Exposing the HOOK

Based on the notes of Richard Stout, & edited with commentary by Byron LeBeau

Richard Stout & I have been engaged over the last year in presenting the first two parts of a three-part series, that concerns itself with the façade of the UFO & alien abduction phenomenon, and trying to put this phenomenon into proper perspective as a reflection of the storyline of ‘The Book of Enoch’ – a type of comprehensive prelude to our understanding of what THE SACRED CANONICAL SCRIPTURE had indicated ever-so-cryptically, especially in Genesis 6:4. These previous series’ titles include “THE BITE OF THE SERPENT” & “BREAKING THE SCRIPTURAL CODE within PROPHECY.”

By putting certain key verses together (such as Enoch 68:18) as well as using key chapters within certain prophetical scripture (such as in Joel, Zacharia, Isaiah & Revelation,) it became clear (at least to us,) that the wandering stars that St. Jude referenced in his canonical epistle (Jude 13) were ‘’none other than’’ the Fallen Angels that seduced men, and were responsible for the bitter fruit of the “Giants of old,” whose very spirits became subsequently bound to the earth as unclean spirits.

So what is this NET that is accursed? St. Jude also talked about these fallen ones as losing their first estate, and being thrown down (Jude 6.) We feel that they were not only cast into this curs-ed net, but they also (out of anger and jealousy toward the children of men,) were enticing men to be caught up in the same net as they; therefore, when we see that the sacred scripture condemning either honoring or serving the sun or the moon or the stars (Deuteronomy 4:19,) know that it is condemning the homage man pays to ASTROLOGY, (which, according to 1 Enoch 8,) was taught to men by these same fallen ones who had already been judged, awaiting final condemnation. We also see this same condemnation in the Book of Jeremiah, where it states the following:

The children gather wood, their fathers light the fire, and the women knead dough to make cakes for the queen of heaven, (which was the fertility goddess, Ishtar, and the cakes were made in the shape of stars to honor Ishtar who was identified with the planet Venus,) while libations are poured out to strange gods in order to hurt me. Is it I whom they hurt, says the Lord; is it not rather themselves to their own confusion? See now, says the Lord God, my anger and my wrath will pour out upon this place, upon man and beast, upon the trees and the field and the fruits of the earth; it will burn without being quenched” (7:18-20.)

It is clear to both Richard & me that from the above citation, as well as the one from Deuteronomy, that anyone who gives homage to the wandering stars as fallen angels, will sorely distress the very living God who made all the stars and the planets and the moons to begin with! The Bible is warning such foolish people that by so aligning one’s self (hitching one’s wagon to ‘’their’’ stars,) one is – in effect - being trapped (like glue) in the fallen angels’ CURS-ED NET! The NET itself can be symbolically seen as in the air (where the powers are) as well as in the ocean of near space, represented by the sun, the moon and various constellations, all of which contain symbolism that would identify these same signs as part of the demonic realm – which somehow needs to be adored & honored.

This essay is meant to prove this very point. This will be done, firstly, by citing the key constellations mentioned in the Bible…which itself begs the question: Why are only certain constellations mentioned? [According to H.A. Rey, in his book, “THE STARS,” there are 88 constellations in the entire sky, where only about two dozen of which can be seen at any given time, where the Zodiac only represents twelve of these constellations.] Yet in The Bible, Orion, which is not in the Zodiac, is specifically mentioned, while the Pleiades, which is only a part of the constellation of ‘’THE BULL – TAURUS’’ are both mentioned in Job (see below.)

It is our feeling that THE CURS-ED NET incorporates the entire second estate of the fallen ones (and their created minions,) and each portion thereof has its own specific function within the SATANIC CORPORATION. This will be discussed as we focus on the key elements of Richard’s notes regarding the parameters of the ‘NETwork.’

Once we understand what is really behind this FAÇADE OF LIGHTS, and remember that Enoch himself referred to the fallen angels as wandering stars (1 Enoch 43:1,) it will be much easier to comprehend how ASTROLOGY may be a “lure” by the fishermen with the net to trap man into thinking that they are man’s gods, and therefore should be honored and adored, which is exactly the opposite of what God wants of us as enumerated many times in the Bible, {{especially in the book of Jeremiah.}}

After we view the Biblical references, and Richard’s analysis of same, I will give some examples from the Ufological literature, that “coincidentally” mention these same constellations!?! Such coincidences stretch credulity, especially when the first two series clearly show that the FAÇADE SHOW OF WANDERING STARS is directly responsible for the UFO & DEMONIC ABDUCTION PHENOMENON, so, per force, the fallen angels and demons (which will be shown to be the Reptilians & Grays,) are the same culprits that have been harassing mankind for at least the last five thousand years or so, perhaps longer.


For the record, ‘constellation’ is defined as ‘’any of the various configuration of stars to which names have been given (such as CANCER [THE CRAB) and in astrology, the grouping of relative positions of the stars as supposed influencing events, especially at a person’s birth.]

1) “He (God) is the maker of the Bear and Orion, the Pleides, and the constellations of the south.” (Job 9:9. NIV)
2) “Can you bind the beautiful Pleiades? Can you loose the cords of Orion?” (Job 38:31.)
3) “…or lead out the Bear with its cubs?” (Job 38:31.)
4) “He who made the Pleiades and Orion.” (Amos 5:8.)
5) “Can you bring forth the constellations in their seasons?” (Job 38:32.)

So why are these constellations (or parts thereof) specifically mentioned in Job & Amos? Below Richard explores some key words to see if we can unravel this mystery:

God is the maker (demiourgos) of The Bear, Orion & the Pleiades. {{NOTE: The Great Bear (URSA MAJOR) includes a familiar sight in the night sky called THE BIG DIPPER.}} The southern constellations belong to the boundary territory of which the Bear & Orion also belong; south also in Greek means ‘region’ which was made by God. {{If you think of these symbolic places (states or vibrations of being) designed for temporary dwellings as part of the fallen angels’ “second estate” until final judgment and destination are pronounced, then you may have a more clear idea of the dynamics that is ~ perhaps ~ being presented here. Remember, these are basically spiritual beings we are dealing with, even though it seems they have the capacity for having a physical component.}}

The “binding” referred to, describes the binding of prisoners (abductees?) with cords (trances.) {{I get the impression that this may be a double metaphor since I mentioned in the introduction that the fallen angels are both prisoners within the second estate net, and also are trying to lure their own prisoners (the abductees;) Job is being asked rhetorically if he could so bind such a powerful force, or stop what they are doing? It seems that only God has the power to bind and control the activities of the prisoners, so why would anyone wish to cooperate with the fallen angels or demons under such restraint? Is this a code to Job to have some respect for the power of God and what only He can control, since Job himself is only part of the “potter’s clay.”}}

Richard notes that the Pleiades are ‘beautiful,’ and that in Greek, (horaios) describes that which is seasonable, from (hora) – ‘a season,’ which is a suitable time or recurrent period. (Richard sees this, from an abduction point of view, as being set to certain recurrent times or seasons.) {{Of course, in Ufological literature, many abductees talk about being “taken” sometime between 3 and 4 AM, so there may be a legitimate connection here.}} ‘Season’ from Latin (satio, sation) means sowing, and (satus) as past participle of (serere) as ‘to plant;’ {{Implanting seed within the womb of the female human may remind the reader of 1 Enoch 68:18, so again the imagery is consistent with the abduction phenomenon.}}

Orion & the Pleiades have been mentioned as the home of the Grays, and because the Reptilians are also seen with the Grays from time to time, possibly their home also. {{I, myself, have a video documentary that bears out the connection between the Grays & Reptilians, as reported on by Linda Moulton Howe regarding the Ron & Paula Watson story, where both Ron & Paula witnessed a cow being abducted by Grays and levitated into a UFO; they also saw a large green Reptilian standing nearby, with large yellow eyes & vertical pupils; later Paula recounts (under regressive hypnosis) that the Grays were extracting something from her uterus area, while a Reptilian looked on. As far as from where the abductors say to an abductee or “contactee” like Billy Meier they hail from, we can take that information with a grain of salt, since, if they are either fallen angels or demons, their very lies will look like the truth to their victims, and since Satan is the father of lies, what they say proves nothing!}}

Richard also came to the conclusion that if Orion & the Pleiades are the “cubs” and the Bear is the mother, then it is quite possible, symbolically and perhaps literally, that the Grays & the Reptilians were produced by their mother (the Fallen Angels) and and they are the hybrids and the workers! The Pleiades belong to TAURUS –THE BULL as part of the Zodiac, but the Bear & Orion are mentioned here to also represent two other constellations which belong to the boundary territory, i.e., the second estate which Jude referred to as the abode of the Fallen Angels; therefore, as part of that estate (‘NETwork,’) the demonic hybrid beings from Orion and the Pleiades work together for that end. {{If you look at a star map, the Pleiades are a cluster of stars on one of the horns of THE BULL, which, to me, would symbolically reflect part of an advancing attack group, since a horn can be used as a weapon of attack, just as in ‘THE BITE OF THE SERPENT’ with the blows given, as the aforementioned 1 ENOCH 68:18 demonstrated in the beginning part of the first series. So does this insight make sense? I believe it does!}}

The ‘cords of Orion’ in general are the forces that binds and restrains. (“The abductee,” i.e., the female victim, is the one diseased

When Richard focused in on “the Bear,” he found that in general, it is an omnivorous animal. The word ‘vorous’ is “eating, feeding on” and in Latin, it is to swallow or devour…but what does it feed on? ‘Feed’ in Greek (bosko) is used of a herdsman from (boo) “to nourish,” where the special function being to provide food: the root is (bo) found in (boter) – “a herdsman and or herd and (botane) “fodder, pasture.” (So herdsman is symbolic of those who job it is to mutilate the “herd”.) ‘Fodder’ in general is “raw material, (food) as for a creation;” also “a consumable, often inferior item or resource.”

