NUTSHELL of The Bite of the Serpent three-part-series

[As outlined by Byron LeBeau]

‘THE BITE OF THE SERPENT’ is divided into seven sections, including a separate section called “SHOW & TELL.” SECTION ONE of the first part is divided itself into four parts.

The second part of the series, called ‘BREAKING THE SCRIPTURAL CODE within PROPHECY,’ is itself divided into six sections, while the third part of the series, ‘THE CURS-ED NET’ is divided into two parts. Below is a NUTSHELL of each section/&/or part of the three part series, so the reader will be able to appreciate the details found within the various links that will follow regarding the whole of the THREE-PART SERIES…ENJOY!


Section one/Part one: This web page starts off with the examination of ENOCH 68:18; this very important verse shows (at least to the authors of this treatise,) that Enoch was acutely aware of the demonic abduction phenomenon, in all of its specific detail, and was showing the fruits and effects of what had transpired after the ‘Fallen Angels’ transgressed against the laws of God (via the sin of presumption,) as well as via the sin of lust. This page will also discuss the difference between the Nephilim vs. the Nophelim, and how certain evangelists were well aware of these things, and well aware of ‘The Book of Enoch,’ especially saints Jude, Peter, Matthew, Paul, Luke, John, Daniel, as well as the author of the Book of Revelation.

Section one/Part two: Richard shows how the cattle mutilation phenomenon is part of the hybrid situation (where – not aliens – but demons) are infecting “the bite of the serpent” upon unsuspecting female humans, and are using these procedures as part of their overall devilish plan to thwart God Himself – if they could! The evil forces are intent on increasing their stock while diminishing the stock of human beings.

Section one/Part three: Richard, by using key word analysis of the Holy Scriptures (and various concordances,) comes to an understanding of what St. Jude really meant by the expression, wandering stars, and how they were related to the fallen angels as those who transgressed the laws of God. They are also responsible for the FAÇADE of the UFO phenomenon, masking their demonic intentions as part of their overall evil plan, but do so in a way as to lure mankind to think these fallen angels/demons are simply the product of some types of extra-terrestrial race(s,)

Section one/Part four: Richard shows how he broke through the deception of the above-mentioned FAÇADE – and how he did it – vis-à-vis praying to Jesus, which resulted in a real transformation that allowed the “heavy weight of evil spirits to leave him for good! This is a powerful web page that will somehow add some “bite” to the overall thesis being presented!

Section two: (Hosts of Deception) which goes into the details of “SATAN’S SEED,’ that involves both “scorpions” as “GRAYS,” and how these evil spirits are not ET, but rather the same culprits that Jesus talked about in the New Testament (as unclean spirits,) which He gave the power to His disciples to cast out! [Incidentally, there is an interesting link to Fr. Gabriele Amorth’s “SATAN’S SMOKE,” which discusses an exorcist actually identifying these same two types of demons, i.e., the scorpion & the serpent (as Reptilian!)] How these GRAYS and Reptilian beings interface within this demonic abduction phenomenon is also discussed.

Section three: (Light Dwellers of the Stellar Order…) This section identifies the 200 fallen angels and how their number is determined using both the Book of Enoch, as well as ‘The Book of the Secrets of Enoch,’ where Satan himself is in charge of the legions of demons and fallen angels. Richard makes connections to what we are seeing today in Ufology, and I show how these so-called Ufological events are nothing more than part of the FAC ADE side-show being put on by the demonic forces to distract us into believing the ET hypothesis instead of focusing on the true evil - the fallen angels in pursuit of trapping mankind, body & soul!

Section four (The Domiciles of the Fallen Ones) actually identifies the who-what & where of the demonic abduction phenomenon, using II ENOCH 5 as a clue to the “treasure houses of the snow!” Richard uses scriptural deduction to show how these “motherships” actually store those things necessary for the ongoing “demonic abduction phenomenon” which is posing as the “alien” abduction phenomenon…and ostensibly fooling many people who take just a casual notice to the things that are going on; meanwhile, HYBRIDS are, in fact, being produced – hybrids that contain demonic strains within them, which again reflects how these demonic beings are transgressing the laws of God continuously, as in the days of Noah. [I add some Ufological lore to back up the notions that Richard is presenting in his thesis.] After reading the comprehensive details, you may be prompted into actually reading the full text of both ENOCH I & II, both of which can be done free online.

