SECTION III of The Bite of the Serpent

by Richard, with minor editing and observations by Byron LeBeau

We will start with the book of Ethiopian Enoch, chapter seven, verse 7: "The whole number (of the FALLEN ANGELS) was two hundred who descended upon Ardis." (These unholy ones were figuratively known as 'stars' in The Book of Enoch, Jude 13, & Revelations [THE APOCALYPSE.])

Next we go to The Book of the Secrets of Enoch, chapter four, entitled, "Titles of the Angels Ruling the Stars." Stars, here, has two meanings: firstly, heavenly, then secondly, as angels. It reads as follows: "They brought before my face the elders and the rulers of the stellar orders, and showed me two hundred angels who rule the stars and their services to the heavens and fly with their wings and come round all those who sail."

Key words are as follows: 1) elders; 2) rulers; 3) stellar; 4) order; 5) wings; 6) round; 7) sail.

The word elder here in Greek (presbuteros) means of rank, or of a position of responsibility. The next word, rulers in Greek (Archon) is a ruler, chief, prince, and is translated as rulers. So ruler in Greek means a ruler in the singular. Another Greek meaning of the word ruler is (kosmorator) which denotes a ruler of this world. Now let's look at some of the titles of Satan:

1) the prince of this world (John 12:31)

2) the prince of the powers of the air, where air means sky, heavenly & stellar (Eph. 2:2)

3) the ruler of darkness (Eph. 6:12)

You see how these titles of Satan could reflect the meanings of "ruler" here? The next keyword is stellar which as (adj) relates to stars; where the Latin (stella) = star. The next word to follow is order (a noun) meaning of an "established system of a social organization;" also, a foundation, seemingly a military one of the fallen angels and evil spirits.

Let's look at the word star in Greek. Star is used also figuratively as angels described in the Ethiopian Book of Enoch, the book of Revelations (1:16, 2:1 & 3:1) and in Jude 13, as wandering stars. The book of Jude is a reference to Enoch. Vines Expository Dictionary describes these wandering stars as follows: they represent certain false teachers. Vines' analogy here is very interesting, considering the linkage to the UFO phenomenon. Read carefully and understand, as if the stars intended for light and guidance became the means of deceit by irregular movements!

But it gets more interesting...Let's look at the word wander in the Greek; it means the word deceit! So if the word star is used figuratively for angel, then Jude 13 is stating that these certain false teachers are deceitful angels! Now we have a stellar order of Satan at the top, and two hundred top ranking deceitful stars, fallen angels – next.

It goes like this: the elders are the two hundred angels spoken of in chapter four of the Book of the Secrets of Enoch, and the ruler is none other than Satan, the prince of the power of the air. The word power here is used by metonymy as sometimes of persons and things (interchanged;) thus, the angels of Eph. 1:21 = power, which, in Greek means dunamis. The word power (Greek) is also kratos which, according to (RV BIBLE) = strength; see the word dominion.

This word dominion holds very important meanings and will show you that aliens are NOT in control of the stellar regions, but rather evil forces of angels & demons. {{Of course, this heretofore has been the thesis of Richard in both SECTIONS I & II of this ongoing series, so the next part adds yet another layer of this presentation.}} Hence, the alien phenomenon is just a cover.

Follow closely and observe carefully about what you are reading...The Greek meanings will be listed in order to show how they reflect what this chapter of Enoch is stating; also, you can ascertain how the word power (as Satan's title,) plays a very important role here.

The word dominion in Greek (kratos) means "manifested power." (Kuriotes) denotes lordship-power--dominion, whether angelic or human, as per Eph. 1:21, Col. 1:16, 2 Peter 2:10, & Jude 8; in Ephesians & Colossians, it indicates a grade in the angelic order. (Kurieuo) in Greek means to rule over or have dominion over; lastly, we have (katakurieuo) which is Greek to exercise or gain dominion over as in "the power of demons over men." (Acts 19:16)

We now see that angelic powers are evil spirits/demons under the control of Satan's rule of the stellar regions, the air, & the atmosphere. They exercise their rule/dominion over it, and us through crafts deceptions, and GUESS WHAT? the UFO phenomenon is one of them!

Now we move on to the next key word - wing which is used here in chapter four of The Book of the Secrets of Enoch as a symbolic mode of transportation....

The word wing in Greek (pterux) reflects symbolically in Revelation 12:14, as the two wings of a great eagle, suggesting the definiteness of the action, where the wings indicate rapidity & protection. Eagle in Greek (actos) is connected with (aemi) which means to blow as of the wind, on account of its wind-like flight. We know that the wind is invisible and it is often silent (stealthy) - just as UFOs have and can be.

