by ‘’Richard’’

INTRODUCTION TO PART ONE: This deals with many key words which come together explaining all of the ins and outs of the haunting phenomenon, and explains how demons (evil spirits) use and exploit mediums, i.e., how they lure them, teach them, & train them for their own benefit. The mediums (psychics, fortune tellers, spiritualists, sensitives) become a service to these evil spirits in such a way, (so subtle) that they never know what danger their very spirit are in. They continue to live their lives, believing that they do indeed have this gift, but never realize that this power within is not theirs. They have, in essence, become deceived!

I try to explain exactly what has taken place in their lives and I am trying to help them understand that they are being used. It is an evil company beside them; however, they can overcome this evil and become saved through Jesus Christ.

PART TWO will show the demons’ attributes so you can see how they are more than capable of doing all of this deception.


We will start off with the word ‘demon’ to see where this key word leads us. Then we will take the information and see what it is describing. In (VINES) the word ‘demon’ in Greek is (diamon.) In the New Testament, it denotes an evil spirit. Some would derive the word from a root ‘da’ meaning ‘to distribute.’ From a similar root, ‘da,’ it means ‘to know’ and hence “a knowing one.” The Greek (sunoida) is “to share the knowledge of-or be privy to.”

So we have evil spirits who possess knowledge & are called “the knowing ones.” It seems they are also to share that knowledge – personally –but to whom?

The word ‘privy’ is Greek (lathra) which means “secretly & covertly” which itself is from the root (lath-) that indicates as being ‘unnoticed’ & ‘unknown.’ It seems to me, that whoever receives this information is pretty much kept in the dark as to who is really giving them the information.

Continuing with the word ‘privy,’ another meaning in Greek is (pareisaktos) which is an adjective akin to (pareisago), & literally is “to bring in beside” i.e., secretly as from (para) “by the side.” (Could this mean that the evil spirit becomes familiar to the spirit of the person receiving it?) At the end of the meaning of this, it says to see ‘creep.’

The word ‘creep’ in Greek (enduno, en, “in”, duno) is ‘to enter’ (pareisduno) & ‘to enter’ is by the side (para) ‘beside’ or ‘in’ which is to insinuate oneself into by stealth – to creep in stealthily. ‘Insinuate’ here means to introduce or insert (oneself) by subtle means. (Well it does sure sound like these evil spirits come into the people they choose to give this information to. It also seems that they come in as something friendly, someone who you would get used to because humans do not really have the powers without the one inside producing that power; yet – you feel you have received a special gift.)

Let’s look at this verse from the Bible, quoted here in (VINES) dictionary for the meaning of ‘demon.:

“They (demons) disseminate errors among men and seek to seduce believers (1Tim 4:1). As seducing spirits, they deceive men into the supposition through mediums (“sensitives” today) and those who have familiar spirits (Lev. 20:6 & 27), they can converse with deceased human beings. Hence the destructive deception of spiritism, forbidden in scripture (Lev. 19:31, Deut. 18:11 & Isa. 8:19.)

The next word is ‘know’ which, in Greek is (oida) and is “a knowing one” from the same root as (eidom) – “to see” – which is a perfect tense with a present, signifying primarily “to have seen” or perceived, hence, “to know, to have known, knowledge of.”

So I think that for these evil spirits to give certain information out, they would have to have seen (studied) that person or persons, or objects, locations, or structures, etc., to give you the knowledge you seek; however, they set up the circumstances to what knowledge will be asked for.

Let’s see if there is a way to find out how “they” might go about getting this knowledge. We now take the words ‘to see’ from the root (eidom) in Greek and apply it to Hebrew. In Hebrew, the words ‘to see’ together, a verb (ra’ah) is ‘tosee,’ ‘perceive,’ ‘observe,’ “get acquainted with,” “gain understanding of” or (explaining every way someone could learn a good deal about something or someone.)

