By Richard Stout

{{Editing & commentary by Byron LeBeau. This will include some intriguing incidents in Ufology that may, indeed, reflect the very thesis that Richard is presenting in this extended paper. All commentary by LeBeau with be double brackets, and will also support the general ideas as presented in our co-authored book, “THE CURS-ED NET” regarding Satan, Inc., and what he is up to!}}


The most often & generally used colors found with UFOs are the primary color, basically the standard light spectrum colors. They include red, yellow, orange, green, blue, violet, & purple/indigo. These colors are mixed with light, and can & do interact with our bodies via the eyes.

I believe that specific light & color patterns, intensities, frequencies, etc., can alter our brain functions from the normal emotion to an altered state of emotional stimuli. Light & color can induce signals that trigger often certain emotions through our senses. The following chapters look to establish that this theory shows that the strong possibility exists that during a UFO sighting, that the use of lights & colors, (especially at night) are employed for the explicit purpose of inducing & trancing the victims for whatever purpose that the perpetrators desired. [These people are commonly called abductees.]


These primary colors include red, yellow, orange, green, blue, & purple/indigo. White is the combination of all the colors of the visible light spectrum. It is achromatic, and not a color since it has no hue. The impression of white light can be created by mixing appropriate intensities of the primary colors of light (red, green & blue) which are the most-often colors seen on UFOs. It is a process called additive mixing.

‘Intensity’ means exceptionally great concentration, power or force; in physics' it is the amount or degree of strength of electricity, light, heat, or sound per unit area or volume; as a color, it would include the strength of that color.

Color & light intensities are involved with the characteristics of UFOs, especially at night since these colors would probably have no effect in the daytime. These colors & white lights would contain heat, power, and at times could even burn a person if close by because light is a form of radiation.

Light sometimes refers to the entire electromagnetic spectrum. It is composed of an elementary particle called a photon. In physics the photon is the elementary particle responsible for electromagnetic phenomenon. We know through UFO studies that UFOs are surrounded by electromagnetic energies and leave traces of this behind.
The photon is the carrier of electromagnetic radiation of all wavelengths. A wavelength is the distance between repeating units of propagating waves of a given frequency, such as the space in between a strobe effect, for instance;) the flashing of colored lights occur independently at a certain speed. The frequency is the measurement of the number of occurrences of a repeated event per unit of time. The brightness of color & light is an attribute of visual perception in which a source appears to emit a given amount of light (such as a UFO.) The brightness is the perception elicited by the luminance of a visual light. This is a subjective attribute/property of an object being observed.

The word ‘subjective’ here means personal, particular to a given person. {{All meanings given will be considered “general meanings” unless otherwise indicated by Richard.}} In psychology it exists only within the experiencer’s mind. (There are times when UFOs intensify their light & color patterns during specific encounters. Part of this paper will be to determine why.)

This word subjective also has the meaning of a being which has a relationship with another entity or object. (such as the object UFO or the “alien” [fallen angel/demon] exposing the human to a psychological experience during an event; the subjective experience is the sensory buzz and awareness associated with a conscious mind. Sensory is relating to the senses, and buzz is to make a low droning or vibrating sound or low tones. (Could the humming sounds reported with some UFO encounters actually be some sort of communication to our being?)

Let’s look at the meaning of ‘introspection.’ In Latin (introspiere, introspect-) = to look into where (intro) is “within” + (specere) “to look at.” (The use of light & color patterns can also be a strong form of keeping our attention.) {{In our book, I use the word lure as being one of the characteristics of the set-up leading to THE STING!}} Another meaning of introspection is contemplation of one’s own thoughts, feelings and sensations. (Does this mean that a person could be mentally open to suggestion?)

‘Contemplation’ is an intention or expectation. ‘Thought’ is a product of thinking, the faculty of thinking or reasoning., a conception. ‘Conception’ is something conceived in the mind, a design, an idea, etc. (Through this light & color show, is there a motive of subtle control or kind of programming involved?)

Next, our ‘feelings’ are touched, a state such as that resulting from emotions, a susceptibility to emotional response. Let’s look closely at this emotional state: it is an intense mental state that arises subjectively rather than through conscious effort; it is also a state of mental agitation or disturbance. In Latin (ex-, ex-t) + (movere,) = to move, and in Old French, (esmovoir) = to excite. So it seems that there is a different human bodily reaction to these projected lights & colors!)

((I was taken by the many examples of lights and colors interfacing with UFOs in the book, NIGHT SIEGE by Phil Imbrogno & Allen Hynek, so I set-up a web page called, NIGHT SIEGE within THE CURS-ED NET, located at

Below is an example from that web page/book, that exemplify what Richard is addressing in his paper: The “crazy” sequence of bright lights up & down the “wings” of the craft so spooked one witness that he jumped into his car and sped away (39.)}}

The next word is ‘sensation’ which includes a response of a perception associated with stimulation of a sense organ or with a specific body condition; it is also a faculty to feel or perceive. The word ‘stimulate’ contains the idea of rousing to activity, to excite; to increase temporarily the activity of a body part. The Latin (stimulare, stimulat-) = to goad on where ‘stimulus’ is a “goad.” (In our book, we mentioned that a ‘goad’ was a long pointed stick used to prod animals, and “alien/demonic” wands were also used in abductions!) Goad is also an agent or means of prodding or urging; a stimulus. ‘Prod’ is a word which means to excite into action.

In the Greek, the word ‘senses’ (aistheterion) is the faculty of perception, the organ of the senses; also, it serves as “the capacity for spiritual apprehension (VINE’S.) ‘Spiritual’ (pheumatikos) always connotes the ideas of invisibility and of power. (Fallen Angels are invisible & are as powerful as good angels [HEB. 2:7; 2SAM. 14:17, 20; 2PETER2:11,] as well as invisible spiritual beings [HEB. 1:14.] These Fallen Angels, posing as aliens, are feeding us false & misleading information.)

