’) further means to scatter abroad, as in (‘dia’) & ‘(spiro’) to sow seed. “SEEDS” are almond-shaped; and as indicated before, so are ;;the Grays'eyes. Next, the eyes “seeds” symbolically are black; the black eyes are symbolic. “BLACK” (as adjective) means evil-wicked, and according TO ‘’Holmans Bible Dictionary,’’ black is “the abode of the dead” (There is also a reference to JOB 3:5 & JUDE 13, with a further reference to THE BOOK OF ENOCH 68:18, which was discussed in Part I of ‘’THE BITE OF THE SERPENT.’’

“BLACK” (GK ‘zophos’) denotes the gloom of the region of the lost. In ‘’Nelson’s New & Illustrated Dictionary,’’ we look at the word “ABYSS” where it is described as a prison of disobedient spirits – the (demons) of the world of the dead.

So if then the color “BLACK” symbolizes the ‘abode of the dead,’ and the prison of the disobedient spirits (demons) are by the same color black symbolized the same ‘wrold of the dead,’ this would point to the possibility that the Grays' eyes symbolized evil. The color “BLACK” also represents pestilence in the BOOK OF DANIEL & REVELATION.

Now “PESTILENCE” (as noun) means pernicious evil influence or agent; “pernicious” (as adj.) = a tendency to cause death (spiritual?) and serious injury, as well as causing great harm. The (archaic) meaning = evil-wicked.

So, it seems that snakes & scorpions are symbolic for evil forces & demons. The symbolic similarities between snakes and the reptilians as to the facial descriptions of the reptilian images to dragons, serpents, the involvement of Satan & demons, as well as the appearance of phantoms, tells me that the snakes mentioned in LUKE 10:19 & LUKE 11:11-12, SYMBOLICALLY, OUTWARDLY & SPIRITUALLY, REFLECT THE CREATED IMAGES OF THE reptilian race, created & controlled by evil spirits.

The symbolic similarities between scorpions & Gray aliens as to the symbolic and detailed descriptions of each which represent evil spiritual forces, the Grays are a created representation of its evil character & characters, (the demon evil spirits.)

OH YEAH! In Holmans Bible Dictionary, the greenish-gray color of the ‘’Grays’’ is also symbolic of death (esp. spiritual death) (The Grays' eyes must have an evil influence on us for hypnotic control, it seems to me.)

IN SUMMARY: The snakes represent the Reptilians, while the scorpions represent the Grays. The snakes are the Serpents of the highest rank; the Grays are the scorpions, who work under them as their underlings.

{{There you have it, folks, THE HOSTS OF HEAVEN - and what a sad and woeful lot they seem to be, causing untold misery in (what passes as) the “alien abduction phenomenon.” I have read two books that seem to support Richard’s contentions: one, THE FAÇADE by Michael Heiser, that shows the same type of demonic take, with Reptilians and Grays as the culprits who would kill humans at the drop of the hat – if and when exposed! The other is a lesser known book called, ALIENATED by Jeanne Robinson; this book shows the horrors the Cindy had to undergo or witness, so that she would be more cooperative with this evil group. Anyone who still may have a “pie in the sky” attitude toward the “benevolent” Grays & co., should reflect on the contents of this book.

I believe that Richard is doing a good free service for humanity in exposing (from his point of view) what he sees as a spiritual menace. To ignore his findings and experiences may be disadvantageous to one’s spiritual future health. BEWARE!}}

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