Two words, rapidity & protection reflect two characteristics of the wings: firstly, moving, acting or occurring with great speed, as in swift or instantly sudden; also, quick to act or react. We know these objects (UFOs) act or react with incredible speeds and in all directions, seemingly against the known laws of gravity. {{A good example of this would be the famous NASA STS-48 MISSION (1991) where physicist Dr. Jack Kasher clocked a UFO changing directions to avoid what appeared to be a missile being shot at it...and doing so at over 200.000 mph, according to the empirical evidence he presented as a physicist!!!}} It also seems that these wings have some sort of outer shell or protective covering. Remember, in The Book of the Secrets of Enoch (chapter five) we will talk about houses & enclosed structures - metaphorically.

I believe that if we looked at the word wing closer now, in the Greek we may uncover a few of their designs. The word wing in Greek (pterux) means pinnacle (pterugion) where "a pinnacle is a tail pointed formation such as a mountain peak, which resembles the shape of a TRIANGLE." {{Picture in your mind a peak, with steep sides tapered.}}

A mountain peak (or mountains) in general has steep sides with a tapering projection, to a pointed summit of a mountain. (This could depict a TRIANGULAR UFO!) {{In Ufology, although I have heard about triangular UFO reports from police sources as early as the early 1970s, the popular notion thereof came into the public perception with the publishing of Phil Imbrogno's book, NIGHTSIEGE, in the mid-1980s, with an ever-increasing number of reports of these very large and silent craft drifting extremely slowly over highways, so that many a automobile passenger gaped in utter wonder; some of these craft measured between two football fields in diameter or even larger, and the reports continue to this very day, from Belgium to Ohio to St. Louis to Phoenix, Arizona, just to name a few of the more outstanding triangle cases on record with Air Forces and policemen.}}

We now look at the word pinnacle which in general means a small turret &/or spire. Let's take the meaning of this word turret in general: domelike structure or enclosure. A dome is a hemispherical roof. Do you know that in Latin (domus) means house?!? Also, in Greek, (doma) means house! So dome also is reflective of the word house!

PICTURE IN YOUR MIND’S EYE A HEMISPHERICAL STRUCTURE. Of course these can be all different sizes and designs, but all are reflective of a DOMELIKE LOOK! (Keep this in mind, for it will sit atop the next shape, after it is discussed....)

Now we take the word spire which is a structure or formation that tapers to a point; a slender tapering, a gradual decrease in thickness, with an elongated object tapering at both ends. Think of a hexagonal shape with the pointing at the east/west portions( CLICK HERE for diagram)and spires at both north/south portions, with tapering between each of the four cardinal directions; your mind's eye should picture a certain form of UFO, especially when we position the dome on top of the northern spire! So by putting the two drawing together, (the DOME & the HEXAGONAL shape with the pointed ends,) one should envision in one's mind - a common UFO!

We all know that there are many different sizes and shapes of UFOs in Ufology, but as far as God's word (especially in the Book of Enoch, to me, Richard, this is no coincidence! The most seen and known shapes in Ufology are the traditional "saucer" or disc shapes, and more recently, the triangular-shaped objects (some of immense size.) {{For those familiar with the story of Bob Lazar, alleged physicist at Area 51, S-4, in Nevada, his depiction of the UFO he worked on and was "back-engineering" (the scout sport model) would look very much like the combination of the two descriptions given above by Richard (dome on top of the hexagonal shape.)

There have also been reports of FLYING WINGS. {{To envision this, think of two rulers brought together at right angles, and each ruler has about three "portal windows" or lights ensconced equidistantly within its surface; this may be reflective of this so-called FLYING WING and some have been seen to be as large as the triangles, usually dark, where the windows or lights appear as red in color, and sometimes amber.}}

So then these wings are possibly their mode of transportation, and by using the Book of the Secrets of Enoch, by which we were revealed these things by God, three of the most common designs of the very same objects that have been seen by Man for a very long time, become manifest! These are the most traditional types seen; of course, as I said, there are all different kinds, but do we not have houses of all different shapes and sizes also?

The word wings is a symbol of their mode of transportaion. Wings are not of one design, but many. It just so happens to be the basic designs of those objects we call UFOs. So what are the odds that any alien race (which we have no proof exists as they appear to be) would happen to have the very basic designs that God's word discloses through the Book of Enoch, and from specific verses of the Bible decoded? Is it coincidence that Satan and the fallen angels would have the same looking objects and agenda as a race of beings? I DON'T THINK SO!

