[The Book of Ethiopian Enoch (ENOCH I) chapter 15, verse 8 & introduction to verse 9.]

by Richard (with minimal editing and commentary by Byron LeBeau)

The Origin of Evil Spirits (verse eight):

Now the giants, who have been born of spirits, and flesh, shall be called upon earth "evil spirits," and on earth shall be their habitation. Evil spirits shall proceed from their flesh, because they were created from above; from the holy Watchers was their foundation. Evil spirits shall they be upon earth, and the spirits of the wicked shall they be called. The habitation of the spirits of heaven shall be in heaven; but upon earth shall be the habitation of terrestrial spirits, who are born on earth.

In chapter seven it begins as the unholy angels (Watchers) who were holy angels in the beginning, but who left their heavenly home, and then became unholy angels. They said, "Come let us select for ourselves wives from the progeny of men, and let us beget children." The number of the unholy watchers were two hundred. {{This 200 # comes up again in the ‘’Book of the Secrets of Enoch,’’ and may be a clue as to who those angels were in the Slavonic text.}} They then took wives each choosing for himself, whom they began to approach, and with whom they cohabitated, teaching them sorcery, incantations, and the dividing of roots and trees. In final, these are the races of giants brought forth.

The women bore to them (the unholy watchers) three races, beginning with the great giants. The giants brought forth (some say "slew") which means a large number. The naphelim brought forth (or "slew") the Elioud, and they existed, increasing in power according to their greatness.

The unholy watchers became the fallen angels. The first two hundred were the chief or higher angels. Afterwards, many more followed. Several chief watchers began teaching men evil things. This below short list will show you how evil (and its practices) began among mankind.

Later you will see how the evil spirits (these spirits of the giants) who abide here on earth, and who worked hand-in-hand with the fallen angels (their parents) have their own evil agenda for mankind. There are several key words, which through their meanings will define the evil ones' actions. Within these meanings you will see the conformity among the key words and the descriptions of the supernatural phenomena which play out in this world, and which have been played out over the centuries.

We get to this list of the teachings from some of the chief unholy ones, who taught man evil practices that continue to this day, being controlled & spread throughout the population through chosen people, picked by these same evil ones. Their purpose, of course, is to deceive and control mankind, and use them for their own benefit and agenda. {{I wonder out loud if the pickings of these people that Richard alludes to, could not be done through so-called SECRET SOCIETIES, who, in turn, owe their allegiance to the dark forces that they honor within these same dark societies!?! One example may be the "SKULL & BONES" where, just recently, both presidential candidates hailed from, but neither wished to talk about their allegiances within same to the dumbed-down major media. HMMM !}}


1) The first chief unholy angel here is Azazyel, who taught men to make swords, knives, shields, breastplates, the fabrication of mirrors, and the workmanship of ornaments, as well as the use of paint, the beautifying of the eyebrows, the use of stones of every valuable and select kind, and all sorts of dyes, so that the world became altered. [NOTE: Impiety increased; fornication multiplied, and they transgressed & corrupted all their ways.]
2) Another chief angel, Amazarak, taught all the sorcerers and dividers of roots.
3) Armers taught the solution of sorcery, the method process of solving problems. {{Perhpas this is the root reason why we have been warned against involving ourselves in occult matters!?!}}
4) The chief angel Barkayal taught the observers of the stars, what is today called astrologers.
5) Akibeel taught signs (horror scopes.)
6) Tamiel taught astronomy.
7) Asaradel taught the motion of the moon.

As the giants died off, their spirits became the evil spirits (or demons,) who enforce these teachings of their parents, or unholy watchers. {{This is probably the reason why a demon can be channeled through a oiuja board, for instance.}} These spirits have agendas of their own. This agenda is connected to the supernatural phenomena which we see today, and has been around for many centuries.

The primary deceptive phenomenon is, of course, the UFO phenomenon, in which the following key words will reflect this agenda, with meanings that relate to this same phenomenon.

