By Richard Stout, with editing and commentary by Byron LeBeau

INTRODUCTION: The Effects of Energy & Shapes within the Satanic Realms

Below is an attempt to show the very true possibility of how the UFO phenomenon has been and is even now(via very subtle means) encoding us with harmful and false information which takes place during these encounters; therefore it looks very much like we are quietly being pre-programmed with specific encoded messages which “they” (that according to the thesis of “THE CURS-ED NET,” are a complimentary team of the Satanic forces including Fallen Angels and their demonic hordes) need for our awareness (as part of the agenda) when a specific time comes for the programming to commence.

This information may and probably does contain harmful false doctrines – which is designed to lead us away from the truth of God’s Holy Word. We, mankind, are being set-up for something “pre-programmed” ahead of time, so that we are able to react or respond the way they need & want us to act at the appointed time. The following, then, is an expansion on PART ONE of this thesis, which will give the “modus operandi” of how they go about achieving this subtle goal.


This is a science that deals with the effects of geometrical shapes on life functions and the design of shapes that interact with earth’s energy fields to produce pre-calculated effects on biological systems. It is a science that deals with energy of shape; it uses not only shapes, but colors, motion, orientation & sound to produce a vibrational quality that balances energy fields. These shapes can be either two or three dimensional especially designed to interact with earth’s energy fields to produce balancing effects on multiple levels of biological systems. It produces powerful & measurable effects through energy in all living & inert systems, affecting humans as well as their environment.

Bio-geometry was developed & patented by Dr. Ibraham F. Karim, Doctor of Science in Cairo, Egypt, during his research in 1968. It is mainly dedicated to the development of a new form of architecture that would enhance the human biological system.

(I believe that the UFO phenomenon has already incorporated this type of energy usage for thousands of years, and now through the research of this doctor, we will finally get an understanding of how those responsible for the UFO phenomenon HAVE BEEN ABLE TO MANIPULATE MANKIND OVER THE MANY CENTURIES.)

The natural function of this energy effect is to provide balance or “centering” to the different energy qualities or effects within any living system. This one centering energy effect is detected through three different energy qualities that it manifests and has been termed “B63.” This B63 energy quality is responsible for maintaining the energy structures of all living systems, including the balance of the different energy qualities involved. Bio-geometry uses proprietary shapes that interact with the peripheral energy fields of the body to amplify the presence of this highly beneficial B63 energy quality as well as to harmonize energy interaction with the environment.

Popular among spiritually significant shapes are pyramids & hemispheres (e.g. domes.) These particular shapes are energy ‘’emitters.’’ They are shapes that produce a type of penetration carrier wave that Chaumery & DeBelizel named negative green, which acts as carrier-like radio waves that carry sound information. (In the UFO phenomenon we see that the chief shapes used are triangles, pyramid shapes & domes [atop disc-like craft.] These particular shapes would then have the purpose of emitting this negative green energy to interact with our bodily functions.) {{Richard had illustrated these both types, as can be seen if you review chapter six of “THE CURS-ED NET,” entitled: ‘LIGHT DWELLINGS OF THE STELLAR ORDER,’ page 67.}} The tools necessary for the measurement of the energy of geometrical shapes are based on the science of microvibrational physical radiesthesia.

RADIESTHESIA is a word of Latin origin meaning sensitivity to radiation. It is the science of using man’s sensitivity to vibrations to obtain information from the energy levels that are not accessible to our five senses. Simple instruments are used as indicators to measure minute vibrational interactions between energy fields such as those emanating from our bodies as well as UFOs.

‘’Radiesthesia’’ has its roots in ancient Egypt where it was practiced as a precise science. The applications of this science are infinite: in medicine, for example, it enabled the Pharaonic surgeons to perform complex brain operations that now require highly sophisticated technology; in geology, every gold mine that modern satellites have discovered in the largely uncharted Sinai desert turned out to have been found and mined in earlier millennia by Pharaonic geologists. Most striking, however, was the discovery that they used
geometrical shapes as a form of energy manipulation to achieve functional goals! The GREAT PYRAMID of Cheops on the Giza plateau near Cairo is an example of the powerful geometrical energy emitters created by the ancient Egyptians. Where its strange properties about which hundreds of books have been written, continue to baffle researchers. {{In the ‘FINAL REMARKS OF LeBeau’ section at the end of this essay, I will cite some of this specific information, based on the research of Dr. Joye Pugh, which will coincide with Richard’s thesis about how shapes (and even sounds) create the desired effects of “they” that were really responsible for same, using their puppet pharaohs to ostensibly achieve their Satanic ends.}} Some ancient Egyptian reliefs show people using pendulum instruments; in others we find their gods holding powerful energy emitters in the form of scepters.