{{This last point can be easily shown by referring to Richard Thompson’s book, ALIEN IDENTITIES, wherein he shows that Billy Meier was told (what amounted to) intellectual gibberish by his “contactor” (Semjase;) cf. chapter 11 of his book for details, where “she” tries to convince Billy that God is merely an impersonal force…as in May the force be with you – NOT!}}

This spiritual apprehension is placed in us through the use of specific trance-like patterns of light & color reaching our minds by electromagnetic energy (light,) This word ‘apprehension’ in Greek (katalambano) signifies “to lay hold of;” also “to lay hold of so as to possess as one’s own.” In other words, it is any type of signal or subtle message they wish to place into your mind, and probably to set the stage for a future visit or contact with a stated purpose so that you will have accepted this message as your own, and will execute your reactions as they (the Fallen Angels) wish you to do. So to follow up in VINE’S on apprehension, it also has a meaning of “detrimental effect” e.g., of demon power (MARK 9:18) & metaphorically with the added idea of overtaking, of spiritual darkness coming upon people (JOHN 12:35) and again metaphorically of darkness with regard to light (JOHN 1:5,) though possibly here the sense is that of mental perception.

{{Do we see examples of this in Ufology? Yes! In the NIGHT SIEGE link referred to previously, we have one very good example of this “subtle message” massaging:
A typical example of how these “beings” Fallen Angels go about their business of using people, revolves around the story of William Durkin, who had seen an object on Interstate 84. After another sighting, he got the PSYCHIC feeling that “they” had contacted him, and that they wanted him to help them somehow. [We call this type of enlistee a receiver in our book, one of three types of functions employed by the dark forces to advance their particular sinister agenda.]
One night, after a long hard day at work, (in the early hours of the morning,) he was jarred out of bed by a loud buzzing noise. He got scarred, and then as he reached for the light, the wall near his bed began to glow: then he saw a figure walk through the wall! It turned out to be the same figure he had seen in his dream. The being was of average height, very slim, with white skin & large round dark eyes. It was dressed in a yellow outfit than looked like a diver’s wet suit. The being also glowed (223-224.) The story goes on to relate that Durkin was told not to talk about what he was told. In any event, it did involve going through the roof with the being. Richard Stout, as part of his testimony in our book, mentioned that this type of experience happened to him before he accepted Christ as his savior, but once he did, all of these paranormal types of activity CEASED! The “kicker” to all of this was that the being told Durkin not to tell anybody about these things, since “their plan for saving life on this planet could be in danger if ‘other forces’ found out. (224) I really wonder out loud who or what these other forces are? It sounds like this being is talking like some type of criminal ~ perhaps a spiritual criminal up to no-good with the citizens of mankind. This certainly does not sound like your ET scientist gathering information about other life forms; no, something very sinister is going on here – within “THE CURS-ED NET.}}
Let’s look at the word light; in the Greek. (phos) is akin to (phao) which is “to give light” from the root (pha & phan) expressing “light as seen by the eye,” &
metaphorically as reaching the mind. The meaning (phoster) denotes a “luminary light” or “light giver” while (photizo) in the passive voice metaphorically & reflects spiritual enlightenment. We also have another meaning of (lampo) which is “to give light of the torch.” ‘Torch’ has the meaning of “something that seems to illuminate, enlighten or guide,” and in Latin (torguere) = to twist – and in this case, to twist information coming form an evil source (Fallen Angels.) The word twist here could mean to alter or distort the intended meaning of, the normal aspect of, or the mental, moral or emotional character of.

From this point on I will try to show you through sensible reasoning and science facts concerning light & color that can have an effect of the human mind & body. A theory showing the possibility of the interaction of light and color projected by UFOs to the human eye as to be channeled to the mind, causing the mind to react in such a way which by means of the power existing by this source (UFOs) can cause an alteration in our way of thinking – a disruption of our senses! Much of what will be covered has been superficially addressed earlier. I just wish to show how the possibility exists that a person’s mind can be reached by subtle means, and to some extent, influenced if so desired.

We will continue our theory with the words “visual perception” mentioned earlier. In psychology it is the ability to interpret visible light information reaching the eyes that then makes available for the planning & action. The various components involved in vision are known as the visual system. This system allows us to assimilate information from the environment to help guide our actions. The lens of the eyes focuses on an image (let’s say a UFO all lit up) and continues from the outside world onto a light sensitive membrane in the back of the eye called the retina. This is part of the brain that is isolated to serve as a transducer for the conversion of patterns. Lights on the photo receptive cells of the retina can detect the photons of light and respond by producing neural impulses.

These signals are processed in a hierarchical fashion by different parts of the brain. The process continues from the retina to the lateral geniculate nucleus to the primary and secondary visual cortex of the brain; the lateral geniculate nucleus of the thalamus is a part of the brain which is the primary processor of visual information received from the retina in the central nervous system. (Are signals being sent to the brain via the lights & colors picked up through the eyes and sent to the brain?)

The central nervous system has the fundamental role of controlling the behavior; this refers to the actions or reactions of an object or organism usually in relation to the environment. This behavior can be conscious or unconscious, overt or covert, and voluntary or involuntary.

A related discipline would be psychophysics which is the sub-discipline of psychology dealing with the relationship between physical stimuli and their subjective correlations or perceptions. (A physical stimuli, for instance color & light and its sensory response relating to our senses, are transmitting impulses from sense organs to nerve centers.) A ‘precept’ is a philosophical term that roughly means an individual’s observation/perception (personal) of something external to one’s self, and more specifically, the resultant of perceiving. It is the representation of an external event (such as an object flashing light & color,) that affects the senses (the physiological methods of perception,) and which by perceptual processing causes the activation of a certain category in the mind, i.e., the percept.

The term percept is typically used in contrast to the coned words “distal stimulus,” where ‘distal’ means located far from a point of reference, the object & you! The “proximal stimulus” is the physical stimulus pattern on the senses, and is the pattern of light wavelength projected on the retina off the distal stimulus (the external object.) This is important in the understanding & discussion of human perceptual processes and is functionally critical to the discussion of optical art and visual allusions. A particular example of the criticality of the term includes optical illusions. ‘Optical illusion’ is always characterized by visually perceived images that at least (via common sense terms) are deceptive or misleading, so therefore, the information gathered by the eye is processed by the brain (to give on the face of it) as being a percept that does not tally.


Primary colors are not a fundamental property of light but are often related to the physiological response of the eye to light. Fundamentally, light is a continuous spectrum of the wavelength that can be detected by the human eye as an infinite stimulus space. This means that it is an unlimited agent that elicits or accelerates a physiological or psychological activity or response. Remember earlier that I mentioned that light reached the brain through the eye and the retina [?] It seems to me that the addition of color to light with the use of flashing, that an internal strobe effect (as used by UFOs many times,) can be a very potent agent in stimulating the mind, as this targets our physiological & psychological sensories. I believe this process can open us up to a strong or subtle pathway called suggestion. Let’s look at the words ‘physiological’ & psychological’ to see what is affected:

PHYSIOLOGICAL is consistent with or characteristic of the normal functioning of a living organism (So color & light mixed and used properly can cause a disruption within our normal functioning body.)