Also (ra’ah) has several extended meanings: it can refer to perceiving or ascertaining something apart from seeing it with one’s eyes (as in visions!) ‘Vision’ in Greek (horasis) = the sense of sight, where (horao) is a spectacle sight, and appearing (optasia) is a late form of (opsis) “the act of seeing,” & from (optano) ‘to see;’’ the following will explain some basic ways the evil spirits go about gathering this information which they seek, and how through several means, disseminate that information which they wish the person to know, i.e., by means of visions, images, appearances, & conversing spirits (familiar spirits.)

The first word is ‘perceive’ where several meanings are needed. In Greek (ginosko) means “to know by experience and observation,” and (theoreo) is “to be a spectator of.” (It is basically the whole idea of how the evil spirits over time have gathered information on many people, places & things, which “they,” at the chosen time, and about the chosen subjects, choose to disseminate to those chosen people, (mediums) etc., when the time is right. They set up the time & place and how that information will be disseminated. They create the surroundings at the proper time for the event. They send you the information they know you will need by visions, appearances, or conversing with you. {{To see how these types of dynamic are flushed out among humans for purposes of sexual misuse by these familiar spirits that Richard is describing above, please read Eve Lorgen’s THE LOVE BITE. This spiritual “set up” uses the same modus operandi that you may be familiar with from the movie, THE STING, - only the culprits in real life are of a nasty spiritual nature, but can interface with humanity.}}

Next we look at the word ‘observation.’ The noun in Greek is (parateresis) which means ‘attentive watching;’ also, ‘to consider well’ (tereo;) see ‘keep.’ ‘Keep’ in Greek (tereo) denotes ‘to watch over.’ (So the evil ones watch over their servants attentively, those they consider well. (Good servants!)

The word ‘over’ in Greek explains some familiar activity over their chosen ones. ‘Over’ means “to be to have” (proistemi) & in (Lit.) ‘to stand before’ – hence – “to lead,’ ‘to direct,’ ‘to attend to.’ This is translated ‘rule’. They rule you! “Rule” means ‘to lead.’ They are leading you astray, leading you to serve them & using you as an instrument. This becomes very detrimental to your spirit, for as long as you are serving them (the evil spirits) you cannot and are not serving God!

The next word here is ‘acquaint’ which, in general, is a verb “to cause to come to know.” (They cause the event which involves your receiving this special vision, etc., which, in turn, causes you to see things which lead you to believe that you have a special gift. It’s a set up {{(just like the aforementioned movie dramatized!)}} Look at the word ‘acquaintance’ (idos) in Greek: it means ‘one’s own!’

The word ‘gain’ in Greek is a noun (porismos) which is ‘to denote.’ – a providing, akin to (porizo,) – to procure; then it means ‘of gain.’ (The evil spirits provide all the knowledge you need to know through an appearance, vision (mental) or conversing with your spirit! This is a procurement process which is a means of their gain – YOU! These special efforts are to obtain or acquire a specific individual to be used for their agenda…and you ghost hunters out there: you are not seeking deceased people; rather you are calling out demons. You are literally playing with fire! Don’t believe for one second that you cause things to happen at certain times, or take pictures of things you believe you have caught. They are calling all the shots! They allow things to happen the way they want. By your cooperation, you are destroying your very soul and spirit!

Remember earlier it was mentioned that the demons disseminate errors among men. “They scatter widely” errors that are deceptive, deceitful false information. In Greek ‘error’ (plane) is a ‘wandering’ – forsaking the right path. In 2 Thess. 2:11, a working of error in (KJV) is a strong delusion; see deceit. In Jude 13, it is a wandering, being led astray by wandering stars (deceitful angels.)

To the word ‘understand’ in Greek is a verb (suniemi) which means primarily “to bring or set together,” & (paratithemi) is “to place aside,” (i.e., to bring your spirit and the evil spirit together – place beside.)