‘Pasture’ in Greek (nome) “is a feeding.” In Greek, ‘feed’ also is (trepho) meaning “to make to grow, to bring up, nourish” (hybrids?) Let’s look at the word ‘cattle,’ which, in Greek is (thremma) from (trepho) which means “to nourish, nurture, feed.” (So cattle is that which is fed on earlier from ‘Bear.’)

The meaning of ‘cattle’ in Greek (ktenos) means “cattle as property;” see beast #3. This in Greek is (ktenos) ‘property’ with the connected verb (ktaomai) that means “to possess.” It signifies in scripture animals for slaughter. ‘Slaughter’ has a meaning of “a butcher;” also the word ‘slaughter’ in Hebrew (zaban) means “slaughter for eating.” “Butcher’ in Old French is (bouchier < bouc, boc,) is he-goat and probably of Celtic origin. (If we connect these dots: ‘He-goats’ are evil spirits working with the herdsman who have the job of mutilating cattle for food.)


{{The below may be technically difficult to follow, but it revolves around the notion of the cubs having a deficiency (that parallels the hybrid scenario in the demonic abduction phenomenon,) so if there is this same association in scripture, and if the Bear’s cubs are, in fact, Orion & the Pleiades who function as the hybrids, then it would give more credence to Richard’s analysis that follows.}}

The bottom line in this analysis is this: if the cubs are represented as hybrids, created by the Fallen Angels, and they need an essential (but bio-chemical) element to sustain themselves, it may answer the puzzling phenomenon behind the cattle mutilations, where certain parts of the cattle (such as eyes, jaw parts, tongue, blood, rectum & sex organs, etc., are excised from the cattle “expertly” and without proper explanation heretofore, and according to Richard, are used to feed the hybrid workers who may be deficient in certain chemicals in their bodies, and they need the cattle parts to sustain themselves.. If indeed the hybrid bodies are given life and movement by the evil spirits within the body, (which cannot afford to rot,) so they must be maintained physically, and if not possessed by this same evil spirit, would not have life movement.

As to the Biblical phrase mentioned above, Can you bring forth the constellations in their seasons? – Richard has the following observation, again, using his key word approach to understanding these phrases from scripture:

‘Bring’ in general is to “lead or force, persuade or induce.” ‘Forth’ in general (obsolete) is away from a specified place (or time.) ‘Forth’ in Greek (exo) means “outside of their habitat, territory.

‘Constellations’ (astron) is an arbitrary formation of stars – Latin (stella) means ‘star;’ it is also symbolic of “Fallen Angels.”

In their ‘Seasons’ represent a specified period of time – a recurrent period. (Is this a specified time period that comes up periodically where the human abduction then takes place?)

Repeating the reference to Job 38:31…Remember the beautiful Pleiades[?] where ‘beautiful’ in Greek means “seasons” (horaios) as mentioned before. It is also used as the outward appearance of whitened sepulchers in contrast to the corruption within – (within the constellations, of which the Bear, Orion & the Pleiades are at the forefront.) Whited (or whitened) sepulcres mean evil people or in this case (evil creatures such as Grays & Reptilians) as part of the Fallen Angels within. {{One may recall that Jesus referred to the Scribes & Pharasees in the New Testament in the same way, since, although looking fine and ‘beautiful’ on the outside (like the Pleiades,) within are full of dead men’s bones and all corruption! Perhaps when the author of the Job scripture used the “coded” word ‘beautiful’ for the Pleiades, he meant exactly what Richard has surmised! I remember vividly giving the example of Semjase (allegedly from the Pleiades,) giving spurious information to Billy Meier, as observed by Richard Thompson in his book, ALIEN IDENTITIES, and mentioned within ‘THE BITE OF THE SERPENT’ series. Perhaps Richard is not overstating the case, as we try to connect the ASTROLOGICAL dots between Biblical references and Ufological folk stories.}}


{{It is our contention that there was no coincidence that The Holy Bible mentions certain constellations in Job and elsewhere, and that there is a very good reason that these areas are “bound” since – we believe – that these are the temporary holding pens for angels who have transgressed the laws of God, and must suffer the consequences of their actions. ‘The Book of Enoch’ has laid out very specifically this scenario, so when we try to connect the dots of Ufology & Astrology with the Biblical story, it slowly begins to make a certain sense, provided one can agree that there is a loving powerful God whose children include both angels & men, and that all had been or are being tested to see exactly where His children stand when it comes to doing the will of the Father. THE LIVING BEAST did not fair too well, so both he & his companions have been thrust into this CURS-ED NET and now wish to do battle with men, so as to claim mankind for his body and soul property; even J.R.R. Tolkien, in his writings, pictured the “Elves” as God’s first children, who were to administer to men (WATCHERS OVER) so in his “fiction,” the Orcs (as the fallen elves) might take on a new dimension of meaning; cf. “THE SILMARILLION,’’ for details. Go to

It became curious to me, (as a side thought,) that both Tolkien as well as the first translator of the Ethiopian Book of Enoch, (Hebrew scholar, Richard Laurence,) hailed from the same English university, Oxford, (and not too many years apart,) so it would not be surprising to me, despite the fact that Tolkien was a good Roman Catholic, that he would have been aware of this scholarly translation, and – perhaps - incorporated some of Enoch’s prophecies and knowledge of the Fallen Angels into his own “fiction” where he could get his metaphorical ideas into public consciousness without incurring the wrath of his church. After all, MAN was described as a secondary creation by God, just as “IIuvatar” was depicted creating both the Elves & MAN within the framework of Tolkien’s masterpiece, popularized in “THE LORD OF THE RINGS” trilogy, which was published before “THE SILMARILLION,” which only came out after Tolkien died, and published by his son.}}

Richard uses Job 9:9, to draw the portrait thusly:

“God is the maker of the Bear and Orion, the Pleiades and the constellation of the South.” ‘South’ in Greek is (notos) meaning “a region.” ‘Region’ in Greek is (chora) and has the sense of “a space lying between two limits;” for regions beyond, see ‘part.’ ‘Part’ in Greek is (meros) which means “a portion.” ‘Limit,’ – for limit, see define.’ ‘Define’ (horizo) is in English ‘horizon,’ and in Greek primarily “to mark out the boundaries of a place, to appoint.” ‘Appoint’ in general is “to arrange, to prescribe.”

‘Horizon’ in Greek means “a limiting (circle,) a boundary.” It signifies territory. Boundary in general is “a border.”

The Pleiades is located in the constellation TAURUS, in the northern hemisphere. ORION is a constellation located in the celestial equator near GEMINI & TAURUS. ZETA RETICULUM consists of Zeta Reticuli 1 & Zeta Reticuli 2, and is a constellation in the southern hemisphere. Latin for Reticulum is Lat. Reticulum, (of rete,) or “net.” ‘Reticulum’ in general is a netlike formation. {{‘Net’ is the English constellation name of the Latin Reticulum according to the aforementioned ‘THE STARS’ book.}}

‘Net’ in Greek is (diktuon.) A general term for a ‘net’ (from an old verb diko) is “to cast”. The Greek (diskos) is ‘disk’ in English or a circular object (the UFO.) ‘Net’ in general is something that entraps you – a snare. In general, it is “to fish for or to catch” and catch means to capture or seize, and also a stroke – to strike (as in abduction.) ’Zeta’ is the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet& is of Phoenician origin. (The giants also settled in Phoenicia.)

Now ‘six’ in Greek is “hex” and likewise in English. ‘Hex’ in general is “a curse.” The German (Hexe) is “a witch,” which means “to bewitch.” ‘Bewitch’ in general here is to captivate completely, entrance. ‘Captivate’ is to attract by charm – beauty or excellence, and (archaic) means “to capture” as in a Latin prisoner. ‘Entrance’ is “to enter, a means or point in which to enter.”

The word ‘hemisphere’ means a half of sphere (circle), and if we refer back to the word ‘horizon,’ it means a limiting circle or half of sphere; hemisphere is a limited circle or boundary.

{{At this point, Richard introduces the name ‘Diana’ – the virgin goddess of hunting, childbirth, and is associated with the moon; if you recall, the name ‘Ishtar’ came up as a footnote of the Jeremiah quote in the beginning of this essay, and she and Diana are one and the same – as a “queen of heaven.” This “lovely” lady plays a rather large role in astrological circles.}} According to Richard, ‘hunting’ = “abductions,” ‘childbirth’ = “hybrids, implantations,” and the moon represents the crescent’s two horns, which refer to the northern and southern hemispheres of the ZODIAC. {{The ZODIAC will be discussed in full later in this essay.}}

One of the meanings of the word ‘moon’ in general is “a crescent-shaped” where a crescent is a limited circle. ‘Hunting’ involves the use of the net, where ‘childbirth’ – the catch, or the product of the prey which has been abducted and implanted. The Moon refers to the limiting circles (or the boundaries of THE ZODIAC.) ‘Moon’ also has a meaning (selene) from (selas) which is “brightness.” The Hebrew words are (yareach,) “wandering” & (lebanah) “white.” Richard sums it up thusly: bright-white-wandering disks or UFOs, while remembering ‘net’ in Greek is (diskos) for disk! {{Certainly these connecting dots are not just coincidence, are they?}}

Now THE ZODIAC is divided into twelve equal parts called signs. ‘Sign’ in Greek (semeion) is an indication, a token of that which distinguishes a person or thing (character, actions, reflects to those who inhabit the habitat;) also, a sign may be a warning or admonition by Satan through his special agents (as in 2 Thess. 2:19) of tokens “portending” “future” events (serving as an omen & by indicating by prediction (of horoscopes!)

‘Token’ = (endeixis) which reflects a “pointing out,” and (endeigma) which indicates a token (sign) as acknowledged by those referred to. (Endeixis) points more especially to the inherent veracity of the token (sign.)

‘Veracity’ is the adherence to the truth – a conformity to the truth or fact; in Latin it means ‘true.’ ‘Indication’ is a sign where ‘indicate’ is to show the way or direction of; to point out. In Latin it is (indicater.)