PSYCHOLOGICAL relates to or arises from the mind or emotions; it also influences or is intended to influence the mind or emotions. (So it seems to me that light & color could, if used at specific intensities and in the proper manner, possibly paralyze the human body since the light energy is being used to penetrate through our eyes (or any other selected part of the body via signals sent to the brain by our senses. ) Color & light can influence our minds &/or emotions, as well as plant signals &/or possibly pre-program us for some future contact!

{{Is there any suggested evidence of this MASSAGING TYPE OF COMMUNICATION in the annals of Ufology? Allow two recent examples suffice to illustrate the point:
1) MEXICO INCIDENT OF 2007: In this report to MUFON UFO organization by Ana Luisa Cid & Jesus Martinez Castro via reporter Javier Francisco Reyes, the following data emerged from this December 31st incident: Apparently in the early hours of this day in the town of Mezcal, Guerrero, the whole of the populace from young to old observed an intense light source that traveled across the locality at about 300 meters altitude; the witnesses described the light as a saucer-shaped craft that actually landed on a hill known as Pie de Minas where it emitted flashes for over 30 hours! the witnesses subsequently complained of eye irritation, while there were reports of fluctuations in the level of local electric power. The lights from the craft ranged from a soft shade of light blue to a white & phosphorescent blue, acquiring yellow, orange & soft red tones. There were also strange beings seen by those who peered through binoculars, which looked like
cats with horns. This caused the greatest degree of fear among the people, some of whom could not sleep for the following two nights.
2) STEPHENVILLE INCIDENT OF 2008: In January (especially on the 8th when this case reached its zenith,) this town (about 70 miles from Forth Worth,) experienced, among other things, two red glowing lights (that actually was shown to look like a snake in the sky;) another witness saw a bright orange light, and no noise was reported with the sightings. The object could travel extremely fast (3000 mph) and then suddenly stop; I got the distinct impression (while watching the report on the LARRY KING SHOW about this case, that the government wanted to stifle any key witness from divulging too much information about the credibility of this case, especially one, Ricky Sorrells, who had a very close encounter with the object during the day. What attracted most people’s attention, though, were the extreme bright lights, almost as if
they wanted to be noticed by one & all, kind of what Richard is suggesting is part of the Satanic agenda of the lights & colors…and what’s up with the snake in the sky as the actual shape of the UFO? Stephenville is not too far from Crawford, Texas, where the president has his summer retreat; he is also a member of the SKULL & BONES, while professing to be a “Christian.” Needless to say, there are many dynamics going on here – as in Mexico!}}

Let’s look at the words “physiological response,” as mentioned earlier. ‘Physiological’ concerns the normal functions of the living organisms (human) and ‘response’ revolves around the act, the reply, the reaction of that organism (person within contact at the time) to a specific stimulus, such as light entering the eye of the person and triggering off specific emotions, usually through subtle signals to the brain. We have ‘light’ which holds the stimulus given by its energy (whether strong or weak depending on the need,) and the mixture of primary colors that are not a fundamental property of the light being used for an added use (attraction or trance-effect!)

Looking at the word ‘color,’ we see it concerns the aspect of things that is caused by different qualities of light (intensities, brightness, heart, etc.,.) ‘Aspect’ is a particular look – facial expression, or an appearance to the eye, especially from a specific vantage point (such as a UFO in the air a certain distance away;) also, it is a way in which something can be viewed by the mind (which is made to believe something.)

Colors mixed with light cause or are caused to establish an aspect (in Latin – “a viewing”) of a certain appearance to the eye. Colors used to create this particular sight (a UFO encircled by flashing colored lights) are to be viewed from a specific vantage point. The word ‘mien’ means “a bearing or manner” to carry in the mind in the way something is being done.

(So the use of light & color act to hold your attention to the object viewed; also, it especially reveals an inner state of mind.)

How the colors mixed with the light appear to the eye can be used in all sorts of strobe effects, patterns, frequencies, intensities, etc., so if we look at VINE’S DICTIONARY, we notice that the word color refers us to the word ‘cloke’ or cloak (so color = a cloke?) In Greek it is a ‘pretense’ meaning “a false appearance or action intended to deceive.’ (Epikalumma) in Greek is “a covering” or “means of hiding,” from (epi) “upon,” * (katupto) “to cover.” – hence, “a pretext.” One connotation is a cloke for wickedness; also, (prophasis) alludes to 1PETER 2:16, (pretense) & signifies the assuming of something so as to disguise one’s real motives.

(One must seriously start inquiring as to whether the UFO, by using color to cover up or disguise the true intentions of its use with light so as to keep someone’s attention while something else is happening.) {{This sounds like the old magician’s trick of…LOOK HERE…while I do something there!}} This may be done through a stimulus within the light energy.

‘Stimulus,’ which in physiology is an electable change in the internal or external environment. When a stimulus is applied to a sensory receptor, it elicits or influences a reflex via stimulus transduction. Colors are used to cover the fact that as you are looking at this object emitting these colors, you probably are being very subtly tranced, (as in the light through the eyes to the retina & then to the brain.) It signals your brain via the energy of the light. {{How devilishly clever!}}

A reflex action in this case is an automatic (involuntary) neuromuscular action elicited by a defined stimulus (light.) ‘Involuntary,’ of course, is being against your “will” of which you are not in control of. (The soul is also the seat of your will and purpose (MATT. 22:37; ACTS 4:32.) ‘Neuromuscular’ is “of or affecting both nerves & muscles.” (Could this mean that the use of light energy in certain intensities can not only be used to send signals to the brain, but also cause muscle reaction such as in paralysis?) The sensory receptor recognizes a stimulus in the internal or external environment of an organism, whether indoors or outdoors. A transduction in the nervous system refers to synaptic events where an electrical signal (through the use of light energy) known as “action potential” is converted into a chemical one via the release of neurotransmitters. The action potential is a spike of electrical discharge that travels along the membrane of a cell. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that are used to relay, amplify and modulate signals between a neuron and another cell. The effects are as follows:

1) ‘Norepinephrine’ – a wakefulness or arousal; to stir, as from a dormant or inactive condition; to awaken from or as if from sleep (trance?) – to excite.
2) ‘Dopamine’ – Voluntary movement and motivation – wanting; motivation – an inducement of wanting – a need for something (like needing to know more about UFOs after a sighting?)
3) ‘Serotonin’ – Memory – emotions, wakefulness, sleep (as in trance?)
4) ‘Gaba’ – Inhibitions of motor neurons; something that restrains, blocks or suppresses (as in the light energy?)
Psychological – it has the meaning of a conscious or unconscious restraint of a behavioral process. (The light could cause an unconscious behavioral process in our bodies and minds to react at that particular moment or later when needed.)
5) ‘Glycine’ – Spinal reflexes & motor behavior.
6) ‘Neuromodulators’ – Sensory transmission, especially pain, (where it is the receptors that dictates the neurotransmitters’ effect.)

The effects of signals via the light energy are cataloged below through chosen words and their meanings: Firstly, Wakefulness = not sleeping or not able to sleep (under a fear because of ‘close encounters’?) {{It needs to be stated that Richard is keenly aware of these types of characteristics, having formerly been what is loosely termed “an abductee” but by the grace of God he is no longer hampered by these dark forces – as he gave testimony to in “THE CURS-ED NET.”}} Secondly, arousal, which is to awaken from (as from sleep) – to stir up, excite. (This can be illustrated by one who wakes up during an abduction in his or her bedroom at night.) ‘Excite’ is to call forth, elicit; to produce a response in an organ; to stimulate. ‘Forth’ in Greek (exo) means “outside, without” from (ek) “out of , from.” It frequently signifies ‘forth,’ especially after the verbs of motion. (Could this mean the abduction sequence?) ‘Without’ in Greek (ektos) reflects the meaning of “out of, outside” (as in being taken out of your car or house?)

An arousal is to awaken from sleep (or a trance?) Continuing, we have the word ‘memory’ (from the previously cited serotonin.) It is a mental faculty of retaining & recalling past experiences, (connected here through hypnosis and used for abduction remembrances. In Greek the word ‘remembrance’ (hypomimnesko) means “to cause one to remember, put one in mind of;” (hupo) ‘under’ often implies suggestion. This may, in fact, connect the “effects of the signals” to the brain through light energy and color referred to earlier, and also connect to the effect of using hypnosis afterward for the recall of an abduction.)

If we look at the word ‘memory’ in the Greek, it says to see the word keep. ‘Keep’ in Greek (echo) means “to have, to hold.” The word ‘have’ in Greek has a meaning of (echo) also and metaphorically means “of the mind,” (so it seems that the use of light & colors by UFOs can have the effect of “having to hold” the mind!) Our minds are connected by these electrical signals that pass through our eyes & retina to the brain (mind) via the light.

The next word connected with serotonin is ‘emotion’ which is an intense mental state that arises subjectively – a state of mental agitation or disturbance. This could reflect to the use of the light acting to agitate & disturb the normal functions of our brain during these types of encounters, where at night – for optimum effect – the lights & colors are used; remember certain primary colors are subjective, such as red, green & blue, which are mostly connected with UFOs. They are a psychological hue, and the word ‘psychological’ is intended to influence the mind or emotions.

Now to gaba mentioned earlier. The following effects by the “action potential” include conscious or unconscious restraint (being paralyzed while awake or put into a trance as a sleep effect so as to be unconscious during restraint.)

The ‘behavior’ aspects (under “gaba”) from psychology refers to the actions or reactions of persons or things in response to an external or internal stimuli. (Light energy can signal the brain so as to even paralyze one by a light beam. )

‘Glycine’ concerns “spinal reflexes” & “motor behavior.” ‘Spinal relates to or is situated near the spine. ‘Reflex’ (physiologically) is an involuntary action or response (which is something that both light energy & the use of colors affect in our human bodies to cause us to involuntarily react - like being paralyzed, so it relates to things that we cannot control.) It is also a response to a stimuli, & in this case, light energy to colors.

To follow-up regarding the words “motor behavior,” ‘motor’ here means “of, relating to, or being; nerves that carry impulses to the muscles.” (Involuntary muscle movements are also involved in some UFO cases!)

Neuromodulators = “sensory transmission.” ‘Sensory’ is relating to the senses, transmitting impulses from sense organs to nerve centers. (So the light energy used by the UFOs encompass the triggering of our senses. These sense organs, such as our eyes, ears, tongue, nose or skin, function as the receptors.)


Color psychology is a field devoted to analyzing the effect of color on human behavior & feeling. Color is the visual perceptual property that corresponds with humans. Visual perception is the ability to intercept visible light information reaching the eyes that is then made available for action.

Chromotherapy is color therapy or colorology. I believe it is a form of stimuli by the use of light & color mixed (as in the dynamics of UFOs) for a reaction by our brain.


This is an alternative medical method. It is claimed that the therapist trained in chromotherapy can use color and light to balance energy wherever our bodies are lacking, be it physical, emotional, spiritual or mental. (So it looks like the use of light & colors used in a specific manner as in UFOs can alter our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental functions&/or behavior.) {{Remember the fear that was seemingly generated with the Mexican UFO landing for over thirty hours, as previously cited!?!}}

Chromotherapists claim a scientific basis for their practice, proposing that colors bring about emotional reactions in people. A standard method of diagnosis is the use of Luscher’s Color Test developed by Max Luscher in 1923. When performing chromotherapy, color and light are applied to specific areas and acupoints (connected points across the body which affect a specific organ or other part of a person on the body.) Because colors get associated with both positive & negative effects in color therapy, specific colors and accurate amounts of color are deemed to be critical in healing. (They are also used in these proportions to make us open to suggestion.)


At best, the idea that chromotherapy works could be described by the scientific community as a hupothesis. If we look at the word ‘hypothesis’ in Greek, it means “to suppose” or “to put under.” Let’s look at the word trance in the Greek (as per VINE’S DICTIONARY.) ‘Trance’ (ekstasis) says to also see the word amaze which denotes “a trance” (as in ACTS 10:10; 11:5 & 22:17;) a condition in which ordinary consciousness and the perception of natural circumstances were withheld, and the soul was susceptible.