(An example of one of these scepters, I believe, is the goad or rod used by the so-called Grays of UFO lore, but as our aforementioned book shows, are nothing more than facades for the demons that operate from within them, using these goads for mind-control of their intended victims. It sends electrical energy vibrations to the central nervous system and its nerve network that carry the impulses that control all of the body functions.) {{With the use of such mind control instruments, one can readily see – if true – how easy it would be to get people to cooperate with them, and also pre-program these same unfortunate people while under their control to do whatever bidding was placed within them, just awaiting the proper signal subsequently via light, sound, or even smell – a la the MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE dynamic! Although it is not addressed in this essay, I will mention some ideas along the lines of “smell” and how that also can be used against the victim of mind control , again, at the end of this essay.}}

One form of radiesthesia survived the ages via the Arab Islamic missionaries in Europe during the Middle Ages, coinciding with the times of the Crusades; it was used as a secret science of the Jesuits and was the main tool Jesuit missionaries used to search for herbal remedies in foreign lands. They also used radiesthesia as an important means of discovering
underground water sources (dowsing.) The ancient Egyptian wadj amulet of the Egyptian pendulum emits a type of energy that has carrier wave properties which makes it suitable for communication in much the same way as hertz waves are used to carry sound across great distances. {{For a Christian perspective on “dowsing,” please go to my web page, “Selected NOTES on DOWSING,” which can be found at the following link:

it gives a bird-s eye view from portions of Ben Hester’s book on the same subject, plus some observations from Byron LeBeau, showing rather clearly just how dangerous dowsing can be in relationship to THE CURS-ED NET and how easy it is to open the door to the occult, and therefore Satanic forces!}}

Radiesthesia is a science of using vibrational fields of the human body to access information about other objects of an animate or inanimate nature by establishing resonance with their energy fields, using specially calibrated instruments and a scale of qualitative measurement to decode the information. (The vibrational energy fields connected to the UFOs and the use of other instruments involved with the phenomenon are used to effect & establish a vibrational energy resonance with our bodily energy fields so as to be able to send carrier waves of whatever information they choose. Each geometric shape has its own energy field. This is why I believe their vehicles tend to be triangular pyramid shaped as well as domed shaped.)

One of the most profound & significant activities encompassed within geometry and light source is the
golden mean spiral. It was used in the design of the sacred buildings in ancient architecture to produce spiritual energy that facilitated connectivity with spiritual realms through prayer. Our reality is very structured and indeed, life is even more structured. The golden mean governs the proportion of our world and it can be found even in the most seemingly proportion-less (active) living forms. {{I know from my study of “THE FLOWER OF LIFE” series, even leaves and snails are ensconced with this proportion within their very structure as living things.}} This ‘golden mean’ as well as other forms of geometry can be seen embedded in many of the ancient monuments that still exist today.

THE GREAT PYRAMID (the oldest of these structures at Giza,) is a good example of this. The height of this pyramid is in
pi ratio (e.g. the golden mean ratio) to its base. {{This ratio is the same as the circumference of a circle to its diameter, and the number reflecting this is 3.141592+.}} In fact, the geometry in this particular structure is far more accurate than that found in any of today’s modern buildings.

This may explain why popular among spiritually significant shapes are pyramids & hemispheres (e.g., the domes that are the basis of religious buildings.) These particular shapes are energy emitters. They are shapes that produce a type of penetration carrier wave that both the aforementioned Chaumery & DeBelizal named as “negative green” which acts as carrier-like radio waves that carry sound information.