Thus, THE ZODIAC is an indicator, an index, a dial of twelve signs which (represent the actions and character of a living creature or beast & is symbolic in their meanings through these signs of those who inhabit the constellations.) ‘Show’ in Greek (logos) means a reputation – (what type of a reputation do these signs expose?) A reputation is a specific characteristic or trait. Let’s look now at each individual sign in THE ZODIAC to find out.


{{Richard & I both agreed that THE ZODIAC had to be a large part of THE CURS-ED NET for the simple reason that not a few people seemed to be influenced by astrology – of which the zodiac is the chief segue into…so…there must be a causal connection between it and the Fallen Angels, since it is these very beings who were the instruments of giving “knowledge of the stars, signs, and astrology” to man; refer to 1 Enoch 8:5-7 for details. This also seems to answer the question of how mankind became so knowledgeable about these matters, since it would have taken man quite a long time to figure out things like the “precession of the equinox.” If you go to the web page, you will get some idea from Paul Laviolette’s book review, just how complicated this subject really is…and how hard it would have been for man to gain knowledge of his galaxy without some form of help

Richard starts this section off by reminding us that if we truly want a relationship with the Father & Jesus, His Son, we cannot rely on these false & deceiving signs in any way, shape or form. He punctuates this point by quoting 2 Kings 22:19 NIV (or 4 Kings in the Catholic Bible):

Because your heart was responsive and you humbled yourself before the Lord when you heard what I have spoken against this place and its people, that they would become accursed and laid waste, and because you tore your robes and wept in my presence, I have heard you, declares the Lord.

(This place “Temple” was full of idols to Baal, evil worship of Satan, just like today cam refer to those things around us which are not of God and that which God teaches us in the Bible to refrain from.) {{Today, our godless TV may, in fact, be the new temple of loose moral seduction & degradation. Be careful! Be selective! Understand that the NEW AGE temples are probably in almost every home, “sitting” like lion-snares - patiently waiting to pour out its poison upon its unsuspecting victims. Does that make all TV programming bad? Of course not…but by being spiritually discerning, especially with young children in the domicile, you will not have reneged on your responsibility to be good parenting, both for their sakes as well as your own.}}

In a Bible note from the NIV LIFE & SPIRIT BIBLE: Regarding the above quote, Josiah pleased God because he humbled himself before the Lord. Humbling one’s 0self before God is a primary condition for becoming renewed and receiving God’s grace. It involves
1) Believing in God’s judgments toward us are right and just, in accordance with what we deserve.
2) Knowing that we, without His grace, are captive to sin and evil, and that we are dependent on Him for all good (Pr 3:7, Romans 12:3, & 1 Cor. 1:4.
3) Having a contrite heart before God because of our spiritually poor condition (Ps 51:17; Lev. 26:40-41; Num. 12:3.)
4) Fearing God’s word with deep sincerity.

We also see in 2 Kings 23:5 NIV, the following:

He did away with the pagan priests appointed by the kings of Judah to burn incense on the high places of the towns of Judah and on those around Jerusalem – those who burned incense to Baal, to the Sun and the Moon, to the constellations " (as zodiac signs.)

{{Although I mentioned this Biblical verse in the beginning, it may be instructive to quote it in full at this juncture, confirming the Bible’s extreme caution to us about honoring and adoring these false signs:

And when you look up to the heavens and behold the Sun or the Moon or ‘’any’’ star among the heavenly hosts, do not be led astray into adoring them and serving them” (Deut. 4:19/) WHAT COULD BE MORE CLEAR THAN THIS – if you believe The Bible as being true?!? I might add here, that this is the reason for doing this essay: We must have no doubt that there is a seductive influencing evil being perpetrated upon man to worship false gods (even unwittingly) but tragically causing a major offense against the ALMIGHTY FATHER! This ‘’curs’’-ed net is cursed in more ways than one. BEWARE! Incidentally, I found a clue within this very above-cited verse in scripture that I will be commenting on at the end of PART II of THE CURS-ED NET, that may very well be germane to this entire thesis of Richard’s.}}

This may be a good juncture to either read or reread THE STARRY HOSTS OF DECEPTION.

{{We have mentioned in more than one place the importance of 1 Enoch, chapter eight. Now Richard addresses this key chapter in full, as part of being aware of the pitfalls of astrology, and how the fallen ones were chiefly responsible for the root of this trap.}}

Seven of the angels who fell, came down and had relations with the daughters of men, which produced THE GIANTS. These seven mentioned below are responsible for man knowing the deceiving evil teachings which encompasses many things plus the intricacies of THE ZODIAC. Here is the reading of this chapter from the Ethiopian Book of Enoch:

VERSE 1: Moreover Azazyel (one of the seven) taught men to make swords, knives, shields, breastplates, the fabrications of mirrors, and the workmanship of bracelets and ornaments, the use of paint, the beautifying of the eyebrows, (makeup) the use of stones of every valuable and select kind (jewelry) and all sorts of dyes, so that the world became altered.

VERSE 2: Impiety increased; fornication multiplied; and they transgressed and corrupted all their ways.

VERSE 3: “Amazarak” (another angel) taught all the sorcerers, and dividers of roots;

VERSE 4: “Armers” (another angel) taught the solution of sorcery;

VERSE 5: “Barkayal” (another angel) taught the observers of the stars. (astrology.)

VERSE 6: “Akibeel” (another angel) taught the signs; (the zodiac)

VERSE 7: “Tamiel” (another angel) taught astronomy;

VERSE 8: And “Asaradel” (another angel) taught the motion of the moon.

VERSE 9: And men, being destroyed, cried out; and their voices reached to heaven.

(All these things mentioned above many of us use in our daily lives, not knowing their beginnings. They came on the foundation of the teachings of the Fallen Angels to deceive man long before the true teaching came from the Son of God, Jesus, the Christ. So how much harder then is it to believe the truth?)

{{SPECIAL NOTE: The above information is so important for our understanding that an actual curse


1) PISCES: This means “fish” and in Greek (ichthudion) is a “little fish.” (Mikeos) is of “little rank or station” or (low rank in position.) ‘Catch’ in Greek (harpozo) is “to snatch or catch away.” (Agreuo) in Greek is to “take by hunting.” (Piazo) is “to capture.” (Zogreo) is “to take alive.”

So we have little fish (whom I associate with THE GRAYS) of low rankin position, out hunting to capture, snatch alive people chosen as abductees. If we look at the word ‘toil’, in general it is a “snare, an entrapment and in (“archaic”) means a net for trapping; the Latin (tela) = web. (A net is used to capture alive.) ‘Toil’ in Greek in reference to capture as above, in symbolism is (basanizo) or “to put to the test,” & “to examine by torture.”

To ‘test’ in general is “to evaluate and to determine a quality form; to test or check the condition of;” see ‘exact.’ The word ‘exact’ (in relative meaning) is “to obtain by or as if by force.”

POTENTIAL SCENARIO AS ENVISIONED BY RICHARD: The abductee is on the table. The reason for the examination is to seek out specific qualities that each person can contribute, regarding either tissue or DNA. The word ‘obtain’ here means how this evaluation is conducted (by surgical instruments,) i.e., “to examine by torture.” ‘Torture’ in Greek (tumpanizo) is “to beat” and ‘beat’ in Greek (dero) is from the root (der) – ‘skin’ or primarily “to flay.” ‘Flay’ in general is “to strip off the skin or outer covering of (as in ‘scoop marks?’) {{It is true, based on my research, that abductees who have undergone regressive hypnosis as well as have an unexplained piece of their outer skin missing on some part of their body is well known in the data surrounding the subject of Ufology; this usually takes the form of a “scoop mark” which looks like a small craeter in the skin; a picture of just such a mark appears in Raymond Fowler’s book, “THE WATCHERS, where he displays the ‘scoop mark’ from his own leg, on the calf portion.”}}

2) LIBRA: ‘SCALES’ in general is a plate-like covering that forms around fish and reptiles. ‘Scale’ also is a progressive classification as of rank & size. ‘Scale’ in Greek (lepis) from (lepo) means “to peel” which is “to strip or cut away” (enforcing the word ‘obtain’ earlier as of using surgical instruments above “to cut – to flay skin – to receive the so-called ‘scoop marks.’)

Regarding ‘scales’ in the zodiac, a sign shows the scales that are symbolic of the fish and reptiles, (i.e., THE GRAYS & THE REPTILIANS. THE GRAYS have the lower rank as per (micros) mentioned earlier from the Greek, * THE REPTILIANS have a higher rank & size, under the word ‘scale.’) Another meaning of the word ‘scale’ here is “to weigh” which means “to evaluate” or “to choose carefully” as mentioned earlier regarding the citation “putting to the test & examining by torture.” ‘Weigh’ also means “to burden” which in Greek (baros) is “a pressing.” The word ’press’ in Greek is (thlibo) & says to see the word ‘afflict,’ which in Greek is (kakopatheo) from (kakos) and means “evil.”

(So it seems that the test & examination become an infliction of evil!) ‘Evil’ in Greek stands for (kakos) meaning “whatever is evil in character,” “in distinction,” (wherever the distinction is observable;) see the word ‘base.’ (The distinction of the evil characters who are observed here are THE GRAYS & REPTILIANS in character as aliens but in reality as portrayed by fallen angels and their legion of helpers.)

The word ‘base’ in Greek (agenes) is “of low birth” – “a negative race.” (THE GRAYS & REPTILIANS were a created race of hybrids (the meaning of “low birth” and the word ‘negative’ menas here that it is indicating to be a false race “not created or brought forth by God!”) The word ‘evil’ in Greek (pomperos) also indicates “what is evil in influence and effect, malignant.” (They deceive you by the effect of influence through their appearance, and with malignant birth, theirs are a cancerous seed sown by & through implants.)

3) CANCER: This sign is symbolized by the ‘crab’ (a shellfish.) This word is symbolic of “little shellfish” that is a little fish (GRAYS) with a shell. ‘Shell’ represents the evil in character (a costume shell) or living tissue costume worn (while possessed by Fallen Angels.)