In VINE’S under “soul” it states that the attributes touched by the use of a trance could be that which our soul possesses: the soul is the natural life of the body (MATT. 2:20; LUKE 12:22; ACTS 20;10;) it is also the immortal invisible part of man (MATT 10:28; ACTS 2;27;) it is the seat of personality (LUKE 9:24) which explains it as one’s “own self;”) it is the seat of the sentient element in man, that by which he perceives, reflects, feels, desires (MATT. 11:29; LUKE 1:46; ACTS 14:2;) it is the seat of will and purpose (MATT. 22:37; ACTS 4:32.)

In MATT. 26:38, the emotions are associated with the soul, and in JOHN 13:21 – with the spirit. (so the effect of light & color could reach our very being; also, the key word amaze mentioned with the word “trance” is explained within “THE CURS-ED NET,” and deals with this part of it. {[CF. pages 166-172 of the book for the details of this.}}

‘Trance’ is a term that is used to denote a variety of processes, techniques, modalities and states of mind and consciousness. A trance state may be consciously an d intentionally induced, or it may occur involuntarily and unbidden, (as in occur involuntarily at a predetermined programmed time such as in the next “alien” contact?) ‘Trance’ in Latin (transire_) = to cross, pass over, as an “entrance.”

The word ‘trance’ involves the following aspects:

1) Enchantment
2) Sleep (trance0
3) Capture (abduct)
4) Possession (control)
5) Out-of-body experience (UFO abduction)
6) Rapture
7) Ecstasy
8) Unconscious state
9) Suggestibility
10) Altered state of awareness

So how many of these things take place during a UFO encounter?

An online business AD for chromotherapy mentions a couple of interesting facts about light. It regulates & stabilizes our physiology & emotions; as it comes through the eyes, it affects the brain & every cell of the body.

The use of light & color dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Today, some of the therapists use a box with a strobe light effect into the eyes (sort of like a UFO would flash its lights & strut its colors!) Each color has its own frequency & vibration. (So then if our organs, muscles, cells & nerves which all have a level of vibration, could they (“the aliens”) then stimulate these human parts by an outside or inside frequency tone or vibration? Of course the effect would be of a supernatural energy source UFO related such as the frequency tones heard in the ears of abductees.)

It is my belief that the attraction to the UFO via its lights and colors mixed & used with different intensities of energy, are its subtle tools in controlling our minds as far as opening us up to suggestion.


Color consultants also point to an increasing number of studies linking colors to specific responses. One study found that weight lifters have more powerful (positive ) performances in
blue rooms. Another study found that babies cry more frequently in yellow rooms. (Crying in general can be associated with the emotions that encompass grief, sorrow, pain, fear, etc.) Another study by a Dr. Alexander Schauss, Ph.D., of the American Institute for Bisocial Research, citer (regarding the color pink,) a pepto Bismal pink that it had a calming effect on prisoners.

Color consultants believe that the colors used in the designs of the environment can have a significant impact on the emotions and performance of people within that environment. But what of those environments which encompass UFO encounters and abductions?)

In one system red is considered a color that motivates action, while orange and purple are related to spirituality; yellow cheers, green creates coziness & warmth. Blue relaxes, and white is associated with either purity or death.

In the work, “The Physiological Principles for the Effective Use of Color,” by G. Murch, (CG & A, PP. 49-54, Nov. 1984, Guidelines for the Effective Use of Colors,) he makes the following point: Avoid the simultaneous display of highly saturated spectrally extreme colors since this causes the lens of the eye to rapidly change shape, which “tires” the eyes. (Could this be like encountering UFO objects that use intense light and color patterns? While people view these intensities, their eyes would most likely become subtly tired – a sort of trance effect!)

{{We do not have to go far to see evidence of this type of activity. From the ‘NIGHT SIEGE’ referenced link above, we see the following examples:
All the lights were changing colors at a different time frame from the other lights, as if it had a rotating prism within the lights, and the witnessed remarked that he had never seen a rotating prism as a light source before (35.)

The lights of red, green, blue & white emanating from the huge ship were so bright that they “lit the tops of the trees” (39.)

One witnessed commented on the colors of the ship as being “the purest colors I had ever seen in my life” (73.)

Could these “bright” and “pure” lights be part of this very invasive mind control procedures - similar to what may have been going on in the previously cited “Mexican 30 hour UFO event” and possibly what G. Murch would have been telling us to “avoid” since it makes us so tired causing – perhaps a trance-like effect [?!?] IT CERTAINLY LOOKS THAT WAY!}}

The word ‘spectrally’ (spectral) means relating to or produced by a spectrum. A ‘spectrum’ is a distribution of electromagnetic energies arranged in the order of wavelength. (So we are told to avoid saturated (“soaked with”) spectral (electromagnetic energy based light &colors”) In the case of UFOs, these colors usually are red, blue, green, yellow, orange, violet, purple or white. We are to avoid red & green in the periphery of large displays. The word ‘periphery’ means a line that forms the boundary of an area, a perimeter (such as a UFO object with lights & colors displaying a ring type of effect.)