The vibrational quality of the golden mean gives it very strong communicative properties. Particular geometrical shapes are energy emitters; they are shapes that produce penetrating carrier waves called negative green (actually gray in color) and act like carrier-like radio waves that carry information through sound. (This could possibly have something to do with the high & low frequencies in the ears and also with hums heard during specific UFO encounters.) The vibrational qualities of “negative green” give it very strong communication properties which resonate with higher realms.

The aforementioned Dr. Karim has done extensive research and found that bio-geometrical shapes have three primary vibrational qualities: 1) negative green; 2) a higher harmonic of ultraviolet; 3) a higher harmonic of gold. Only shapes which produce energy fields with all three components ARE bio-geometrical – and the triangle/pyramid & dome shapes
are two of them!

‘’LIGHTSOURCE’’ produces and emits all three components, i.e., negative green, a higher harmonic of ultraviolet & a higher harmonic of gold! Negative green (energy) is potentially harmful under certain circumstances of continuous exposure.

Dr. Karim has done considerable research into this type of energy, and the different types of components have been identified. The most important component in spiritual energy fields is a specific type of ‘negative green.’ This is a vibrational quality that is in resonance with the gray between black & white. It is at the core of all energy centers in the body and power spots in nature. Pyramids & hemispheres produce this vibration along their central axis. {{So the question comes up whether exposure to a large triangular-shaped UFOs going very slowly over a large populated area as was reported during the “HUDSON RIVER NY SIGHTINGS” of the mid to late 1980s (and even into the 1990s) could have been responsible unbeknownst to this same group of people for transmitting information perhaps in the form of suggestions with agendas attached to them? Again, read or re-read the web page: “NIGHT SIEGE within the 'CURS-ED NET,” which was cited within PART ONE of this same titled essay.}}

The next component is a higher harmonic of ultraviolet – a purifying & relaxing vibration that balances overactive organ functions and has a calming effect on the nervous system.

The 3rd component is a higher harmonic of gold that is in resonance with physical gold. It enhances wisdom on a physical level; it has an energizing effect that balances the body’s immune system. Coded musical sounds also evoke many different aspects of consciousness.

Human beings are composed of complex energy fields that contain resonance. When exposed to a highly complex energy field containing resonance (say a UFO or even a crop circle formation,) it may very well be similar to your own resonance
but stronger (since the UFO is acting as an aiming energy emitter,) and you may be brought into a sympathetic vibrational state with that resonance.

You begin to match that energy if this resonant bio-energy field is vibrating (low hums or sounds) faster than your vibration’ sympathetic rise to that level. You begin to experience
uplifting feelings – exhilaration & even ecstasy! {{The implications of this are
staggering - especially if the source of this “higher” vibration come from beings of a “lower” or cast down order. One has just to think of the “Fatima” & other Mariology apparitions that suggest to some that games may have indeed been played here.}}

THE VISIBLE SPECTRUM COLORS USED BY UFOs include red-orange-yellow-green-blue-violet-indigo-ultraviolet-white-negative green (gray)-black & infra-red.


A catalyst for creativity in any medium (i.e., that which the UFO produces,) would be the ones that evoke an unlimited array of dynamic interactions in the realm of movement, color, shape & sound.. In radiestesia, our body is the main instrument because what we are doing is entering into a vibrational relationship with the object (such as a UFO.) We are measuring and evaluating the quality of this interaction on our own body. The human spinal cord is like a wire with an electric current running through it where the electric impulses generate a detectable electro-magnetic energy field around it.

When two energy fields are in resonance (a UFO or even a crop circle formation,) either by proximity, selective focusing or any other method, will modify each other (or the aiming energy field from the UFO will modify our energy field,) consequently affecting the current running through the central nervous system and its extensive nerve network that carry the impulses which control all the body functions. A sensitive person might feel an excess or a depletion of energy but has no way of measuring and evaluating the true quality of the relationship. (During this process of energy resonance transfer, it is so subtle that one would probably not be aware that it was happening.)

When these two energy fields are in resonance (the aiming point UFO and our body) there is a type of information exchange on a vibrational level where a DNA-like encoded signature of each is imprinted on the energy field of the other. In
radiesthesia we are not bound by time and space. The aiming device is selectively focused on whatever aspect is wished or chosen. This aiming process is called mental tuning or selective resonance. ‘Mental tuning’ is the ability to selectively hear lower sounds or voices instead of louder ones. (This could be connected to that which some people hear as tones &/or sometimes voices in their minds or ears!)