‘Cancer’ is any malignant neoplasm (an abnormal growth.) ‘Hybrids’ reflect a pathological condition characterized by malignant neoplasms. They are shells of living tissue being grown through implants by Fallen Angels, portraying the very (‘aliens’) they are creating. It is to deceive man that ‘aliens’ are shown to exist & also have the ability to interact with man and act out their deception as real as is possible. All of this contributes to the final agenda. The scales would represent having two malignant growths: THE GRAYS & REPTILIANS! (The shellfish are shells created for and as costumes of living tissue, representing symbolically both fish & reptiles.

‘Crab’ also has a meaning in general of “to interfere with or ruin.” ‘Ruin’ is a physical disintegration. In Greek ‘ruin’ is (rhegma) which is akin to (rhegnumi) “to break.” ‘Break’ in Greek (parabasis) is “a transgression,” and ‘break’ metaphorically (ekklao) “off” which is “of branches.” ‘Branch’ (klados) from (klao) is “broken off for grafting.” ‘Graft’ (enkentrizo) is “to graft in” (kentrizo) which means “an insertion.” ‘Engrafted’ (emphutos) is an adjective derived from (emphuo) which means “to implant.”

Implantations of the female fetus brings forth the hybrids of THE GRAYS (fish) & REPTILIANS (reptiles) as living tissue “worker drone” costumes to be possessed by Fallen Angels.

4) AQUARIUS: ‘Water’ in Hebrew is (mayim).) Gen. 1:7 reflects “the waters above and below…”In Exodus 20:4, “the expanse of the heavens…” as space atmosphere. (This seems to be symbolic of the scales, as both the fish & reptile swim in water …but THE GRAYS & REPTILIANS come from another type of water: the expanse of space as they travel through ‘’their’’ water!)

From ‘VINES,’ ‘Water’ is also used figuratively as of oppression & affliction. (Mayim) symbolized danger & distress. The word is used to picture something impetuous, violent and overwhelming. (An impetuous ‘imp’ as “a small demon” or mischievous child obsolete means “a graft” as to implant; also, Middle English is (impe,) scion, sprig, [as offspring.]) Continuing from “overwhelming” it reads: terrors take hold of him (the terror of forceful sights) as waters, a tempest stealth him away (abduct) in the night; see the word ‘amaze.’

Before we review ‘amaze,’ let us look at ‘tempest’ in Greek; it is (thuella) which is a ‘whirlwind’ – akin to (thuo) meaning “to slay.” A whirlwind, a rapidly moving force = (A UFO!) ‘Tempest’ in Latin is (tempesta,) varient of Latin (tempestas < tempus, or “time.”

‘Amazement’ in Greek is (ekstasis) which, according to ‘VINES,’ is a reference to the mind, or an alteration of the normal condition, a state of fear, being transported out of your natural state as in falling into a trance. (This involves the above-mentioned tempest with missing time.) A trance is what you are put in, through the use of the rod or “goad” {{which was discussed in the second series regarding “BREAKING THE SCRIPTURAL CODE…” }} In ‘VINES,’ trance is ordinary consciousness & perception of natural circumstances being withheld, while the soul is susceptible to whatever they choose to “emotionally” implant into your mind. Through certain impulses to your brain, they also strike with “paralysis,” the inability to move. All this is done through this trance.

5) SCORPIO: |’Scorpion’ in Greek is (skorpios) which means “to scatter.” This in Greek is (skorpizo) and (diaspeiro) is “to scatter abroad;” also we have (speiro) which means “to sow seeds.”

‘Scatter’ in general means ”to cause to disperse,” “to occur at widely spaced intervals,” & “To separate and go in different directions.” ‘Abroad’ in general “in circulation, covering a large area, widely.” ‘Sow’ in general is “to scatter (seed) or to impregnate (a growing medium) with seed; to disseminate.” ‘Impregnate’ in general is “to fertilize.” ‘Disseminate’ in general is “to scatter widely, as in sowing seed, to cover.”

This whole process can involve the abduction of females, covering the Earth, and implanting them, (where females are the growing medium.) Impregnated abductees are chosen all over the planet.. Scattering could also involve UFOs, which have the ability to separate and go in different directions.

6) VIRGO: ‘Virgin’ (zool) “is an animal (female) that has not copulated, & also could be an insect that produces fertilized eggs without copulating (i.e., joining together.) Incidentally, GRAYS have been known to be called insect-looking aliens.) {{The best evidence of this is from Raymond Fowler’s book, “THE ALLAGASH ABDUCTION,” where the beings that allegedly abducted the four men out of a canoe and transported them to some type of UFO-SPHERE-LIKE conveyance, did indeed, when one of the Weiner brothers drew a picture of it, look like some type of walking-talking insectoid, similar to a grasshopper, although their method of communication was through some sort of “mind melding,” cf. book for pictures & explanations into this most bizarre case.}}

Through implantation, a woman becomes pregnant without prior intercourse, or what could be described as a “virgin pregnancy!” The female, through the implantation becomes “pregnant,” yet she is still a virgin, while not knowing that after about eight weeks or so, the fetus is taken. The insects (mentioned above) symbolize THE GRAYS who impregnate the female without copulating. {{This also seemed to have happened to Kim Carlsberg, as was indicated in her book, “BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS,” which was discussed in the second series, i.e., “BREAKING THE SCRIPTURAL CODE…”}}

If we look at the word ‘clone,’ it states “an organism descended asexually from a single ancestor, & is a replica of the DNA sequence.” The female is implanted with DNA mixed with a male’s sperm. The DNA here is that of the hybrid GRAY as they are cloned; they then become the ancestors’ {{A very bizarre series of conversations occurred between Karla Turner and her “alien” interfacing entities (that reminded her of insects, especially the “mother” dream she had [p.18,] as well as other visions of “gray shadow-like people about five foot tall” who said that they were her ancestors; elsewhere, on pages 205 & 218, her “roots” come up again that deal with pockets of information that were put inside of her for future use) and they informed her that they – too – were her “ancestors; you may find these scene in the book, “INTO THE FRINGE,” put out by Berkley publication, New Yoirk, 1992. Karla died of breast cancer by 1997, so whatever “pockets” of secrets locked inside of her, to my knowledge , have not surfaced as or yet.}}

Now ‘asexual’ means having no evident sex organs – sexless (as THE GRAYS are!) This also relates to reproduction without the union of male & female gamates, as in binary fission.

Earlier we explained the meaning of the word virgin as hybrids that are being cloned from each other, by their DNA being implanted into the female human. The female remains a virgin, yet was impregnated and the insect (GRAYS) implantation process is the fertilized egg without copulation.

7) ARIES: ‘Ram’ in Hebrew is (‘ayil.) Many passages use (‘ayil) as a figure for despots (rulers) or ‘’mighty men’’ as in the famous Genesis 6:4. ‘Mighty men’ mentioned here, refer to the sons of God who were the angels that fell (or thrown down) from their first estate (Jude 1:6.) Not all Fallen Angels are bound in the abyss; many are allowed to work with Satan in this world. {{This has actually been documented in ’’THE BOOK OF JUBILEES,’’ (Chapter X) even though it is not considered a canonical book.}}

In ‘The Book of Job,’ (1:6 & 2:1,) the phrase, ‘’the sons of God,’’ are used for angelic or non-human beings. ‘Mighty’ has a meaning of “great power, skill, & strength in size, degree or extent.” The word ‘skill’ here shows that they are very good in what they do with art of proficiency, experience, technique & ability. These attributes are adapted to their evil character to obtain their goal for which we are the guinea pigs, so to speak.

Remember the ‘despots’ above meaning ‘ruler’ as in despotism, is a “governmental system in which this ruler exercises absolute power. A state so ruled.” Territorial and political units (constellations?) composed of a federation under a government would be an apt description.

(Despots) in Greek is “a master.” ‘Ruler’ in Greek (archon) is “a chief or prince, & is translated “rulers” plural.” (So it seems that we have here by the use of the word ‘RAM’ ARIES – a reference to a body – a government of Fallen Angels with one specific ruler, who seems to rule a territory consisting of units [i.e., constituents who make up a whole, such as the constellations of the zodiac, for example.] The specific ruler here isnone other than Satan himself!)

The word ‘Prince’ above (archon) is mentioned in the title: “the prince of the power of the air” (Eph. 2:2.) This title is no coincidence; it states that he, Satan, is the ruler of the air. (In Greek aer signifies the atmosphere; Latin (sphere] and also ouranos denotes the heaven, which also refers to the “aerial heavens,” or space. So this Latin ‘sphere’ as just indicated could well be connected to THE ZODIAC which itself is made up of the northern & southern hemispheres.) {{Richard seems to be saying that Satan, then, is, in fact, the ruler of THE ZODIAC (as we understand the symbolism,) as part of his “ruler-ship” as the designated “prince of the air” alluded to in Paul’s epistle to the Ephesians; therefore, if true, the ‘’curs’’-ed net is being tightened and focused on in such a way as to clearly put forth a thesis about Satan’s full network of operations, which, if correct, would project as one of its functions the ensnaring of mankind as part of the “catch!” PERHAPS! After all, in this same epistle, (6:12) there is a highly characterized description of this very ordered hierarchy of evil.}}

The word ‘master’ mentioned earlier with the Greek (didaskalos) means “a teacher;” see Jude 5, NIV, where the title is referred to as “the doom of the false teachers.” Those who have left their first estate - (these Fallen Angels) are those false teachers mentioned in Jude! ‘Master’ also in Greek is (kurios) – “a lord;” see the word ‘dominion.’ ‘Ruler’ in Hebrew says “to rule” (masal) which is “to rule, reign, to have dominion.” (So I believe these Fallen Angels are inhabiting the twelve constellations which make up the zodiac, but only the top-ranking ones, where each constellation has a specific Fallen Angel as its ruler, and includes Satan as the chief ruler over all.) {{If we were to view Richard’s construct as a “perception of space” and not merely a “place per se,” I think we could grasp the importance of why the Bible is warning us not to be swayed or seduced (trapped) into either honoring or serving the sun or moon or ANY star (Deut. 4:19;) we must remember that constellations (groups of stars where dot connecting gives impressions of men or animals (like Saggitarius – the archer or Taurus – the bull,) are just that - perceptions! These ‘perceptions’ however, were taught to men by these same aforementioned Fallen Angels (as per 1 Enoch 8,) and therefore would be symbolically more accurately cast as a “fisherman’s lure” to trap unwary souls/spirits into the NET OF OBLIVION – and eventual death, but the symbolism is no less real. As St. Peter had warned in his epistle: Satan does go about like a roaring lion, looking for those of whom he could devour! THE BOTTOM LINE: Regardless of how you deal with Richard’s ideas, they should be taken seriously. I will have a final comment about this Deuteronomy citation at the end of PART II….