1) BLUE is known for calming and sedating as well as aids in intuition. ‘Sedating/sedation in Latin = to settle or a state or condition induced by a sedative, (where the color ‘blue’ produces a tranquilizing effect.) The word ‘intuition’ is the act of faculty, of knowing, an impression. NOTE An impression is an effect, a feeling, or an image retained as a consequence of an experience (such as a UFO encounter!)
2) GREEN is known for soothing; it relaxes mentally as well as physically to help alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety, and offers a sense of renewal and self-control and harmony. (This is like a calming sedative effect which could be used for a specific reason within the colors used during an encounter.)
3) YELLOW is known for mentally stimulating, and it stimulates the nervous system, activates memory & encourages communication. It can be overpowering if overused; it also speeds up metabolism. To excite, rouse the brain or to act as a stimulant in Latin = “to goad on.” (‘Goad’ as you may remember is another name for a prodding rod like the so-called Grays use in the abduction literature;) it also has the idea of increasing the activity of a body part, excites the nervous system which are the cells, tissues and organs that consist of the brain, spinal chord, nerves, ganglia, as well as parts of the receptor and effector organs, while regulating the body’s responses to stimuli. (So the use of yellow with light within specific intensities can really subject the body to much stimuli, especially when used through the object’s use of patterns and frequency of intensities.) It also activates the memory that retains and recalls past experience (such as past encounters or post suggestion?) Lastly, it encourages “communication” which is the exchange of thoughts, (so it seems that this yellow light acts as a condition to open up our minds to suggestion.)
4) ORANGE is known for stimulating activity, a procedure intended to stimulate learning through an experience. It’s a physiological process. It also encourages “socialization”-(to convert or make to adopt to the needs of a society, whatever society “they” are propagating the abductee for; it seems the fruit of this society is filled with false information, both deceptive & evil in content.) {{As Jesus said, ”By their fruits you shall know them!’ I myself have noticed (after wading through the
CONTACTEE LITERATURE that there seems to be a concerted effort to steer people away from the truth of the Holy Scripture – The Christian Bible, as well as to devalue the nature and purpose of Jesus Christ: I CALL THIS AN AGENDA – “both deceptive & evil in content.” If you read just one book on this subject, Texe Marrs’ DARK SECRETS OF THE NEW AGE, you will see what Richard is driving at in this color analysis.}} (In some UFO cases, there has been mention of a GOLD ROOM – for whatever reason. In this case, we would take the colors yellow & orange, and by mixing get gold, and then we could add the meanings of both colors for the purpose of the emotional outcome.) In general, gold is also ‘golden;’ it is a yellowish-orange color. So by mixing yellow & orange as above, we could also be subject to “their” intended meanings. {{I myself have had a UFO experience that revolved around the color of “AMBER,” and when I thought ‘’in my mind’’ that the alleged plane I was looking at was not a plane, the amber lights suddenly went outward as if to say: WE ARE NOT A PLANE! This “mind connection to UFOs” will be further exemplified subsequently from the “NIGHT SIEGE” link, since the dynamic of attraction-color & mind influencing are definitely part of the DARK-SIDED AGENDA.}
5) RED is known for increasing enthusiasm, (i.e., it spikes interest in a subject or cause, or whatever “they” are programming into your mind or memory!) {{This “spiking” of interest may be the reason for the following incident as reported in the aforementioned ‘NIGHT SIEGE’ link: One witness actually saw a white beam of light come out of one of these ships, followed by a “red object” and then the six story high ship shot off to the horizon and came back again – all in a split second (27.) In the Greek the word ‘enthusiasm’ means “to be inspired by a god,” (and in this case, by the evil ones as false gods!)
Red also stimulates energy and encourages action. The word ‘energy’ has a meaning (in ‘’physics’’) as the capacity of a physical system to do work. (Specified chosen people through UFO encounters become receivers to work for this society that “they” are building; one example of this would be mediums.) {{CF. our book, “THE CURS-ED NET” – chapter nine for this type of abductee [that compliments the ‘donor’ & ‘host’ types.}} Red also encourages action and confidence – a sense of protection from fears & anxieties; it also stimulates the adrenal gland.
6) PURPLE is known for uplifting – a calming of the mind & nerves, giving a sense of spirituality while encouraging creativity. ‘Spiritual’ is relating to or having the nature of a spirit, affecting the soul, having the nature of a spirits or a spirit. (It is literally becoming part of their spirit called familiar spirits - the evil ones’ evil spirits interconnecting to your spirit by disseminating false and misleading information through their teachings, as mentioned earlier.)
Spiritual also encompasses the supernatural (i.e., fallen angels) who are involved.)
7) WHITE is known for aiding in mental clarity, evoking purification of thoughts or actions. {{I can think of no better example than citing the amazing UFO from the ‘NIGHT SIEGE’ link that spells out
exactly what it wishes to demonstrate about itself – and making no bones about clarifying its root: Another witness saw a ship change colors from red to orange to blue to green and then back to white, and it kept changing shapes as it went along (106.) It went from a circle to a square to a triangle. [What part of the SECRET OPS’ BLACK BUDGET DID THIS SHIP COME OUT OF???] }}
8) BLACK is known for feeling inconspicuous – a restful emptiness – a mysterious evoking – a sense of potential & possibility; overpowering evil. ‘Potential’ here means the inherent ability or capacity for growth and development. In Latin = “to be able.” (A chosen people –
receivers for a special purpose of knowledge & not a gift of God, and not a given power but knowledge drawn by an evil spirit.) The mention of certain color rooms is seen by certain abductees, and in some cases may have to do with the information we have just covered. {{Speaking of which, I know of one person, an abductee & psychic, who actually saw at least FIVE DIFFERENT COLORED ROOMS while allegedly aboard a UFO; she also received her psychic gift after being abducted by some nefarious perpetrators ensconced within the same “ship.” This should make one really wonder as to where these “gifts” are coming from!}}

Let’s look at this word GOLD – while adding together the colors yellow & orange with their collective emotional meanings and see where we wind up. There has been mention before of different rooms seen by abductees, and in these rooms there are specific colors (to the rooms themselves.) It should be interesting to note the following meanings connected to this color gold.

‘Gold’ in Greek (chrusion) is used here metaphorically as of “sound doctrine and its effects.” We start with the key word ‘sound’ in Greek (hugiaino) which means “to be healthy” as in “sound in health,” with a note for “sound in mind;” ‘mind’ has a meaning of “to be sound of mind.” NOTE: (Mello) means “to be about to, to intend,” and is translated as “minding.” ‘Minding’ is “to bring to mind,” “to become aware of,” & “to heed in order to obey.” (Does this suggest the teaching of something while tranced and ordered to obey?)

Let’s look at the word ‘intend’ that in Greek (boulomai) has a meaning of “to will.” The word ‘will’ has a supporting meaning of resolving with a forceful will & inducing or trying to induce by force of will. If we add ‘sound’ to this information, we have a mental impression , an implication to present a particular impression. It also has the sense of to summon, announce or signal by a sound (such as “ear-ringing tone frequencies”/)

If we look to the word ‘impression’ (as in above,) we notice that it is included in a meaning of the word ‘’deceive.’’ ‘Deceive’ in Greek (aparte) is akin to (aparto) which is “to cheat, deceive, beguile,” or that which gives a false impression, whether by appearance, statement or influence.

‘Influence’ is a power affecting a person, the power to sway. (So it seems that these color & light rooms may do just that – set the emotional stage for the evil ones to post or suggest (teach) whatever they will.)