Normally the eardrum responds mechanically to sound waves moving through the air by sending impulses to the brain. That translates to what we hear. When we are dealing with vibrational interactions, we need a scale that is capable of measuring the quality of interactions in relation to the human vibrational field. This can be best understood if we examine the law of harmonics in music. Instruments sensitive to the physical vibrational qualities of the musical scale are calibrated on the color scale. Each color that we perceive emanates in a unique vibration that excites the optic nerve in varying degrees of sending coded messages to our brain which decodes it into visible color – like musical notes that have repetitive vibrational qualities (where every eighth note will vibrate even on a different instrument in close proximity through resonance.)

Colors have vibrational properties that resonate on higher harmonics that are not visible to our perception. (So when a UFO flashes the colors specified as needed, they have vibrational properties that would resonate within our energy fields in our bodies, but are so subtle we would not know it as they could be sending certain coded information to our brain. The color is then mixed with light and the light electro-magnetic energy intermixes with the electro-magnetic field within our nervous system.)

(This is how I believe that abductees could possibly be given their so-called gifts and other types of knowledge or information. Through this type of process the abductees or chosen people (
receivers) are implanted with whatever “they” (their mind-influencing masters) choose to feed them.) {{As was mentioned in chapter nine of “THE CURS-ED NET,” called, ‘SHOW & TELL,’ the receivers are shown to be psychics, and the information they receive come from “familiar spirits” – or
knowing ones** who feed them correct information about dead people so as to give the impression to the person or persons the psychic is conveying this information that the information is actually coming from the loved ones’ departed relative, etc. The purpose of this, of course, is to get people to think non-biblically, so it becomes a cunning and deadly trap perpetrated by the dark devilish demons!}}

Bio-signatures are the linear diagrams that directly affect the energy & functions of body organs. They have the same vibrational qualities as the archetypal or ideal functions of specified body organs, and therefore can affect them through resonance.

RESONANCE: Where vibrations are, resonance can happen! The encyclopedia see END NOTES explains it as a relatively large selective response of an object or a system that vibrates in step or phase with an externally applied oscillatory force (such as swinging backward & forward like a pendulum, or moving or traveling back & forth between two points.) Somewhat analogous, resonance exists on the nuclear scale. This occurs when atoms or their nuclei respond to the various applications of various magnetic fields by emitting or absorbing electro-magnetic radiation of radio & microwave frequencies. Resonance in electrical systems make it possible for certain communication devices to accept signals of certain frequencies while rejecting others.

These various magnetic fields being emitted (by a UFO, for example) sends out electro-magnetic radiation of radio or microwave frequencies. The resonance in an electrical system (as in our human body) makes it possible for certain communication to be accepted by signals of certain frequencies while rejecting others.)

Resonance can occur between different types of vibrations as between color & sound. Color is electro-magnetic vibration that can transfer energy in a vacuum without a medium. The visible spectrum covers slightly less than one octave, whereas the human hearing covers five to eight octaves.

Nanometers (NM) = wavelengths while hertz (HZ) = frequency. E***‘RE’ is a musical note & its HZ = 324 & NM = 422 as the color indigo.

***: In this particular scale, 'D'="DO" as the first note of this octive, so 'E' would be the second note of this scale, etc.

F‘MI’ is a musical note & its HZ = 343 with the color infrared & its NM = 796 while violet’s NM is 398.

G‘FA’ is a musical note whose HZ = 385, and the color RED has a NM of 709; the NM of ultraviolet is 354.

A‘SOL’ is a musical note whose HZ = 432; the color ORANGE has a NM = 632.

B‘LA’ is a musical note with a HZ of 485; the color is YELLOW & the NM = 563.

C‘TI’ is a musical note with a HZ = 514; the color is GREEN and its NM = 531.

D‘DO’ is a musical note whose HZ = 577; its color BLUE has a NM = 473.


‘DO’ = 576 HZ – RED SPHERE & ‘DO’ = 288 HZ as RED SPHERE.

‘RE’ = 324 HZ with ORANGE = ICOSAHEDRON 20 sides

‘MI’ = 360 HZ as YELLOW – OCTAHEDRON 8 sides


‘SOL’ = 432 HZ as B LUE – A CUBE.