We move now to chapter 15, verse 9. The spirits of the giants shall be “like” clouds, which shall ‘oppress,’ ‘corrupt,’ ‘fall,’ ‘contend,’ and “bruise upon the earth.” This, then, is the evil agenda for the evil spirits among man. The meanings of these key words will define their workings. The three races of giants die, and their bodies rot away; their spirits become earthbound evil spirits (demons.) As they were conceived by the unholy watchers who had left their heavenly home, and they themselves became evil (as in the Fallen Angels,) how then are these evil spirits like clouds? What is their character?

Firstly, ‘cloud’ in Greek (nephos) denotes a cloudy shape – and less mass covering the heavens (sky.) Also in Greek (nephele) or (nepheleim?) is a definitely shaped cloud, or masses of clouds possessing definite form.

1) Some clouds are shapeless (no likeness.) Evil spirits appear in ghostly forms that have no likeness such as ‘shadows.’ Spirit shape-shifters do not want you to see what they truly look like, so appear as evil characters (images) unlike themselves.
2) Some clouds are of a definite form, i.e., evil spirits appearing specifically as a character needed for a deceptive purpose. These ghostly figures can be Grays, Reptilians, images of a man, woman or child, as in the “hauntings’” phenomenon. Clouds are also water droplets (as in Section five of ‘The Bite of the Serpent’: the Treasure House of the Dew.) Dew also is water droplets. So as clouds & dew, being both water droplets & giants, (now evil spirits now like clouds and the treasure houses,) these clouds could represent the dwellings (UFOs) of the evil spirits!?! Could the text be telling us that the clouds (as dwellings) are inhabitied by the giants (as evil spirits?) This connection may be well worth while pondering over….
3) Clouds cover the sky Masses of clouds (evil spirits massed together as groups,) are possibly roaming around the earth as clouds. They roam around the sky in their dwellings (UFOs) and may have been the same groups spotted in Mexico (in the early 1990s) or Washington DC (in the early 1950s.) {{Certainly the later reference was bizarre, since it seemed to smack of paranormal occurrences, like the “ships” (unknowns) or “clouds” could at first be detected on radar, and then, in a split second, would disappear – giving the observer the uncomfortable feeling that we were not dealing with “ordinary” ships, even if from “outer space.’ See the 1956 movie, “UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS” for visual details of this series of sightings in 1952.}}
4) A cloud obscures or (hides things.) Evil spirits are invisible; they are not readily seen or noticed. Many times they will hide their actions, perhaps by going (underwater.) They also deceive mankind by cleverly hiding from us the truths of God. They conceal their true agenda through these supernatural phenomena. They may appear in many forms, but never truly revealing themselves – like excellent facades!
5) Clouds are at times gloomy; they also have the meaning of being troubled (as in to make gloomy or to make troubled.) ‘Gloomy’ (as an adj.) means to be “partially or totally dark.” ‘Dark’ in Greek as a noun is (skotia,) and is used here as of a spiritual or moral darkness, emblematic of sin, as a condition of moral or spiritual depravity: Matt 4:16; John 1:5; 8:12; 12:35; also 1 John 1:5; 2:8-9 & 11; another meaning in Greek is (zophos) which denotes the “gloom of the nether world.” (Skotoo) is “to darken” & metaphorically – of the mind or (deceiving in the mind) (Eph 4:18.)

To make ‘troubled’ as in the Greek (thlipsis) – we see the words affliction & tribulation. (Thlibo) means “to afflict” & (skullo) means “to vex” as in tribulation & afflictions.

Now we take a look at the key words, which define how the following meanings reflect to the supernatural phenomena that occurs today.

We look at the word ‘oppress,’ which means to “keep down by severe and unjust use of force or authority” or a supernatural trance state to control us; another meaning is “to press against.” ‘Press’ (biazo) in the middle voice is “to force one’s way into” (see enter.) ‘Enter’ in Greek is (eiserchomai) which means “to come into” and (eisproeuomai) “to go into” and (pnabaino) – metaphorically – of “coming into the mind.”