One other meaning for the word deceive in Greek (phrenapatao) is “to deceive in one’s mind.” The word ‘implication’ means the act of implying, a suggestion. ‘Implicate’ in archaic means to interweave – entwine. In Latin = “to entangle – unite,” (as in uniting the evil ones and us together through our minds as familiar spirits do!) The word ‘entangle’ means to tangle & to mix together or intertwine as to catch and hold in ~~ as if in a net!

Now let’s move on to the word ‘doctrine’ which in Greek (didache) is “the act of teaching” – “instruction.” In general it means (which is very important in dealing with this thesis,) “a principle or system presented for acceptance or belief,” i.e., as that which the “aliens” choose to implant in our minds as true information or as part of a way of life they recommend. In ‘’archaic’’ it means “something taught;” in Latin = “teacher.”

So we have the meanings here of “sound doctrine” leading us to believe that these lights & colors plus colored-lit rooms are meant for emotional conditioning – for post (experience) suggestion. The last key word here is effect, as in sound doctrine and its effects; (in other words, it is what the evil ones gain by using these tactics,) {{and it is ANYTHING BUT SOUND DOCTRINE!}} ‘Effect’ is something brought about by a cause or agent (the colors & lights,) the power to produce an outcome, or to achieve a result, an influence. (Our minds are being programmed to respond to the specific teachings that “they” the aliens-evildoers wish to impart for us.) It is also something that produces a specific impression or intention. (It is their intention to use us by entreating us – whether by ill or well means.)


An “alien” abductee is examined by torture for the purpose of extracting tissue or DNA; these unfortunates are called in our book, donors.


This would be the person called a receiver (as mentioned before,) who is given knowledge, but it is false deceptive knowledge to be used by its recipient to spread specific information the “aliens” wish to disseminate throughout our society (worldwide). {{In a NUTSHELL, this dynamic is seen in the alien contactee literature which helps to keep the subject of Ufology well within a fog of misunderstanding – a FOG OF SPIRITUAL WAR! One example of how this works, as cited within the ‘NIGHT SIEGE’ linked material presented earlier would be the following: Now enters the “psychic” realm, (which Richard Stout & I spend quite some time on within the confines of our own book recently published.) On page 180, (“NIGHT SIEGE”) a woman gives testimony that she felt her whole body being probed from within by a beam of light coming through the window. She felt images flash in her mind of a being with clay-like skin, a large head and large eyes; he had no hair and no mouth. He told the woman that she was being “tested,” but of course no harm would come to her. They were merely “a team of explorers studying the people” (180.) [If “they” were running some clandestine activity, operating in stealth where even the government and police acted like nothing was going on, would you really believe what this type of “gentleman” had indicated to you?!? Incidentally, the woman said it was not a dream, but a real experience! This begs the question of “tested for what?” ~ and I suspected in reading the data within the Imbrogno book that it had to do with the viability of her becoming a receiver for the DARK SIDE. Of course, she had already been hooked by the colors and lights, and this episode would be the follow-up “downloading” for how she would function within SATAN, INC. This is unfortunately the scenario as outlined in our own book as one becomes more intimately involved with “”familiar spirits.” The question remains, and part of the reason for this present thesis: How familiar do you wish to become with these nefarious beings? GREEN = COZY but as far as our spiritual health is concerned ~~ this type of “green” should = RED for STOP-LOOK & CONSIDER what is happening in this set up/STING!}}


The colors of the visible spectrum are red, yellow, orange, green, blue, indigo, violet and are also allied to the notes of the diatonic scale, ranging from within the octave from ‘MIDDLE C’ to ‘B’ – above MIDDLE C respectively. It should be noted that Isaac Newton’s diatonic scale is based upon the color spectrum order. The seven notes of this scale are very well known & are as flollows:
The Musical Notes
The Applied Allied Colors
Diatonic Scale in Greek reflects a progressing through ‘tones.’ (Thus, ear-ringing – a UFO after-effect, could possibly hold very important information, connecting here to the most frequently heard tones which we are told abductees hear ringing in their ears from time to time. If certain colors stimulate emotions scientifically tested and known as color psychology & color symbolism, and by these colors the spectrum, primary colors being allied to musical notes, could this mean that when a person or persons are subjected to specified intensities of light & color, it triggers certain emotions within this person and stimulates the brain to be open to suggestion? If this is so, then this person (persons) is/are receiving certain motivations &/or knowledge by a subtle trance effect! Do these frequency tones that they hear from time to time stimulate or activate those certain emotions in that particular person for a reason known only to the abductors?)

Do these frequencies somehow play a role in triggering a move forward in the growing process of the post-suggested knowledge received by the ‘chosen’ people? Do they help maintain this active growth process each time the person hears the tones, or does each specific note (C THROUGH B) play a role in activating certain emotions needed to be stimulated at that specific time? It is only a theory, but I believe it has a solid foundation.

The following are four UFO encounters that use the effect of light and color:
CASE #1: Logan County, Ohio, near midnight in mid-October:
The witness woke up around 12 o’clock – midnight & stepped outside for a smoke. Looking east, he saw what appeared to be a star with a smaller star under it. After 10-15 minutes of looking at this, the colors red, green & blue appeared – but faintly! The witness continued to stare at it. The UFO does not move and neither did the witness. A jet plane went by and headed for that general direction. When the jet had well passed, the witness saw a blur of red glow; it seemed to swirl around these two stars. Then a faint red glow appeared to be moving out from these two stars. This red glow continued toward the witness and slowly came to be overhead. Then the witness saw the rear end of the red glow; there were two rows of square blinking lights. These lights were large and blinking – from red to yellow to green to blue. Each square stayed the same color but seemed to be running back & forth. It just continued on its way. The witness was amazed! It was not similar to any aircraft he had ever seen or heard of. He was totally astonished!