Nouns related to the verb (ra’ah) ‘to see’ (Re m) appears once to mean “looking glass.” (Mar’ah) means ‘visionary’ – appearance or prophetic vision. ‘Visionary’ is an adjective, & in general is characterized and or given by apparitions, which represents the “knowing ones” (demons.) Another meaning for visionary is one who has visions, a seer or a medium. The means by which the visionary receives this knowledge is by an appearance (images) visions (mental) or conversing with familiar spirits. A vision in general is a mental image or even the ‘experience’ as seeing, as if with the eyes of a supernatural being. The chosen people are shown these things as through the eyes of demons.

The ‘characterizations’ of the evil spirits are the acting out of deceased people through images, sounds, speech, etc. They act out that which you are meant to see. They play the character(s) (ghosts) others see. You are not speaking to dead people; you are speaking to evil spirits! {{Does that scare ‘little Bill’{?} – the phrase used by Clint Eastwood in the movie, THE UNFORGIVEN since this was the derogatory expression he gave to the tin-horn sheriff, (Gene Hackman) who had no clue as to just how dangerous a gunslinger Clint Eastwood was, and of course, Gene met with a terrible end !!!}}

“Looking glasses” pluralized (mar’ch) refers to an external appearance and can also connote ‘sight’ as a range of vision, or in the sense of a supernatural sight, ‘image,’ etc., or manifestation. The word ‘connote’ implies the literal meaning here which is sight. So we have an external appearance, & supernaturally, a manifestation of something which employs sight.

We now look at the word ‘appear’ from appearance. ‘Appear’ in general means to become visible. In Latin (apparere): ad-,ad+parere means ‘to show.’ The meaning of show here as a pretense, is as ‘an outward show’ in Greek; see ‘observation.’ The word ‘show’ in general also means ‘manifestation,’ as in the sense of a supernatural manifestation.

The word ‘appear’ in Greek (optomai) is ‘to see’ as (ra’ah;) in Hebrew is ‘appear’ in Greek from (ops) which means ‘eye’ and in English ‘optical.’ ‘Appear’ as a verb is (phaino. ) It signifies in the active voice ‘to shine.’ The word ‘apparition’ in the meaning
(characterized by or given by apparitions,) is in Greek (phantasma.) The word ‘apparition’ is from (phaino) – to appear: so in Greek, apparition also means to appear or “to shine forth.” An apparition is a phantasm or phantom. Matt 14:26 & Mark 6:49 as ‘ghost.’) The meaning ‘to see’ & ‘see’ in Greek (blepo) is a verb that means “to have sight” so a supernatural appearance is an image of something which has sight.

We take the word ‘shine’ in Greek (phaino) that denotes in the active voice “to give light” (photismos) or an illumination. Light in general is electromagnetic radiation, which could explain a good deal. In (Archaic,) ‘light’ means ‘eyesight’ and one of the titles of Satan is “an angel of light” (2 Cor. 11:14-15.)

So we have a supernatural external appearance, a manifestation that is illuminated, and employs light which is electromagnetic radiation. We have the word ‘appear’ (ops) – the ‘eye’ that in English is optical. In (Archaic,) light means eyesight. Apparition relates to a ghostly image, a form which then can be visible or invisible, and (either way) when it wants to, or when they choose it to be, so I have coined the word inavisible (devises, sort of speak.)

The aforementioned ‘looking glasses’ are a symbol for these “seeing” devises. Let’s see if ‘looking glasses,’ the words themselves, can give any insights. The word ‘look’ in general (as verb) is to ‘employ sight,’ especially in a given direction, and also means to search. Now ‘search’ in Greek means to examine (anakrisis) from (ana) which means ‘up or through.’ The device has the ability to search, can go upward, ascend, and go through things.

The word ‘glasses’ in general means to scan, as with an optical instrument. It is important to know that ‘glass’ in Greek (hualos) denotes ‘transparency.’