‘LA’ = 480 HZ as INDIGO – DODECAHEDRON 12 sides


[Each color has its own frequency & energy field that vibrates & interacts with our bodily organs.]


Red (as middle C note) affects the adrenal glands; orange (as D note) affects the reproductive organs, sex organs, fluid functions; yellow (as E note) affects the pancreas gland – liver, digestive system, stomach, spleen, gall bladder, and automatic nervous system; green (as F note) affects the heart; blue (as G note) affects the thyroid gland; indigo (as A note) affects the pituitary gland, and helps the endocrine system, left brain hemisphere, left eye, nose, ears, parts of the nervous system and the sinuses….

Continuing on, violet (as B note) affects the pineal gland and helps the cerebrum, right brain hemisphere, central nervous system and right eye [SPECIAL NOTE: concerning eye sensitivity at night: the peak response moves from 550 NM to 500 NM as the color GREEN.

So with this above-cited knowledge, one might be able to figure out what body parts are being affected and why. The UFOs are flashing different colors – sets of individual vibrational energy fields to our body fields, interacting with certain organs depending on the colors chosen. This, in turn, can change our body emotions and functions and also by subtle means feed us specified coded messages to be decoded later. {{This dynamic may be part of a pre-programming and subsequent new programming depending on what is to be “activated” within the body according to a specific agenda, as alluded to before. This may also be what is part of an abductee’s experience during an abduction ~~ where sequential colors bombard the abductee through the eyes (let’s say) that will either stimulate a particular gland, etc., or lay dormant until another triggering mechanism awakens it! This would account for an abductee hearing a certain noise (which only he or she can hear) that alerts him or her that a UFO is waiting outside for him or her; this strange type of activity has been noted by this researcher as part of the UFO lore. An example of this
strange recognition of a UFO outside by an abductee inside
can be found on Joe Jordan’s site with the recounting of the “DISCERNMENT BY SARAH” ensconced within the testimonials at

Let’s look now at the pineal gland. It is said that this gland could be acting as a
transceiver – both receiving input electrical impulses (messages) from an outside source where that same source (the UFO) is receiving our brain thought patterns. {{If Sarah, just mentioned above, had such a transceiver, it would be “child’s play” for the entities within the UFO outside her house to beam her the information so that she would respond – immediately, which she did if you read her transcript.}}

The color ‘violet’ affects the pineal gland and also the cerebrum, right brain hemisphere, central nervous system, etc. This gland is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and photo periodic seasonal functions. It is shaped like a tiny pinecone, located near the center of the brain between the two hemispheres. It is reddish-gray & about the size of a pea. It is often seen as a calcified midline structure. Calcification is the process in which the mineral calcium builds up in soft tissue, causing it to harden. This happens if there is mineral balance or not.

Melatonin, which is produced by the pineal gland, is a derivative of the amino acid tryptophan, which also has other functions in the central nervous system. The production of this melatonin is stimulated by darkness but inhibited by light. The pineal gland is divided into two fine hemispheres. (Remember earlier that the pyramid & hemisphere shapes (domes) which are reflected in the UFO shapes, are the two best geometric shapes used for energy emitters. Coincidence? I think not!)

Corpora arenacea or brain sand is calcified structures in the pineal gland as well as other areas in the brain. Chemical analysis of this brain sand shows that it is composed of calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, magnesium phosphate & ammonium phosphate. Calcium phosphate is the name given to a family of minerals containing calcium ions.

Calcium is a soft gray alkaline earth metal. An
ion is an atom or molecule which has lost or gained one or more valence electrons, giving it a positive or negative electrical charge. This brain sand is said to increase with age.