CASE #2: New York near Pine Bush, July 11, 2007, approximately 10:30 PM:
While driving home on a country road, lights were sighted behind a tree, approximately 40 feet up and about 40 feet from us. We stopped the vehicle. The object then hovered and moved directly in front of us. It hovered over the road – flashing blue and red lights plus a beam of light from under it. It was beaming on the road just in front of us. This was a terrifying encounter. Who was going to make the next move? My sister wanted to turn around and go back toward town. I knew not to go under the beam. I told my sister to make a turn into the upper driveway to our house. We had to go toward the UFO and it lowered more and came toward us. We were terrified! We made a sharp right into the driveway…We parked the car. My sister ran into the house saying it’s not a helicopter. It makes no noise. I opened the passenger side of the car. While running to the back of the vehicle, I looked up and the UFO was directly in front of me. It was just hovering there. No beam of light was showing, but a grey-blue light was now all around. It looked to be about 30 feet wide; I was “mesmerized” by it. We tried to account for the time. Then I just remembered ‘’suddenly’’ again being behind my sister on the porch as she was trying to open the door {{TIP OFF CLUE OF ABDUCTION.}} At this point she was calm. Afterward we both realized that the UFO must have been directly over our car. We could not see it go down the road. It just hovered a few minutes, & then very slowly moved up & away over the tree tops. A whisper sound of a generator (electrical) could be heard.

CASE #3: Egg-shaped object, December 10, 1973, Hochries Mountains, Germany:
Mr. L., the proprietor of an Alpine Lodge on Hochries Mt. In German, was looking through a panoramic window at the snow-covered landscape. At a distance of about 8 km., he could see the mountain Weitlahner Koph. On the top of this mountain both men noticed a red light. Looking with binoculars to see if it were a helicopter, at about 8:50 PM., Mr. L. fired a red flare in the direction of the object. Soon afterward the object began to shine in a brighter red and rose up slowly in the air. After 5 minutes, it was hovering approximately 300 meters over the top of the mountain; then suddenly it started moving in the direction of the lodge. About 3 km. away from the lodge, it stopped in mid-air revealing it to be egg-shaped and certainly not a helicopter. Colored lights rotated around the external rim and around the lower part of the object. The egg had an approximate height of about 10 meters with no sound. The rotating lights were comparable to a light show in a discotheque. They were randomly flashing on & off without a pattern. The colors from top to bottom were red, green, blue and white. The lights ran counter-clockwise from left to right without any apparent system and not simultaneously. Mr. L. said that at first one light appeared, then the next, and so on. The object flew toward Klausenberg Mountain, Austria; then it hovered about 30 meters over its top. Afterward it moved to a nearby Alpine lodge where it stopped for a long time. Mr. L. radioed the proprietor of Klauser lodge, who was also observing the object.. The object hovered motionless – only flashing its colored lights. Mr. L. fired another signal rocket in its direction. Shortly thereafter the object began to rise up slowly, & then rapidly until it was out of view.

CASE #4: Johnson City, New York, October 14, 2007, approximately between 12 AM to 1 AM:
To make a long story short, I like to watch meteor showers from time to time, and always look up on a clear night. This night I looked up and noticed what seemed to be a plane, but it was pretty bright. It looked like a star – bigger than any other and brighter! It looked to be approximately 4 times the size of the North Star. After I looked at it for a bit, I began to see colors on it. The colors could be seen by the naked eye. It had the twinkle effect like we see in some stars. The colors I could see were green, purple, red & blue. I called my girlfriend over and she looked at it and said, “Oh my gosh, what is that?” “I don’t know,” I said. I grabbed a pair of binoculars & looked at it with the binocular and noticed that it wasn’t changing from color to color like it looked with the naked eye, but it was actually all of these colors simultaneously. I didn’t know if there were any kind of pattern to it. When my girlfriend looked with the binoculars, she expressed a feeling of amazement. Later my neighbor came by and I pointed the object out to him and he asked me what it was. I simply told him that I did not know. The whole sighting lasted about 5-6 minutes. Then a bunch of clouds came in and we could not see the object. This is the first time I saw anything like this with colors, an elaborate display or something.

{{Final comments by Byron LeBeau regarding Richard’s theory of lights, colors & sound as it relates to the UFO phenomenon, but more importantly - how it relates to the Satanic kingdom and how they try to influence unsuspecting abductees and assorted victims via their devious agenda}}:
First of all, the data Richard presents shows clearly that there is a causal relationship between the colors & lights being used by UFOs and how those colors & lights used are part of a specific agenda to strongly influence the participants (victims) of these same colors & lights. In the latter part of the thesis, sound is also incorporated into the
devilish agenda.
The subjects touched upon in this treatise, I believe, shows conclusively that the perpetrators of the UFO camouflage are truly devious wicked Fallen Angels & demonic spirits,
just as is reflected in the Holy Bible, and confirmed in the Ethiopian Book of Enoch! These subjects include the following:

1) The use of colors & lights by the UFOs as a form of attraction that becomes a form of bait to lure the unsuspecting victim as witness to become more deeply entranced by these mesmerizing lights and colors.
2) It has been demonstrated that certain colors and lights can actually create
fear within this same victim as witness. [A Ufological example is cited to support this.]
3) The primary colors are shown to create
suggestion within the recipient.
4) Richard had uncovered that one of the key words of “color” is
cloke cloak which not so strangely means “deception” from the Greek.
5) The physics of how colors & lights are filtered into the brain are demonstrated.
6) Light intensification actually can cause paralysis.
7) Different colors have been shown to cause different reactions, such as blue to cause a positive feeling, green a warm feeling, and red that motivates one to action; not so strangely, these three colors are prominent in UFO sightings.
8) One scientist (G. Murch) demonstrates that one should
avoid “highly saturated spectrally extreme colors” since they will
tire the eyes!** To me, this shows how the agenda of trying to put the victim in a trance for suggestibility is, in fact, accomplished!
9) The well-lit rooms within the UFO scenario are an other indication of “conditioning centers.” It unfortunately helps the victim be lured into a form of cooperation with the “familiar spirits” – which could very well be the first step to spiritual death! [Of course there are perks used to help seduce the “receiver” of such gifts like certain abilities such as ‘psychic ability’ for instance. The fact that there is a Biblical warning against dabbling in such things does not seem to bother the one being victimized &/or seduced!]
10) Richard examines the
diatonic scale to show evidence that points to how these perpetrators can use sounds (like the ringing in one’s ear) for another type of conditioning. [I have heard that thwarting such antics can be as simple as sincerely praying to Jesus, and using His holy name aloud; remember that the power within you ((the Father, Son & Holy Spirit as the ONE true God)) is more powerful than he who is in this world (1JOHN 4:4.)]

Yes, my friends, this is a very important treatise by Richard Stout, and should be studied and passed on to any & all victims of the DARK SIDE so that they can become free by embracing the blood of the Lamb of God! And know that at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bend, in heaven, on earth and under the earth.''


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