Let’s see if the word ‘orb’ plays a role here. Orbs are those illuminated transparent balls of light people have reported seeing at UFO encounters and hauntings. The word orb (as noun) in general is a sphere or spherical object. What also is important here is one of the meanings of ‘orb’ as an ‘eye or eyeball.’ Could this device then be representative of the orb being seen? Remember (ops) the eye and light in (Archaic) as eyesight. (Ops) – the eye in English is optical – so then these devices use some sort of supernatural set up. (I personally believe – not only for sight as a roaming video camera – but also to record the real time study of their subjects, through vision & sound, as well as to send sound images outwardly, as through a “speaker.” They can move about at will (both visibly & invisibly) projecting forms or images of things they want you to see, or project certain sounds (such as voices) here and there as the device moves.

Remember the word ‘glasses’ = to scan and to search, and to employ sight [?] Well the word ‘eyeball’ as in the meaning of the word ‘orb’ in general (as verb) means to ‘look’ over carefully, to scrutinize, to measure something or ‘someone’ by sight; to examine, as to consider or choose through necessary qualifications (such as in a chosen person? abductees? donors & receivers?) Do the evil ones examine & measure us, to consider certain people for future use? Are these evil spirits keeping eyes on us for future perspectives?

The word ‘scan’ in general means to examine or look over quickly. ‘Scan’ in Latin (scandere) = ‘to climb,’ the ability to ascend. Orbs are round, and eyes – eyeballs are round, i.e. spherical. So what have we uncovered so far?

1) a supernatural external appearance
2) has the ability of sight
3) shines, is illuminated and gives light
4) has electromagnetic radiation
5) is a manifestation
6) employs sight through optical means supernaturally
7) is suggestive of evil
8) is ghostly reflecting to an apparition; an image that can be visible or invisible
9) looks- searches- scans- explores- probes
10) in Latin, ‘search’ is (circare), meaning to go around, or the ability to move here & there
11) has the ability to climb, ascend
12) is transparent
13) can go through things
14) records both video & audio real time
15) projects images & sounds
16) I call this device an Illuminating Roving Optical Transceiving Vehicle (or I.R.O.T.V.)


Now we leave the word demon and move to the word scorpion. In Greek (skorpios) means ‘to scatter;’ see ‘disperse.’ The word ‘scorpion’ is suggestive of the effects of scattering in the sowing of the spiritual seed. ‘An evil seed’ in Greek (diaspeiro) is “to scatter abroad.”

The demons ‘disseminate’ errors among men and seek to seduce believers (1 Tim 4:1) as seducing spirits. Earlier we looked at the word ‘disseminate’ which in general (as verb) also means ‘to scatter’ widely, as in sowing seed & to spread abroad, to promulgate. The word ‘promulgate’ (as verb) means to make known. The meanings of scorpion in Greek & disseminate in general – have the same meaning! So if demons disseminate errors (1 Tim 4:1) and the word disseminate & scorpion have the same meanings, then scorpion is a possible symbol of demons. Let’s go to Luke 10:19 (NIV BIBLE) “Life & Spirit Bible” with Christ speaking:

”I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy.” (The Bible note on the bottom of the page for 10:19 states: Snakes & scorpions are terms representing the most dangerous forces of spiritual evil.) The word enemy above is representative of the title of Satan (Matt 13:39.) So you see, demons & scorpions are one and the same with scorpion being a symbol of demon.. We also see that snakes & scorpions are associated with Satan, the enemy.

We now look at the word ‘disperse.’ The word in Greek (KJV) is “he hath dispersed abroad.” ‘Disperse’ means ‘to scatter’ as ‘one’ who liberally disperses benefits; (helpful aids) which are beneficially producing favorable results. In Latin (benfactum) < benefacere, is to “do a service!”

In order for evil spirits to make this work, they choose specified people after they “measure up” – so to speak, and make them believe they have received a special gift. All this is through a UFO encounter or vision, etc. Having these mediums now is to their benefit, a service which scatters information abroad to people seeking the mediums’ help. They supernaturally receive their knowledge either through appearance (images) visions (‘mental”) or conversing with familiar spirits (evil spirits.) The mediums are not the only ones who believe they possess a power – but the people who seek them out also believe this falsehood.