[One reference used to study the
corpora arenacea listed here was done by Polomska, M. Hilezer, B. Berkonic, G. Meshulam, G. (2002) in a work called, “Calcite Microcrystals in the pineal gland of the human brain: First Physical & Chemical Studies;


{{SPECIAL NOTE: A good study on the pineal gland, especially as it relates to the potential dark forces controlling this planet (SATAN) and how he goes about controlling his subjects via the pineal gland, can be found in the writings of Dr. Joye Pugh, especially in her book, “EDEN: THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD & EVIL;” I penned a web page that incorporates some of her major ideas on this gland in particular since its very shape (**as two hemispheres***) fits in very nicely with Richard’s thesis. Please go to the following link for “SATAN AND THE PINEAL GLAND” at: }}

Let’s now look at the word,
BIO-ELECTROMAGNETICS. It is the study of how electro-magnetic fields interact with and influence biological processes. Several treatments based on the use of magnetic fields have been reported. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is currently under active study in multiple research centers and will likely become an approved therapy in the future.

Most of the molecules that make up the human body interact only weakly with electro-magnetic fields (EMF) that are in the radio frequency bands. One basic interaction is the absorption of energy from the EMF, which can cause tissue to heat up. More intense field exposure will produce greater heating. This heat deposition can lead to biological effects ranging from discomfort to protein denaturation to burns. (Could this be the reason for some of the people being burned during a UFO encounter?)

Many subtle, and at times not so subtle effects on behavior have been seen reported from exposure to magnetic fields with a particular focus in research on
pulsed magnetic fields. The “specific” pulse form used appears to be an important factor for the behavioral effect seen.. (Is this associated possibly with the effects of the UFO’s use of light, color, sound & shapes that affect our emotional & physical behavior?)

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a strong changing magnetic field that can induce electrical currents in conductive tissue such as the brain. Since the magnetic field will penetrate tissue, it can be generated “outside” of the head to induce currents within – hence transcranial magnetic stimulation! The currents will depolarize neurons in a selected part of the brain leading to changes in the patterns of neural activation. (Could this be the outside source spoken about with UFOs, since it may change our brain patterns so we would respond in a certain way, especially through specific neural activation processes which can be induced with chosen electrical impulses, i.e., messages sent to our brains in very subtle ways so as not to be noticed?)

Essentially, the effect of this is to change the informational content in the neurons. Neurons are responsive cells in the nervous system that process & transmit information by chemical signals within the neurons. Sensory neurons respond to touch, sound, light, and numerous other stimuli affecting cells of the sensory organs that then send signals to the spinal cord and cause muscle contractions and affect glands.

Inter-neurons connect neurons to other neurons within the brain and spinal cord. Neurons respond to stimulus and communicate the presence of that stimulus to the central nervous system which processes that information and sends responses to other parts of the body for action.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a noninvasive method to excite neurons in the brain. The effects of TMS are divided into two types depending on the type of stimulation. A single or paired pulse where a given pulse causes a population of neurons in the neo-cortex to depolarize and discharge an action potential. If used in a primary motor cortex (which works in association with pre-motor areas to plan & execute movements,) it produces a motor evoked potential (MEP) which can be recorded on electro-myography (EMG) if used on the occipital cortex (the visual processing center of the mammalian brain.)This processing center in psychology is the ability to interpret information from visible light reaching the eyes. Phosphenes (flashes of light) “by UFOs” may very well be detected by the subject.

In those other areas of the cortex, the participant does not consciously experience any effect., but his or her behavior may be slightly altered. Repetitive pulses (UFO light patterns flashing with intensity & colors!) produce effects that last longer than the period of stimulation. These periods of stimulation, which would be the processes of the use of the light & colors having their vibrational energy field effects, causes a resonance in our bodies that will affect specific organs & glands, and more than likely will produce a pre-programming sort of stimulus to our brain & nervous system by sending specific electrical messages which later will probably be triggered off. These effects (stimuli) have a much longer lasting effect, especially if one is induced with something which is intended to serve “them” – so therefore will only serve to eventually deceive us – which is the
very purpose and desire of these dark forces of the Satanic realm.

THE BOTTOM LINE: We are being used and led astray from God’s truth and His Holy Word!


It seems obvious to me that a sophisticated & supernatural group of beings
can do all of the things enumerated in PART I & NOW PART II of this essay, i.e., use mind control weapons against us to influence us away from God’s truth as stated in the Bible. Hence we have the different weapons employed: UFOs which now in our modern times is literally drawing much attention, and the bigger the display (as in Phoenix, Arizona or even on a Mexican hilltop (as reported in PART I) the display may be trying to induce our collective brains by the use of intense sequential lights with follow-up complimentary sounds of different and varied frequencies. Richard has pointed out quite clearly (using science as evidence) that such a deceptive process can & will affect the human brain.