Finishing up with THE RAM, Richard offers one more observation:}}

The word ‘sphere’ has the meaning of the sky, appearing as a hemisphere to an observer. It also means an area of power, control & influence, or in short – A DOMAIN to surround or encompass. {{Is this what THE ‘’CURS’’-ED NET is doing or trying to do to us all?!?}}

8) TAURUS: ‘THE BULL’ represents a male, strong & fearsome, a beast often used as symbols. In Hebrew, ‘bullock’ (par) means “young bulls,” (that we have linked to the Fallen Angels or evil spirits.) In Psalm 22:12, the word is used to describe “fierce, strong enemies.” {{This would be 21:13 in the Catholic Bible.}}

‘Enemy’ in Greek (echthros) is akin to (echthos) menaing “hate” & associated with (ektos) or “outside” (as in atmosphere or space.) In the active sense, it denotes ‘hostile,’ a noun used here signifying an “enemy” or adversary, and is said ‘’of the devil’’ as in Matt. 13:39, as well as Luke 10:19; it is also used of “men” opposed to Christ, as in Matt 13:25 & Mark 12:36. (If we look at Jude 12, these false teachers the Fallen Angels as alluded to before, they are used figuratively as men! {{Even in my own ‘’Confraternity Catholic Bible,’’ in a footnote regarding Jude 8, these same “men” are “understood as referring to the (evil) angels.”}}

(We have ‘THE BULL’ strong, fierce, and represented as young males Fallen Angels who came from the outside not of this Earth, being hostile, and associated with Satan. ‘THE BULL’ – I believe, represents the Fallen Angels – evil spirits who make up the body of the Beast!) {{This, of course, would be ‘’THE LIVING BEAST’’ that encompasses the whole of THE ‘’CURS’’-ED NET, which would be the ‘NETwork’ of SATAN, INCORPORATED!}}


Another solar system within the constellation of Taurus is Aldebaran. Similar to the Pleiades (also in Taurus,) it plays a part in the “ET SAGA” as expressed by author Dr. Michael Salla. Writing in Volume Three of the UNIVERSAL SEDUCTION BOOK SERIES called ‘’Piercing the Veils of Deception,’’ by collective author Angelico Tapestra, Salla claims that the Nazis had an occult connection with an ET group from Aldebaran via the “Vril Society,” which was allegedly ‘channeling’ messages from this star system; this society actually (according to Salla) were planning to develop a craft that could make physical contact with the civilization there. Back on Earth, another Nazi group called the “Thule Society” claimed to be communicating with an advanced human race with Nordic features from an ancient Earth civilization that inhabited subterranean territories that were accessible from the Polar Regions and other secluded areas around the planet. According to Salla, Admiral Byrd ran into a group of subterranean Nordics, who said that their land was called ARIANNI. [Of course the close relationship to the word ‘aryan’ or arian’ meaning non-Jewish or Caucasian, related to Nordic, revolving around the gods of the Nazi occult, seem too coincidental to be coincidence; another tidbit revolves around the word 'ari' which, in the Gnostic tradition means LION TRADITION and since Satan is associated with a 'roaring lion,' and since 'el' means a god, then 'ariel' would translate as the lion for a "race of Nordics" to tell Byred that their land is called the Arianni, gives more meaning to who Byrd may have really met ~ not ETs, but SATAN, INC....]

As I read this series of disclosures in this essay called, “’’FOUNDATIONS FOR GLOBALLY MANAGING EXTRATERRESTRIAL AFFAIRS,’’” from Dr. Salla (who has a Phd in Government from the University of Queensland, Australia, as well as an MA in Philosophy from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and is an author of a book plus seventy article, chapters and book reviews on peace, ethnic conflict and conflict resolution,) it became obvious to me that even though Dr. Salla is presenting the ET disclosures in a historical framework where the mighty powers of the world, including THE U.S., BRITAIN, RUSSIA, CHINA AND FRANCE, have recognized that Nazi Germany had “occult contact” with Ets prior to WW II, they were so disturbed by the potential of the Nazis, that they sent Admiral Byrd to Antarctica (1946-47) to eliminate the final Nazi threat, but could not do so because of their connection to this ET force, from Alderbaran, etc., and had gotten a fundamentally sophisticated grtoup of flying machines (UFOs) that could function in a way as to keep Byrd’s forces at bay! [According to Salla’s information, Byrd had a forces of some 4700 men, including ships and an aircraft carrier, but within eight weeks of engagement in and around Antarctica, he had to turn back; Chilean journalists had been given certain information by Byrd himself, but needless to say, these anecdotal stories were buried in the annals of history because of the reasons given by Dr. Salla in his essay.

If you read the essay carefully, you will be able to substitute DEMONIC FORCES for ET FORCES, if, for no other reason, the only way the Nazis had of contacting these evil forces were through “occult contact!” The situation had not been resolved by the end of this 2003 essay, and I dare say, will not until the dynamics of The Book of Revelation has been fully played out! It should not be surprising that these connections came about due to “psychic expeditions” to places like Tibet, Antartica, South America, & Iraq, both by the Vril & Thule occult societies (193.)

What the help we were told we were given (spoken by famous rocket scientist Herman Oberth, where he mentioned that it was given by “peoples of other worlds,” could very well have been entities from other dimensions (thrown down from their first estate!) This would be a perfect segue from Ufology to Demonology given the circumstances involved in the “connections” and also given the areas mentioned, i.e., Alderbaran, or an area within the constellation of Taurus – one of the signs of the zodiac that had been condemned by the Bible…The subterranean areas of the Earth would also fit very well the plight of the fallen angels, as per The Book of Enoch, so none of Salla’s revelations are contradictory to the overall thesis as presented in this present essay of THE ‘’CURS’’-ED NET.

As Dr. Salla reported, eventually the U.S. was involved with this “psychic channeling” where a certain Dan Sherman had made contact and had gotten information through similar types of things; cf. “ABOVE BLACK” by Sherman for details of this interesting connection.

9) GEMINI as ‘THE TWINS’: In Greek mythology, Castor & Pollux (Latin) were the sons of Zeus & Leda. They were protectors for the sailors. The Greek word translated as “the Twin Brothers” which are reflected above as Castor & Pollux, and from the KJV, (dioskourois) from (dios) as (kouroi) – the “sons of Zeus.” The ‘dioscuri’ were identified with the constellation GEMINI, THE TWINS, the 3rd sign of the Zodiac. They are the two brightest stars in the constellation According to ACTS 14:12-13 & 19:35, in Greek mythology, Zeus {{Jupiter in Latin) was the ruler of heaven and the father of the other gods.

(I believe that Zeus is symbolic of Satan and the sons here are symbolic of the sons of the evil one (Satan) as in Matt. 13:38, and the devil of ACTS 13:10. Those who follow Satan as the leader of the Fallen Angels & evil spirits, become the sons of Zeus also by their very fellowship and allegiance to him.)

{{Richard makes a good point, and since Astrology honors these “gods” – and tries to get us to serve them (by our very participation or recognition of astrology,) it seems apparent that this ‘lure’ is very cleverly disguised, yet very deadly to those who take the bait! And who was the ‘fisherman’ when it came to this bait? Cf. again 1 Enoch 8:7, and look for a Fallen Angel called Tamiel!}}

10) LEO: ‘The Lion’ in general is fierce or ferocious. In Greek (leon) is both a title for Satan while indicating allusions of great features, majesty, strength, and indicative of royalty, for both its courage & cruelty. {{I cannot help wondering why The British Empire uses THE LION as its symbol of arms? Is it just coincidence [?] or is there a darker, more sinister linkage? An interesting book that links governmental powers to the dark-side can be found in Jim Marrs’s book called, RULE by SECRECY.}}

‘Lion’ acts as an (indirect) reference to the Fallen ones, who inhabit these constellations {{if only symbolically, as alluded to before; however, even if where they inhabit is a ‘place’ of higher frequency/lower dimension, it is still an area that somehow can access our present reality – therefore giving these beings an inter-dimensional ability, which itself would answer some very perplexing questions in Ufology as well as Scripture. To put it succinctly: HOW HIGH IS THE BOUNDS OF THEIR ETHERIC AIR? HOW ‘’LOW’’ IS THE BOUNDS OF THEIR PRISON ABYSS?}} This ‘Lion’ must refer to the qualities of their character, but also symbolizes Satan as their chief ruler. {{Again, is it merely coincidence that the very symbol chosen for a part of the Zodiac is exactly

‘Fierce’ means violent nature, terrible; ‘ferocious’ is savage and unrelenting. ‘Strength’ as of having supernatural power ‘’IS’’ their source of power. Courage, cruelty & majesty: all of these things are symbolic of those who inhabit THE ZODIAC, they being the Fallen Angels and Satan. {{One may view THE ZODIAC as a very large part of a very dark NETwork.}}

11) CAPRICORN: ‘The Horn’ in general has a meaning of either ends of a crescent moon (which in itself reflects the meaning of a limited circle such as a hemisphere.) The two ends refer to the northern and southern hemisphpers. This marks out a LARGE PORTION of the Fallen Angels’ second estate, as far as can be determined.