‘Disperse,’ in Greek from the root ‘sharp’ signifies ‘to cut’ asunder, akin to (skorpios) – a scorpion. Asunder – “to separate apart” means to keep you away from anyone who is trying to tell you the truth, and apart also from God. They are sowing in you an evil seed.
The word ‘cut’ in Greek (katakopto,) in (Lit.) is “to cut down” as per Mark 5:5, referring to the demonic; also, (diaprio) signifies “to saw asunder” – hence, metaphorically “to be sawn through mentally, to be rent with vexation, to be cut to the heart.” The word ‘rent’ in Greek (diaspao) means “to tear asunder” & is translated “rent asunder.” The word ‘tear’(sparasso) denotes “to tear, rend, convulse.” ‘Convulse’ (as verb) in general is “to shake violently” – to affect with muscular convulsions! [NOTE: As per Luke 9, even while the boy was coming, the demon threw him to the ground in a convulsion.]
This is being possessed, whether by conversing spirits talking to you at a séance, or a spirit possessing a person literally. The word ‘vex’ from vexation in Greek (ochleo) means ‘to disturb.’ It is used in the passive voice as being troubled by evil spirits (Acts 5:16.)

‘Vex’ also means in Greek (basanizo) “to torment.” ‘Torment’ (kakoucheo) is to treat evilly, evil entreated. ‘Entreat’ denotes “to use.” They are using you (to use well or ill.) To use ‘ill’ is (kakos) as in bad, evil. To use ‘we’’ as in the mediums’ case, is in general (1) effectively (2) successfully (3) for benefit & gain (4) to put to good use, to exploit. (This is evil spirits using you for their means, not yours!)

Remember to be “cut to the heart” [?] In Greek, ‘heart,’ spiritually speaking, its usage in the New Testament denotes the following. Evil affects the heart, and then affects …

1) the seat of the physical life (Acts 14:17)
2) the seat of the moral nature & spiritual life, of grief (John 14:1; Rom. 9:2)
3) joy (John 16:22; Eph 5:19)
4) the desires (Matt 5:28; 2 Peter 2:14)
5) the affections (Luke 24:32; Acts 21:13)
6) the perceptions (John 12:40; Eph 4:18)
7) the thoughts (Matt 9:40; Hebrews 4:12)
8) the understanding (Matt 13:15; Rom. 1:21)
9) the reasoning powers (Mark 2:6; Luke 24:38)
10) the imagination (Luke 1:51)
11) the conscience (Acts 2:37; 1 John 3:20)
12) the intentions (Heb. 4:12; 1 Peter 4:1)
13) purpose (Acts 11:23; 2 Cor. 9:7)
14) the will (Rom. 6:17; Col 3:14)
15) faith (Mark 11:23; Rom 10:10)

All these human parts are affected when you keep evil spirits. Well we know where the word ‘disperse’ took us in Greek. Let’s see where it takes us in the general meaning. As a verb, it means to cause to ‘vanish or disappear;’ ‘to disseminate knowledge;’ lastly, to separate light into spectral rays. ‘Spectral’ (as adj.) has general meaning of or relating to a specter. A ‘specter’ is a ghostly apparition, a phantom, a haunting image. In Latin, it is ‘appearance,’ & a spectrum (as noun) means a distribution of electromagnetic energies.

A graphic or photographic representation of such a distribution: “Latin – appearance.”
These electromagnetic energies create graphic ‘images’ appearances & supernaturally, “an outward appearance” as spoken of earlier; also a photographic (picture of these images) taken only by your camera. ‘Scatter’ here, also has a meaning under (Phys.) as “to separate and go in different directions.” (How many times have people reported UFO objects coming apart, going in different directions, and then coming back together again?)

One more time we look at the word ‘scattering’ (which stems originally from the word scorpion) and as a noun, (phys.) is the dispersal of a beam of particles or of radiation into a range of directions as a result of physical interactions.