As a side note, I would also entertain the possibility that the sense of smell could also be utilized by the dark forces for the same ends! I had occasion to recently read a 1989 vintage sci/fi book that dealt with the data that has been found in the UFO & alien abduction phenomenon literature, with the normal theories of the who, where, & what of the alien interaction. It was truly science fiction, since it never once mentioned Jesus Christ as savior of mankind, but only used His holy name as some sort of an expletive ~~ which is all-too-common in today’s human secularist world we inhabit.

However there was one piece of suggestive data that did tend to ring true in this book by Garfield Reeves-Stevens called,
NIGHTEYES, and that had to do with the use of the ‘’sense of smell.’’ The smells were used by the alien ETs (who were identified with a bunch from Zeta Reticuli,) which were just one of a host of star systems being bandied about in sci/fi land. It seems that they used these smells to make the protagonist Steven calm! If you go to page 360 of this 450 page book, they (the abductors) already knew what would make him calm just as demons “know things” as familiar spirits, so they sent him subtle scents of leaves and trees and sun, and it did calm him down! They needed to do this because it was important for Steven to be calm at this point in order to achieve the goal of this part of the agenda…so it appears that the author (who knew about the abduction phenomenon in 1989) may have also known about this type of influencing.

Since Richard did touch on the subject of how shapes themselves (like the triangular shapes of UFOs) actually help to transmit the electro-magnetic energy,) and he even mentions the GREAT PYRAMID as an example in stone as a piece of masonry that may very well have had its blueprint origin with the supernatural forces (as given to mankind) and specifically the ones they wished to control, so it should be of no surprise that Dr. Joye Pugh, writing about similar subjects in her book, “EDEN: THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD & EVIL,” discusses some interesting aspects regarding THE GREAT PYRAMID; for instance, on page 179 of her book, she cites the following:

That the same form of sacred geometry that was used to form the ‘Great Cathedrals’ across Europe (which were constructed to operate at a certain harmonic pitch, so too was it found that within the Great Pyramid of Egypt, (the sarcophagus specifically,) that it resonated to the key of F Sharp! Dr. Pugh speculates that it may have been used to treat various bodily ailments like the MRI of today that use sound waves to burst tumors and kidney stones; she further documents on page 180 (which is part of her overall thesis) that Satan gave mankind knowledge of sacred sounds for his own agenda, and this information was somehow passed down through the line of Ham/Hermes, and later the Knights Templar. Thus the cathedrals were actually placed on ancient pagan sites called Oracles, and used to send and receive messages from the heavens [where Satan hangs out as the Prince of the Air, according to St. Paul in Ephesians 2:2.]

So Richard’s thesis about the UFOs – their shapes – and their ability to send and receive sound (regardless of the added intense sequential lights) is nothing more or less than the same concept that Dr. Pugh brought out with the Great Pyramid & the Great Cathedrals of Europe! AND THAT PURPOSE: MIND CONTROL OF THE MASSES using just another set of tools of Satan as he
matches the curiosity of man with ongoing technological wizardry with his domes and triangles, etc.

Without beating a dead horse, it seems crystal clear to me that the same weapons are being employed now as in the past, and these weapons come from the
same source – the dark forces of the Satanic realm, and not space buddies from Zeta Reticuli or any other linear star system as our saviors. They are our collective enemy; they are supernatural; they most assuredly have a grudge against us and hate us accordingly! The war is total. They take no prisoners. They want your immortal soul!

This two-part essay was designed so that you can see this clearly. You have the information you need to wage the good spiritual fight! Now it is time to put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:14:20.) Without reliance on the Father, the Son & Holy Spirit, there is no other way to defeat such a powerful enemy that has been arrayed against us…
and God is watching how we so prepare ourselves for battle.’ In the Old Testament, Hezekiah was facing annihilation from his enemies, surrounded by 185,000 troops. He prayed to God that night. The following morning the 185,000 troops were no more – as the angel came and destroyed them. Hezekiah’s prayer was answered, and his people was spared because of his great faith in God [2 KINGS 19:35.]



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