Another meaning of ‘oppress’ is to ‘overwhelm,’ which is to “surge over and submerge,” & to affect deeply in the mind or emotion.

The primary way I believe that the evil spirits or demons attack us is by coming into our minds, whether by a trance, or through the use of supernatural events that are so real we can only believe they exist as what they seem or appear to be, even though we are being deceived.

The word ‘surge’ (as verb) is to move freely back & forth or up & down in the air. (UFOs?) In physics, a wave also means “a graphic representation of the variation of a disturbance with time"(missing time?) The word ‘submerge’ is a verb which means “to place under water or to hide from view” & in Latin – (subvergere) where ‘sub’ means below or beneath. (UFOs beneath the seas?) In the text “missing time” we mention about going beneath the (sea) of the earth.

To affect the mind comes from the word ‘overwhelm.’ ‘Affect’ in Greek (kakoo) is from (kakos) which means ‘evil’ or to make evil affected.

‘Evil’ in Greek (kakos) is whatever is evil in ‘character.’ Evil in character is those deceptive supernatural forms , images, props, such as aliens: grays, reptilians, etc., or ghosts, and UFOs at times. They become evil characters playing a role in deception; also the word ‘base’ is evil in ‘influence & effect.’ (Kakoo) is Greek for a verb which means “to ill treat or entreat evil.” ‘Base’ is (agenes) which means “of low childbirth or negative family race” (as in hybrids?)

The word ‘influence’ is used in every sort of deceptive event here, and will be reflected in its meanings:

1) a power affecting a person, or course of events.
2) A power to sway.
3) An effect or change by such power.
4) Produce effects by ‘imperceptible’ means.
5) Produce effects by intangible means.
6) To affect the nature, development or condition of; to modify (Transcending the material order, changing materials to seem like they do not exist on this world.)

The word ‘effect’ used here is “to cause a specific outcome” or a specific ‘impression’ & ‘phenomenon;’ it also means “to bring into existence” as in (to create supernatural events.)

Let’s look at the word ‘deceive’ in Greek, as the noun (apate.) ‘Deceit’ is akin to (apatao) which is “to deceive” or (that which gives a false ‘impression,’) whether by appearance (false images) a statement (a declaration of something, a deception) or influence; also (phrenapatao) which means to deceive in one’s mind. (Remember the word surge also means to affect deeply in the mind or emotion.)Deceive by appearance is also to be evil in character, i.e., evil characters playing their evil roles ~ to deceive us! The word ‘appear’ in Greek (phaino) is ‘to shine’ or ‘to illuminate.’ (How many of these evil characters &/or props used in these supernatural deceptions emil light?) Another meaning of the word ‘appear’ is (phaneros) – ‘to manifest.’

The word ‘apparition’ in Greek reflects a meaning to appear as follows: in Greek ‘apparition’ (phantasma) is the phantom or phantasm from (phaino) which also means to appear. Another meaning of deceive is to deceive by ‘fancies,’ which in Greek (phrenapatao) where (phren) – from the mind – is a sin against common sense.

The word ‘fancies’ (as noun) is the mental faculty through which visions, whims, and fantasies are summoned. (So by attacking your senses via supernatural power, you pretty much believe anything you see at the time because it looks real – yet appearances can be deceiving.

During much of these events, people experience the following through the meaning of the word imperceptible (as in the aforementioned list) is an adjective meaning “impossible or difficult to perceive by the mind or senses,” & “so subtle, slight or gradual as to be barely perceptible;” also the other word used as an “effect” (from the same list) is ‘intangible’ which, as an adjective, “is incapable of being perceived by the senses, or unable to realize” (not able to comprehend.) The evil spirits can supernaturally put you under so subtlety that you would never know it happened; also, they can deceive us through such realism in their events as to make us believe that they are true events.)