‘Interaction’ (as noun) in (Phys.) is any of four fundamental ways in which bodies can influence each other, especially by supernatural means. They are the strong, weak, electromagnetic & gravitational forces. (If by supernatural powers they can make orbs float around, they can surely make UFOs fly!)

“Physics” is the interactions between matter & energy in fields such as acoustics, optics, mechanics, thermodynamics, cryogenics, and particle physics. Let’s make a quick list of these things, and see which ones are involved with UFO encounters, hauntings & other phenomena….

1) electromagnetic energies – exhibiting electromagnetism
2) optics – involved in the use with orbs[?] Illuminated Roving Optical Transceiving Vehicles (or I.R.O.T.V. as mentioned earlier)
3) thermodynamics – heat & other forms of energy
4) cryogenics – relating to low temperatures (cold spots)
5) acoustics – the total effect of sound, especially as produced in a small space (such as voices, noises?)

Supernaturally imposed electronic voices at different frequencies and or other sounds. Sound transmitted vibrations as through a speaker. Could these orbs (IROTV’s) be roving speakers too?

Well now you have much information gathered here. Read it over again carefully, and adapt it to your knowledge of all the above phenomena.

{{SPECIAL NOTE: Regarding the “voices” that Richard speaks to, it only happened to me once but it left an indelible impression on me, since I had experienced other “paranormal” activity, and naturally assumed that this was part of the larger picture; I had just finished my nap out in Ohio while staying at a friend’s house temporarily. I know I was awake, since I had heard the kids outside playing. I was lying on my left side, and all of a sudden, I distinctly heard a woman’s voice whisper in my right ear the word ARBOR…but to this day, could not reconcile it with anything substantially…although I did later note that “ARBOR DAY” was the day of making my final decision about the illegal misapplication of the income tax by the IRS, since it was their “deadline” date (that particular year) to cooperate with them or not. I chose not to!
Anyway, since it was a woman’s voice, I could only connect it to this “ANASTASIA” whom I had been led to believe was my former spirit lover. If Richard is correct in his surmise, it could have been part of a “clever plot” by the familiar spirits, leading me possibly astray! By carefully weighing Richard’s words (as well as the admonitions from myriad books of the Bible, I do now believe that this “phenomenon” may well have been one of their (evil spirits’) tricks, trying to take advantage of the vulnerability of its victim: ME! In closing, all I can say is: DO READ THIS ESSAY CAREFULLY, AND DO READ THE OTHER ESSAY POSTED ON THIS SITE: THE SENSITIVES so you are armed with spiritual discernment when it comes to the myriad seductions of the familiar spirits!}}


They are called the ‘Devil’s angels’ (Matt 25:41; Rev. 12:9.)
They are called ‘familiar spirits’ (Deut. 18:11; Is. 8:10; 19:3.)
They are ‘unclean spirits’ (Matt 10:1; Rev. 16:134; Mark 1:27; 3:11; 5:13; Acts 5:16.)
They are ‘evil spirits’ (Luke 7:21; Acts 19:12,13.)
They are ‘seducing spirits’ (1 Tim. 4:1.)
They are ‘wicked spirits (Luke 11:26.)

Modern man professes not to believe in demons, but they exist just the same. Satan has countless ‘hosts’ of invisible demons to aid him in his dark designs against mankind. Do mediums really talk to the dead people or spirits? NO! For the Bible declares that the unsaved dead are in Hades, and not roaming the Earth (Ps. 9:17; Luke 16:23; Rev 20:13.)

Fallen angels possess intelligence; they know Jesus (Luke 4:34.) They know of future damnation (Matt 8:29.) They know the saved from the unsaved (Acts 16:15; Rev. 9:4.) They experience emotion & fear ((Luke 8:28; Is. 2:19.) They possess great strength (Dan. 10:13; Mark 5:24; Acts 19:16.) They disseminate false doctrine & information (1 Thess. 2:2; 1 Tim. 4:1.)