The descriptions and characteristics of the whole phenomenon are too perfect through God's word to be anything other than what His word is reflective of, even to Christ’s depiction of Luke 10:19, where we see the use of serpents & scorpions as symbols of evil demons, etc.

The Reptilians & Grays are physical manifestations, sometimes as light images, (either in our minds or not,) and are shown to be represented symbolically, as the serpents & scorpions as noted above. These are very dangerous evil forces, i.e. fallen angels, evil spirits, demons. The scorpions in Section II of The Bite of the Serpent and the serpents are as follows: the scorpions are the Grays (evil spirits, demons) while the serpents are the Reptilians (i.e. fallen angels.) Let's move on....

The last few key words of chapter four of The Book of the Secrets of Enoch, start with round as in ‘’to come round all those who sail.’’ I believe the word round means the following: the meaning I chose means to encompass, to envelop, to enclose on, & surround - but - it also means to attack!

Remember the first part of The Bite of the Serpent - where, in Enoch 68:18, "the stroke of the spirit" & "the stroke which is given in midday" - the word in Greek means a blow; blow in Greek also means an unexpected attack! An assault! The word round in Greek (as per Vines Expository Dictionary) is used in combinations with other words; round meant shine and dwell - so that which comes ("round" all those who sail) is a light shining dwelling!

The word dwell in Greek is (evoikeo) or "to dwell in; to inhabit. Shine in Greek is (lampo) which is "to shine as a torch." Also shine (phaino) means "to cause to appear." Continuing in Greek, (perilampo) is "to shine around" & "to flash around" or the lights on objects which flash on and off; brilliant colors are characterized here. Appear in Greek is to become "evident" or "real!"

To manifest (emphanizo) can be used as a physcial manifestation, such as images of creatures, whether by light, in the mind, or sometimes a being which could be felt, but not necessarily real as it appears to be. That would be the Grays, the Reptilians, or "humanoids" which, I believe to be a specific breed of hybrids. Another very important aspect is the meaning in Greek of appear which is (optomai) - which is a reference to the person "creature" or thing seen and subjectively, as with reference to an inward impression or a spiritual experience, or mental occupation. The word impression represents that which gives a false impression, from the word deceit, which, in the Greek is (apate). This impression is given as a deceitful appearance, statement, or as a deceiving influence. REMEMBER: deceitful angels = wandering stars!

Many times orbs of light are seen. Maybe this can answer the question - WHY? We take the word appear and use the meaning (optomai) in Greek (to see;) from ops (the eye) - we get the English optical. We go to the word orb and in the American Heritage College dictionaray, one of the meanings happens to be eye or eyeball. Did you also know that orb in Latin (orbis) means "circle/disc'orbit." [?] - or a disc shaped object! So it seems we can connect the orbs to these dwellings of light! Oh yeah, orbit as a noun also means a range of control or influence.

So, during our "alien" abductions, we are physcially attacked, and mentally assaulted, manipulated to do and remember whatever the abductors want us to remember....

We now end with the word sail which in Greek (diaperao) which is "to cross over;" see "pass" Pass (parerchomai) from (para); "by" means "to come or go;" also, the meaning (diodeuo) is to "travel along" and "to travel through."

Sail as a noun means to travel by means of a sailing vessel. So we have those today who come and go - travel ~ whether by car, plane, ship, etc. Thousands of years ago the word sail was a mode of transportation, as it is today. So these light dwellings (UFOs) come round all those who sail on water. Is this what has been happening in the BERMUDA TRIANGLE?

{{There is ample evidence from ship logs that some strange force (or "alien" space ships) have been witnessed to in this area, which some feel is a type of portal into another dimension; books, such as that written by Charles Berlitz, (WITHOUT A TRACE) as well as many other documented books and film documentaries, have alluded to this sobering theory of some type of “alien” interference or kidnapping going on, which still cries out for a final explanation. Perhaps Richard's idea that the mysterious powers of the air'' which, if he is right, are literally diabolical, could account for the sudden disappearances that have been recorded, much like the blow of a light dwelling, whose venomous bite is both quick and deadly!

From what I can see, this theory is as good as any other, and we seem to have both "ENOCH" & "THE BIBLE" on our side of the argument, to boot! As I once alluded to in my own writings: ‘’THE PHENOMENON seems AN INTIMATE ONE, and not merely the agenda of some curious space scientists from other galaxies, bent on improving their own situation. Whatever the harvesting going on, it again seems more sinister in nature.}}


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