‘Horn’ also means to join without being invited; to intrude. ‘Intrude’ means “to force in to enter as improper or unwanted element.” In Latin it is “to thrust in.” ‘Thrust’ is to force on an unwilling recipient; (archaic) is “to pierce.” ‘Pierce’ in Greek (nusso) means “to inflict severe or deadly wounds.” While (peripeiro) in Greek is used metaphorically of torturing the soul (1 Tim. 6:10,) ‘torture’ in Greek (tumpanizo) means “to beat’ & in Greek (tupto) from the root “tup” is “to smite, strike.” Now ‘smite’ in Greek sums it up by (patasso), since (metaphorically) it reflects judgment & also the infliction of disease by an angel with plagues to be inflicted. ‘Plague’ is a (curse;) please review the “FLYING SCROLL” section of Zacharia 5:1, discussed at the following link: BREAKING THE SCRIPTURAL CODE WITHIN PROPHECY.

12) SAGITTARIUS: `’Archer’ in general is one that shoots with a bow & arrow. A bow is a bent, curved or arched object. The word ‘ARCH’ means chief highest or ruler. The ‘ruler’ in Greek (archon) is translated as “rulers.” (We see a reference to this in II Enoch 4 THE BOOK OF THE SECRETS OF ENOCH, with the angels ruling the stars.) Does this mean that there are angels as rulers or part of a counsel of sorts, which rule the Zodiac or sections of constellations? In Rev. 6:2, the white horse’s rider holds a bow and is given a crown. This rider, in my opinion as cited below, refers to the ANTICHRIST. So this sign of Sagittarius could also very much represent the coming of the Antichrist. ‘Sagittarius’ from the Latin (sagitta) besides meaning arrow, also refers to the Antichrist himself, who during the second part of the Tribulation period, becomes a world ruler as in the above (archon) for “ruler.”


The Symbolism of Orion’s “Club, Sword & Shield” within Holy Scripture

{{INTRODUCTION: As a Ufologist, reading & studying about the UFO & related phenomena for the last few decades, I was frankly puzzled why only certain constellations seemed to be singled out as to the origins of the alleged ETs, and Orion, along with the Pleiades & Zeta Reticulum, seemed to take top billing. Why had THE HOLY BIBLE cited (singled out) these very same constellations or parts thereof, especially mentioning Orion & the Pleiades, as cited in the previous sections? At the end of this section, I will give specific references to this otherwise coincidental phenomenon, especially as it relates to the brightest star group in Orion, called ‘RIGEL.’ Richard will confine himself to what can be gleaned from the prophets Job & Amos below.

A NOTE ABOUT ORION: This constellation, according to the aforementioned “THE STARS” reference book, indeed is pictured as a hunter with the above-mentioned
“Club, Sword & Shield,” which Richard will analyze via his key word approach below. Why is Orion important, since it is not one of the constellations of the Zodiac? According to author, H.A. Rey, Orion dominates the southern sky, with its famous “BELT;” one other author, in particular, by the name of Robert Bauval, has tried to show that this ‘belt of three stars’ is exactly aligned to the formation of the Great Pyramid and its two companion pyramids, (which may or may not be an intriguing side note.) I will briefly touch on Bauval’s book, “THE MYSTERY OF ORION” in my final comments after the end of PART II.

In any event, It has more bright stars than any other constellation (five) and two of the first magnitude, including Betelgeuse & the aforementioned Rigel, which is ‘lodged’ on the right foot of Orion. This star, Rigel, is 33 times the diameter of our Sun & 20,000 times as luminous, and this is the particular star we will address at the end of this section, since it is connected with Ufological events and the “beings” that are alleged to hail from there.

THE MYTH SRROUNDING ORION: To understand this myth, we must first discuss the Serpent Holder.

The right arm of this constellation figure (as Voodoo doctor) has the “Serpent’s head” while the left arm holds the dangling “”Serpent’s tail.” The Serpent Holder does reach into the zodiac, yet it is not traditionally counted among the zodiacal figures. As H.A. Rey had noted on page 52 of his book, to speak of the Serpent Holder as a doctor is not a mere whim. The figure is thought to represent Asklepios, Greek god of medicine who can be traced back to the Egyptian ‘’Imhotep’’ (about 2900 B.C.,) who himself was an eminent physician & architect. As Ray further notes, the Serpent Holder is the only person in the zodiac that represents an historical person.

Asklepios never lost a patient by death. This alarmed Hades, god of the Dead, who feared unemployment, and when Asklepios tried to revive Orion, who had been killed by a scorpion, Hades prevailed on his brother Zeus to liquidate Asklepios with a thunderbolt. In recognition of his merits, however, Asklepios was put into the sky as a constellation, together with the scorpion but far away from Orion to avoid further trouble. Since then, Orion & Scorpion never meet, being on opposite sides of the sky.


He (God) made the Bear and Orion, the Pleiades and the constellations of the south” (Job 9:9.)

Have you (Job) fitted a curb to the Pleiades, or loosened the bonds of Orion?
Can you bring forth the Mazzaroth in their season, or guide the Bear with its train
” (Job 38:31-32)


‘Club’ in general “is a heavy stick thick at one end.” It also means “to strike or beat.” As per (Nelson’s Bible Diet” a variation of the club is a staff used by shepherds also known as a maul, a heavy long-handled hammer. A ‘shepherd’ is “one who herds, or a herdsman;” ‘herd’ means “to gather or keep,” and is also “an owner.” ‘Herd’ in Hebrew is (baqar) which means “herd; cattle.”

A shepherd uses a staff; ‘staff’ in Greek is (rhabdos;) see rod. ‘Rod’ (rhabdizo) has the meaning of “to beat;” see ‘smite.’ ‘Rod’ as (rhabdos) is “a staff.” A ‘rod’ in general is “a straight piece, bar – a stick – a staff or wand.” (Look at the word “goad” which in general is a ‘’long’’ pointed stick. {{Does this sound familiar?}}

‘Goad’ in Greek is (kentron) from (kenteo) “to prick” which denotes “a sting.” ‘Prick’ in Greek is (katanusso) which primarily means “to strike or stun.” ‘To strike’ (as in 1 Enoch 68:18) is ‘’the stroke of the embryo’’ – as in THE BITE OF THE SERPENT! ‘Stun’ in general is “to render senseless by or as if by a blow, to stupefy.”

‘Stupefy’ is “to amaze.” ‘Senseless’ is “unconscious.” ‘Amaze’ in Greek is (ekstasis) which in essence means “to put into a TRANCE.” (So if people are abducted by using the rod/goad, so must be the cattle rendered unconscious before mutilation.) {{Although I agree with Richard about the abduction of people in general, I am not at all certain that all cattle are rendered unconscious while being mutilated, since there is a theory that it may be easier to drain them of blood while they are still conscious while the blood is pumped out of them; this however, is only a theory since as far as I know, no one knows for sure how this gruesome process is fully executed. It would be more “humane” to render the animals unconscious, but then again we may not be dealing with humane entities to begin with – if, in fact, they may be demonic, relishing the infliction of as much torture and pain as possible upon their unwitting victims.}}

We have the word ‘beat’, and earlier it was shown in Greek to be (dero) from the root (der) – “skin,” “to flay” – “to beat” and “to smite.” ‘Beat’ also as (tupto) from the root (tup) = “a blow” – to smite, strike (a stroke.) ‘Beat’ (rhabdizo) is “to beat with a rod” (the staff as a goad!) Club is symbolic of a staff used by a shepherd - and a staff is symbolic of the rod/goad used by the herdsman.

The word ‘blow’ mentioned above can be connected to the word ‘plague’ which , in Hebrew means “a blow.” In Latin it also is “a blow-wound.” ‘Plague’ in general is a widespread “affliction, a disease.” ‘Plague’ in Greek (katara) means “a curse.” Look at the word ‘smite’ earlier mentioned in Greek as (patasso) and metaphorically, it reflects the infliction of a disease by an angel. (This plague could very well be the mutilation of cattle for purposes that had been covered in the second part of section one of “THE BITE OF THE SERPENT, in the overall discussion of the nourishment for the hybrids.”)

‘Curse’ in Greek (katathema) by (metonymy) is “an accursed thing,” where the object is being part of the curse such as the plague (mutilations;) check out Zep. 5:1 where the ‘FLYING SCROLL’ (cigar-shaped object ‘’is’’ the curse as the object having part of the curse.)

The word ‘beat’ penned earlier, in Greek has a meaning of “skin.” ‘Skin’ in Greek (askos) is “a leather bottle;” see leathern. ‘Leathern’ in Greek is (dermatinos) which is “skin” from (derma) & “skin – hide beasts” (such as cattle.) ‘Skin’ in general has a meaning of “to remove.” ‘Flay’ from the word “beat” in general is to “strip off” (hide.) ‘Strip’ is to remove, deprive, to remove parts from. The word ‘smite’ penned earlier, has a meaning in Greek of (sphazo) “to slay” & “slay” (apokteino) is “to kill” (the cattle) and (anaireo) “to take away” (the parts) and (analisko) “to cionsume” (to eat.)


‘Shield’ in general is a broad piece of armor for protection, & a protective device or structure.” ‘Zool’ (as species of animals such as reptiles, etc.,) “is characteristic of a particular group, such as those with (a protective plate or similar, hard outer covering; a shute.” A ‘shute’ is “an external plate or scale” which is Latin (scutum) for “shield.”

‘Scale’ is a plate-like covering of fishes & reptiles (such as the signs, GRAYS & REPTILIANS.) ‘Device’ in general has a meaning of a decorative design or pattern, as used in embroidery. In Latin it is “to divide.” ‘Divide’ in Greek (aphorizo) is “to mark off by boundaries or limits.” ‘Limiat’ in general means “the point, edge or line beyond which something cannot or may not proceed; a specific area, a confinement – and in Latin “border.”