They also (at times) commit the following afflictions on humans:

1) general affliction: (Matt 8:28; Mark 5:15; Luke 8:27-29.)
2) insanity (Matt 8:28)
3) muteness (Matt 9:23)
4) immorality (Matt 9:33; Luke 4:36)
5) deafness (Mark 9:25)
6) epilepsy (Matt 17:15-18)
7) blindness (Matt 12:22)
8) suicide & mania (Mark 9:22)
9) personal injury (Mark 9:18)
10) physical defects (Luke 13:11)

They can also possess human beings: (Mark 1:25; Luke 4:35; Matt. 8:32; 9:33; 15:28; 17:18; 12:22; Luke 13:10-17.) {{Incidentally, if you wish to read a good essay on demon possession, please go to LeBeau’s review of Fr. Gabriele Amorth’s book, and the title of the web page: “AN EXORCIST TELLS HIS STORY, located at }}

According to the Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible (p.147) – “Necromancy” is the consultation with the dead. This was done through a medium, who received messages through a familiar spirit.” This method received severe condemnation in the Bible (Lev 19:31; 20:6-27; Is. 8:19,) where the (KJV) has the quaint rendering “wizards that peep and than mutter.” In addition, (Deut. 18:10; 2Chron. 33:6.) King Saul, who had banished mediums & wizards, nevertheless, in desperation, consulted the medium at Endor (EN DOR) an act for which he was judged by God (1 Sam. 28:9-19; 1 Chron. 10:13.)

Continuing from the Pictorial Encyclopedia (p.149) – it will be seen from the passages referred to, that the scriptures forbid divination and magic. The major passages include Lev. 19:26-31; 20:6; Deut. 18:9-14; Is. 8:16-20; 44:24; Jer. 14:13-16; 27:8-11; Eze. 13:6-9 & 23. These contain warnings against divination!

In Galatians 5:19-21, Paul lists some evident works of the flesh, and mentions sorcery as one that would deny a man entrance into the kingdom of heaven. Condemned in verse 20, and from the Greek word (pharmakeia,) sorcery is the practice of magical or curious arts in whatever form the occult may take….

From the Topical Analysis of the Bible, by Walter Elwell:

Eph. 6 (NIV)—“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

(“Demons” – Deceiving Spirits)

2 Cor. 11:13 “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of Light. It is not surprising then if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve.

1 Tim 4:1 – “The spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceitful spirits and things taught by demons.

James 2:19 – “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that – and shudder.”

Mark 3:11 – “Whenever evil spirits saw him, they fell down before him and cried out, ‘You are the son of God’”.

Deut. 18:10-13 – “Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or is a medium or spiritist, or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these detestable practices, the Lord your God will drive out those nations before you. You must be blameless before the Lord your God.”

Is. 8:19 – “When men tell you to consult mediums and spiritists, who whisper and mutter, should not a people inquire of their God? Why consult the dead on behalf of the living? To the law and to the testimony? If they do not speak according to this word, they have no light of dawn.”

1 Tim. 4:1 – (earlier) where the word taught in Greek (didaktos) as an adjective, is primarily “what can be taught”….

Where in PART ONE we saw that seers, mediums and spiritists can be taught that which they practice. They are made aware that they have a special gift. Then upon accepting that, they are shown through visions, conjuring spirits or appearances how to grow in this gift, i.e., the demon teaching them and molding them until they, the mediums, become that servant which is beneficial.

{{Reflecting on the words and citations of Richard, I wonder OUT LOUD just how many unwitting mediums realize how they are being bamboozled?!? The next time you have (what you think is) a paranormal experience, make sure you really have a solid relationship with Christ. If you are not fooling yourself, you should (by spiritual discernment) understand what is happening. If you cannot, seek advice, but do not just take it in as if nothing untoward was happening, since this is what those of the ‘parallax view’ are banking on, in my humble opinion!!! Remember, it is this same parallax view that leads one away from God the Father - a path – (upon reflection) I do not think anyone would wish to travel. Byron LeBeau}}

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