So the word ‘oppress’ explains a good deal in its meaning about the evil supernatural events which take place around us via UFOs, ‘hauntings,’ etc.{{It seems obvious by now, that Richard is dramatizing this ‘’FAÇADE-SHOW’’ that is set-up by the dark forces, which seems to seamlessly blend into the victims’ sense of reality ~ making the seductive process all the more tragic for the recipients; I would say – insidious!}}

The next key word is ‘corrupt’ as in evil spirits look to corrupt mankind via “immorality, errors or alterations,” to ruin morally, and to change the original form of (transcending the material order of substances or materials,) and also to evilly change a person spiritually: to do a service for them (alteration;) it also means altering the offspring of humans through implantation (hybrids!) ‘Corrupt’ also means to ‘contaminate’ (your very soul & spirit by deceptions, making you stray away from all truths and believing in those things that the demons want you to believe in.)

‘Error’ in Greek is (plane) which is a ‘wandering’ or a forsaking of the right path (2 Thess. 2:14.) ‘Form’ in Greek (tupos) also is a pattern in the way these evil events unravel themselves. They seem to have many of the same patterns connected to each of the different events and also in the patterns of the teaching evil things to us through these phenomena.

The next word on the evil spirits’ agenda is ‘fall,’ which in Greek (ptosis) is – metaphorically – of the spiritual fall (Luke 2:34.) (Skandalon) = “a snare or trap” – a means of doing wrong (by believing in the ‘trap’ of deception by evil spirits through these supernatural phenomena) & is an occasion “to fall” (empipto) as in “to fall into” (a trap.)

‘Fall’ in general is a verb “to undergo capture, especially as in an attack,” or to give into temptation, to diminish, to pass into a particular state (trance) condition or situation. It also means to occur at a specific time! (personally appointed abductions?) It could mean to occur at a specified place (as at home or in your vehicle, etc.)

The next word in this report is ‘content.’ In Latin this word (continere) means ‘to contain’ (as in holding abductees, containing them while being examined, etc., at their (the demons’) base of operations; it also means “to hold or contain in a trance.” ‘Contain’ in Latin (continere) = com – com-+ tenere, which is ‘to hold.’ (The evil spirits capture their victims and hold them hostage under mind control.) ‘Contain (as G.M.) also reflects “to have within.” Here it might mean their (‘’familiar’’) spirit within our spirit (those unfortunate enough to be subjected to this mind control.) When we accept that false gift or believe in a false deception to the point that we continuously spend an inordinate amount of time involved with these same evil spirits, {{we will actually find ourselves doing their work for them; Richard here is making a very important appeal for those so involved, so as to break this bondage before it is too late, since the stakes are very high indeed! I personally believe that this is one of the key prophecies of ENOCH, since it involves ‘’this very generation’’ as witnessed by the ongoing abduction phenomenon.}}

The key word ‘bruise’ upon earth is a verb ‘to hurt,’ especially – psychologically – (upon the earth to all mankind.) ‘To hurt’ the Greek (hubris) is ‘to harm’ & also (kakoo) – “to do evil to anyone.”

‘Psychological’ (adj.) means to influence or tend to influence the mind and emotions; also, of or being any of certain primary colors whose mixture may be subjective. The psychological primary colors are red, yellow, green, blue & the achromatic pair of black & white.

How many times have UFOs used flashing lights with these same color patterns? (Could these same color patterns in certain sequence subject people without their being the wiser?

Well, there it is – the key words for the agenda of the evil spirits; the meanings tell the story. Does this, or does this not explain that these supernatural phenomena are not by aliens but rather created & controlled by FALLEN ANGELS & EVIL DEMON SPIRITS? {{REMEMBER: the 15th chapter of ENOCH is not about aliens, but concerns itself with these same fallen angels and their evil progeny, so it may not be coincidental that the examination of the words found within mean exactly as Richard interprets them to mean!}}

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