‘Shield’ represents the area or boundary as a “circle” (the Zodiac?) ‘Limit’ in Greek directs us to see “define.” ‘Define’ is (horizo) & in English “horizon,” or “to mark out the boundaries of a place.” ‘Horizon’ in general means “the intersection of the earth & sky.” The Latin

The Northern & Southern Hemispheres are the limited circles of the Zodiac + Orion & The Bear – with the Pleiades (as the ‘horn cluster of stars’ from the constellation of TAURUS the BULL as indicated before,) or in other words - Orion - The Bear – & The Pleiades are the symbolic areas of the REPTILIANS & THE GRAYS – working together. {{The question before us is as follows: Was this then the reason why these areas were mentioned or coded in The Bible – to warn us of the danger lurking in these specific said areas by entities that were not human, but in fact, demonic? Was this, in fact, part of the “SECOND ESTATE” Jude referred to where these very beings were thrown down, and now while in prison (as “wandering stars” & “wild waves”) as characterized by St. Jude, wish to also imprison mankind as their symbolic predatory fish or prey? Is this the reason why so many animals & men of the Zodiac reflect predators such as the Lion – the Bull – the scorpion – and the hunters with clubs and shields and swords? As we take a hard look at these symbols, both in Ufology & in Holy Scripture, this may well be the case! Although I will discuss this at the end of this section, the abductors within the literature of Ufology also behave in a predatory manner, regardless of what they say, or what some Ufologists dismiss their “foibles” as - “ for the alleged good & growth of humankind.” This is hogwash, and a possible ‘spin’ put on the UFO phenomenon that needs to be exposed and corrected!}}

The word ‘structure’ is next, and is sometimes made up of parts held together in a particular way. The arrangement of parts involves constructing; for instance; ‘structural’ means “relating to or having structure, or affecting structure. (Morphologically) it means “changing forms.” (Morphosis) is the manner in which an organism or any of its parts changes form or undergoes development. ‘Shield’ as mentioned in “Nelson’s Bible Diet,” says that in Biblical times, shields came in all different sizes & shapes.

(So it seems we have a “structural” shield which is symbolically the structure and comes in many sizes & shapes. It is confined to a boundary, travels throughout this limited territorial area (vibration-space,) and can also change shapes [as in UFOs.])

We look at the word “embroidery”, and from the word ‘device’ in general, means “ornamentation.” Then we look at the word “pattern,” and we see “an artistic work.” In the word “design,” we see a “graphic form” where the word ‘graphics’ in general is “the making of drawings in accordance with the rules of mathematics.” (So we could deduce that “SHIELDS” also stands for something that resembles graphic designs, such as “CROP CIRCLES!”) {{I see this analogy as follows: a hunter’s job is to seize its prey, no matter how it goes about doing this; if the “CROP CIRCLES” are indeed a part of the ploy of “allurement,” (a distraction to keep the prey from realizing it is being hunted,) then I would agree with Richard, i.e., that the shield “deflects” the possibility of its prey becoming wise to the real agenda – CAPTURE & EVENTUAL DEATH! In this aforementioned phenomenon, I also see that many people have looked upon these designed circles as some sort of messages by our “space brothers” from afar, coming to ‘enlighten’ mankind, or at least help us out of our current woes, which so far has failed to materialize. If this truly is just another false façade of the Fallen Angels, etc., then the deflecting shield has served the hunter well!

In geo-politics, we see a similar phenomenon with the notion of “FALSE FLAGS,” where researchers like Alex Jones continually try to show (the American people, at least,) that the real terrorists of 9/11 were none other than ‘THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT’ – who try to deflect their devious activity of “an inside job” by blaming the terrorists hiding in caves thousands of miles away for pulling off very sophisticated activity and “fooling” and outwitting the mightiest government in the world with four separate attacks upon our property in just a few hours . Not only Alex Jones, but many other researchers, including author Dr. David Griffin, would say: NO WAY! THE REAL ENEMY LIES WITHIN! For more on this, read Griffin’s book, THE NEW PEARL HARBOR, in order to appreciate the phenomenon of a real FALSE FLAG!

BTW: if, in fact, the SHADOW GOVERNMENT is part & parcel of the coming NEW WORLD ORDER, they also may be part & parcel of “THE CURS-ED NET” themselves. Never underestimate the wiles of Satan, and how many have already been lured into his diabolical trap, with the promise of wealth & women beyond their wildest dreams. If you feel that this characterizes yourself (due to a regrettable lure,) you may wish to reappraise the situation before it is too late. Keep in mind the very encouraging words of Jesus: MY GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR THEE! So prayer and fasting may indeed be the ingredients for a mighty ‘’turn-around!’’}}


‘Sword’ in Hebrew (harab) is a verb “to smite down or slaughter.” ‘To slaughter’ in Hebrew is (zabah) “to slaughter, sacrifice.” (Zabah) is also used as a term for “slaughter for eating.” ‘Sword’ in Greek (rhomphaia, can be used ‘metaphorically’ as the instrument of anguish or judgment. ‘Anguish’ in Greek is (thlipsis;) see ‘affliction.’ ‘Affliction’ (kakoucheo) is from (kakos) as “evil” & (echo) “to have” & in the passive voice “to suffer ill” or to “evil entreat.” The Greek word (sunkakouchei) means “to be evil entreated with.” ‘Evil’ (kakos) is “whatever is evil in character” (such as the ‘façade aliens.’) (Poneros) is akin to (ponos) meaning “labor or toil, and denotes evil that causes labor, or a malignant evil.”

‘Entreat’ in Greek (chraomai) means “to use either well or ill;” ‘well’ in Greek (kalos) means “finely” & ‘finely’ (telor) means “to an end.” (Kakos) as “bad” means to use badly & bad (poneros) is connected with labor. ‘Labor’ in Greek (kopos) is “a strike” akin to (koptp) “to strike” or a laborious toil & trouble. ‘Toil’ in Greek (kopiano) means “to be weary” & ‘weary’ (kopiao) & (kopos) together mean “a beating toil – violent.” (A violent labor as in the strike of 1 Enoch 68:18 as postulated in THE BITE OF THE SERPENT that delineates upon the abduction and implantation of the embryo/fetus a la the Fallen Angels.)

‘Toil’ (basanizo) is “to put to the test.” (A procedure for evaluation concerns the looking for qualities in something, including a series of physical responses, to determine the availability of specific needs.) Then we have “to examine by torture;” see ‘vex.’ (A test examination would be one of probing – using “instruments” as mentioned earlier, with ‘sword’ (metaphorically) as being an instrument of anguish.)

Continuing with the word ‘trouble,’ we see that in Greek (tarasso) used metaphorically means “of the soul and the spirit.” Following up on the word ‘vex,’ in Greek (ochleo) means “trouble” & in the passive voice we find that it is “being troubled by evil spirits.” Based on this key word search and connecting the dots, are the evil spirits truly the ones who are examining the abductees? This research is strongly suggesting that it is the evil spirits or Fallen Angels in evil character (façade shells) appearing as THE GRAYS & REPTILIANS.!)

When they (these same Fallen Angels &/or evil spirits) examine males &females, ‘scoop marks’ (flays) are found, which literally means that DNA & tissue are being taken. By taking men’s sperm they could somehow be making {{copies of}} human beings for the purpose of trying to come into the possession of a human soul/spirit or (clones) with a soul/spirit. There appears to be implants found in bodies located in and around areas of the needed DNA & tissue. Could this be the “stuff” needed for cloning?!? It seems that the essence of human beings is being taken.

{{Please review the disturbing story of Ted Rice, as cited by Karla Turner from her book, “MASQUERADE OF ANGELS”, that deals with an evil attempt at “soul transfer” by some demonic force working on Ted’s body (from his perspective as told to hypno~therapist Barbara Batholic), with a possible clone involved; it can be found in the 24th chapter (p.243) of the 1994 edition from KELT WORKS PRODUCTIONS, Roland, Arkansas. It is a “must read” if one is to address some of the darker dynamics surrounding the “alien” abduction phenomenon. [The incident concerning the death of Ted’s grandmother is also very disturbing, especially since it may have involved the work of the devil. This is also discussed within the book by Turner.]

Richard ends this section by reminding us of Amos 5:8 where God created both Orion & the Pleiades. If you recall, these symbolically represent the “cubs” of THE BEAR – or as Richard suggests, the hybrids (GRAYS & REPTILIANS) who will be needed for the work force to do the job required in gathering the people/cattle and other biological materials for the heretofore hidden agenda of THE ‘’CURS’’-ED NE!}}

COMMENTS BY LeBeau REGARDING THIS PAST SECTION: As a Ufologist, who has waded through many a book on the different theories surrounding the dynamics of the UFO & alien abduction phenomenon, I took particular notice of the constellation of “ORION.” It appears that it contains a star called ‘RIGEL’ which, according to one UFO author, George Andrews, plays a significant role in spawning beings who seem to have a particular attraction to earth beings. In his book, “EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL FRIENDS & FOES,” Andrews makes the following remarks concerning these beings, starting on page 142 of his book; below are some of the highlights and a portrait of these malevolent humanoids:

1) These “Rigelians” humanoids are seen as short GRAY (over four foot tall) with large heads (resembling embryos.) {{Note Richard’s characterization of same when he dealt with the ‘scorpion’ concept.}}
2) Their solar system revolves around Rigel, some 800 light years from Earth.
3) They {allegedly} have a problem with their sebaceous glands, making digesting food difficult. This FRONT spells trouble for humans & cattle! It is “a front” because I think this story (myth) is a true cover to make it look like THE GRAYS are ETs, and they need a “convincing” storyline, but just like their craving for strawberry ice cream, this façade falls flat, and upon deaf ears to the spiritually discerning individual; consult Andrews’ book for the ridiculous details.
4) This problem was generated from a previous nuclear war “in a solar system far far away.” This is ‘’another’’ fairy tale story, so like “STAR WARS,” you will just have to read the book, but I will share some of the outline highlights.
5) They made an alleged secret deal with both Hitler & our own government in the good old US of A. The deal centered around the taking and mutilating of cattle to help solve their gland problem. [Andrews thinks that our government is deluded into thinking that the “technology” given by these GRAYS will enable us to gain military superiority over the Russians, and although this tall tale may have seemed plausible to some ~~ even before the break-up of the Soviet Union, the government soon found out that it was part of a major deception.] Of course, if the government was smart enough to realize who they were really dealing with (GRAYS as DEMONS,) then they would not have believed them to begin with – assuming there is any veracity to the story to begin with, which, in my opinion, there isn’t! The outgrowth of this horrible deal ostensibly was the getting of both ‘Stealth Bomber’ & ‘Star wars’ technology. [Andrews is dubious – even in 1993 – that we really got anything of real value that really would have gained us superiority over the Russians or anybody else; it just would not be in the interests of these fiendish individuals, (who, as demons,) would like to keep humanity at each other’s throats ad infinitum, which they have done from the beginning.
6) If they had to, the Rigalians have the ability to throw this planet off its axis.
7) According to the author, they manipulate us through our “laziness & ignorance.” (143) I, for one, could only add our lack of spiritual non-discernment as our key character flaw, plus our collective greed (especially within the military) for superior technology, regardless of how it is achieved…which, unfortunately became manifest during “PROJECT PAPER-CLIP,” thus allowing the evil of fascist Nazism to invade the collective intelligence community after WW II.}}
8) The Rigelians’ pawns, (the CIA & former Nazi scientists,) developed the AIDS virus, so as to exterminate portions of the population, considered to be “undesirable.” This seems to be a real-life concern of NEW WORLD ORDER researchers, who (despite one’s belief in either Rigelians or demons,) the evidence points to these latter types as actually doing this to certain human beings, especially the BLACKS of Africa; this was initially documented by Dr. Robert Strecker, now deceased; in the light of #7 above, it is also not surprising.}}
9) In any event, the survivors of the above-cited horror show would “accept open control by the Rigelians.” (143) The discerning reader will note that the end game of THE GRAYS & REPTILIANS - as demons & Fallen Angels ~
is no less insidious if you believe in a soul/spirit that they also wish to destroy so you will not live happily ever after in God’s spiritual kingdom, and somehow, by their devilish scheming, they will avoid or somehow forestall their inevitable end.}}

There are other insidious groups (as well as ‘space brothers’ who are here to help man…as Andrews relates ad nauseum, but it is my heart-felt feeling that once the reader puts two & two together, connecting the dots of this ET dynamic, and breaks through the web of the paranormal smoke & mirrors, he or she will AWAKEN to the realization that the ET phenomenon & our “space buddies” combine to present a BIG FAT FAÇADE, leading us away from the truth of the matter as delineated in this three-part series!


(This will be the last section of PART ONE of ‘THE CURS-ED NET')

{{INTRODUCTION: ‘’I personally think that this is a short but marvelous analysis by Richard regarding one of the shortest – if not the shortest of all of scripture: the epistle of St. Jude. I remember when I was in graduate school, and we had to dissect a difficult poem, and no matter how much we dug into it, the professor always was able to add some insight so we could appreciate and marvel at how the poet was expressing such beautiful concepts in so few words!

If you think of what Jude is “coding” to us (at least from my point of view,) it almost reads like a scriptural poem with its wandering stars & wild waves, etc. It also – and not so surprisingly – sums up the whole of THE ‘’CURS’’-ED NET! Richard does a good job in showing how this is so…so…pay attention to the unraveling of this most amazing coded book about the fallen false teachers – the wild waves as UFOs & pregnant abducted women – the sea as outer space – the wandering stars as both irregular and deceitful – the movement of the waves as the unceasing roll of the constellations seemingly revolving and revolving around our Earth as if they were made for our pleasure – but acting as a LIVING BEAST – and spawning other living beasts as hybrids!

These “marvelous traveling creatures are putting on a carnival show: take a ticket and be ready to be put in a trance – a trance – where if we are not careful – will lose our way to our real home somewhere in God’s domain of frequency & vibration. BEWARE!}}

This Jude 13 should add some extra punch to the meanings & symbolism of the twelve signs within the Zodiac!


JUDE 13 (NIV) “They are wild waves of the sea, foaming up their shame; wandering stars, for whom blackest darkness has been reserved forever.”

As per “VINES”:

‘Wild’ in Greek (agrios) is “not domestic” (but could we say: non-human or not of this earth[?]) yet it is “strange, fierce.” Jude 13 metaphorically shows “it is used in the papyri as of a malignant wound.” (‘Malignant’ as shown earlier, is a cancerous pathological condition – a growth, both abnormal and a pernicious spreading evil. {{This would be in keeping with the symbolism of the LIVING BEAST AS AN EVIL LIVING NET THAT IS EXPANDING (via the hybrid phenomenon we see to this very day!)}} ‘Wound’ in Greek (plege) is “a blow, a stroke.” (Again, we refer you to meditate on the 68:18 verse within Enoch, since it ‘’IS’’ the bite of the serpent – the strike of the embryo!”

Above is symbolic of the evil organism implanted within the female abductee, which not only has ‘’physically wounds,’’ both also ‘’spiritually wounds.’’

We now go to the word wave where, in general, it may symbolize some of the characteristics used by these Fallen Angels while referring to the UFO phenomenon. ‘Wave’ means “to move back & forth – up & down – and in the air, being a curved shape outline or pattern, with a sudden great rise.” ‘Rise’ also contributes to the image of “to ascend in intensity and speed, to appear above the horizon, to come into existence, to appear at the surface of the water or the earth; emerge.” (It also sounds like this very image could easily refer to UFOs!)

Yet there is one more meaning of the word ‘wave’ in Greek: it refers to the word ‘wild!’ This is a malignant wound, where ‘wave’ in Greek is (kuma) from (kuo) which means to be pregnant (reflecting ‘figuratively’ in Jude 13.)

Pregnant with a malicious wound is another way of saying (implantation.) The word ‘sea’ as in “wild waves of the sea” is the meaning of the Hebrew (yam.) The word refers to the body of water (as on earth’s oceans,) but also refers to the sea as (sky – the heavens – space!)

The word ‘foam’ symbolizes the following: in Greek (epophrizo) is used metaphorically in Jude 13 of the impious libertine; the metaphor is drawn from the refuse (horne) on the crest of the waves and cast upon the beach.

(“Impious” was mentioned in the Book of Enoch as the evil spirits of the giants.)

‘Libertine’ is one who defies established religious precepts, (i.e., the Fallen Angels who defied God’s laws.) ‘Refuse’ refers to the cancerous evil organism (the hybrid”) which is produced. ‘Crest’ has a meaning of a “projection on the head,” (just as THE GRAYS have a large projectile head.) It also means something that extends beyond a prevailing line, (such as a boundary or territory, perhaps?)

The word ‘prevailing’ is something that is predominant – (which their big heads sure are!) The word ‘beach,’ mentioned earlier, refers to the earth, (as in evil spirits cast upon the earth.) ‘Wandering stars’ are symbolic of the following: ‘Wander’ in Greek is (planao) for which we see the word deceit; also, (planets) means “a wanderer,” and in English, planet is used metaphorically in Jude 13 as the evil teachers (Fallen Angels) mentioned as wandering stars.

THE BASIC CONCEPT: (The Fallen Angels are the aliens traveling or wandering throughout the sea (space) and ‘stars’ are symbolic of angels, which, of course, we had mentioned before regarding what Enoch had directly alluded to in the Ethiopian version.)

‘Stars,’ also described in “VINE’S DICTIONARY,” could be symbolic of UFOs. (Judge for yourself!) Also mentioned in “VINE’S” is the quote about the “wandering stars of Jude 13” (as if the stars, intended for light & guidance, became the means of deceit by irregular movement; furthermore, the stars in the sea (space) seem to move in all different ways. They even react peculiarly just as UFOs are seen to move; does this make it then a causal relationship? You be the judge!)

‘Star’ in Greek is (astron.) If we look up the word “zodiac,” it is also (astron.) The constellations of the zodiac move, and they also wander ~ so could Jude 13 also be referring to wandering stars as the constellations of the zodiac? Could ‘waves’ by their movement, also be representative of these constellations’ movements? (It seems plausible, from the presentation thus far, that this is so!)

We look again at the word ‘wild’ in Greek (therion) and in the plural as ‘wild beasts’ (KJV as “beasts” [Rev. 6:8.] (So could this be translated as wandering “traveling” beasts (creatures?!?!) ‘Zodiac’ in Greek (zoidiakos) = ‘kuklos’ as a (circle) of the zodiac < (zoidion,) or “small represented figure,” (as the figures of the zodiac, but could also represent this beast!) The diminutive of (zoion) is “a living being.” (So the word ‘zodiac’ represents a living being here;) see the word ‘zoon.’ ‘Zoon’ in general is “an animal or creature developed from a fertilized egg.” (WOW! Could this, then, refer to the HYBRIDS?!? THE GRAYS also are a small representative figure. Could this be the fertilized eggs as the evil organisms implanted by the Fallen Angels spoken of in Jude 13?)

We end this first part by looking at the word ‘beast,’ which in Greek is [zoon.] (Earlier, as represented by the word ‘zodiac,’ ) it denotes “a living being.” (Therion) in Greek distinguishes it as “a wild beast,” (as in the “wild waves” of Jude 13!)

‘Wild waves’ then could symbolize the beasts &/or beast (Satan,) with his beasts (as the Fallen Angels.) These same Fallen Angels in Jude 13 make up part of the Beast.** Satan, therefore, is the head of the Beast, and (in keeping with the past thesis of this picture,) the evil spirits make up the remaining part of the body of this living Beast.. It is truly a living creature, even though the ‘beast’ itself is symbolic, (thus operating in a duel fashion,) {{which is not uncommon in Biblical interpretations, where, for example, the ‘Book of Revelation’ itself, is an ongoing metaphor that stands for an underlying future real reality, it seems to me.}}

The Zodiac, itself, represents this symbolic beast (as living creature,) reflected within the meanings decoded regarding the twelve signs of the zodiac. The “wild waves of the sea” are the traveling creatures (Fallen Angels) which inhabit the constellations of the zodiac, & make up the living beast who try to deceive us by showing themselves as aliens as part and parcel of the UFO phenomenon. THEY ARE NOT!

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