Section five (Of the Dew – Olive Oil & Various Flowers…) This section uses as its source (II ENOCH 6,) that delves into some speculation about the power sources of supernatural beings that can be interfaced with in our third dimensional reality. Much of this energy revolves around “hydro-electric” power, which can be easily attained via the super abilities of the demons’ ships traversing both air and sea…A discussion of so-called “port holes” (portals) also enters into discussion, and its links to Ufology are cited by me, since Ufology may just be an extension of the spiritual dynamics under discussion; (hence, religious activity must be viewed very carefully within this mix since there may be more than one FAÇADE SIDESHOW going on here!)

SHOW & TELL: This is a special section between five & six that actually gets to the core of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, showing quite clearly, how it is part & parcel of the demonic dynamics being passed off as a UFO FAÇADE SIDE SHOW…but more insidiously, it details how the dark forces go about massaging ”mediums” to do their bidding (since it is rather the ‘familiar spirits’ who know things, but pretend to be dead people.) This is a controversial topic (that may not be accepted by all readers,) yet the Bible does point out, time and again, that heeding mediums (along with following the influences of astrology,) are forbidden by God for mankind to entertain – since the “entertainment” is a deadly poison that can entreat man away from God…to both physical and spiritual death! THIS IS NOTHING TO FOOL AROUND WITH…yet…many people seem to be in denial about the truth of these things! THIS IS A MUST-READ SECTION and the reason it was put in a special category! These mediums fall into a category called RECEIVIERS, which are the third group used by the fallen angels/demons, the other two being DONORS who supply the parts needed for the hybridization program, and HOSTS – who are the unlucky females ‘chosen’ for the initial stages of developing the embryo before it is extracted as a fetus, to be tampered with by these same dark forces.

Section six (The Original Agenda of the Supernatural Powers) concerns Richard exposing the full intent of I ENOCH 15, and just who these “giants” were, and just what their spirits are all about after their death, as in unclean spirits! This section will fill in some of the postulations of SHOW & TELL. It will also enumerate some of the evil functions of the fallen angels (which, in turn, will throw some light on how man got and utilized this information, that was spun by the demonic forces so that mankind would “honor and serve” these same presumptuous dark and deadly forces!

Section seven (MISSING TIME) which examines the key words of Enoch 68:18 regarding the blow & stroke' ' of the bite of the serpent. I add some interesting cases from Ufology to back up this part of the demonic abduction phenomenon, while exploring the nature of lies incumbent within this darkside of Ufology.

The second in the three-part series is called, BREAKING THE SCRIPTURAL CODE within PROPHECY, and is divided into six sections:

Section one: The purpose of this section is to make one aware of both the original curse of Canaan, as well as exploring what certain prophets (such as Zacharia & Joel) may have coded within the borders of their prophetic statements about what we fashionably term the “alien abduction phenomenon.” I found Richard’s explanation about Zacharia’s “FLYING SCROLL most intriguing; the timeframe of THE GREAT FLOOD also put this thesis in a certain perspective. How THE GIANTS of Enoch 15 & Genesis 6:4 fit into this curse is also very important to the whole of the thesis concerning the demonic abduction phenomenon…and how hybrids developed from this same dynamic, showing quite clearly how the “demonic” abduction phenomenon holds sway over the “ET” hypothesis, (in the opinion of both Richard & myself.) [There is also a reference to the timeframe analysis by Craig Winn, which makes for interesting Biblical speculation, especially as to how it relates to the end-game of Zacharia’s 15 by 30 flying scroll, TRIBULATIONS, as well as the end-plan of the same dark forces under discussion throughout this treatise. Concepts like the story behind “SATAN’S SEED” as well as Steven Quayle’s empirical data about historical GIANTS, make this web page a compelling read!

Section two (subtitled: Introduction to Joel & Revelation in comparison) shows very interesting parallels among Joel 1-2, Revelation 9, and Enoch 68. “Locusts” are shown by Richard to be part of Satan’s symbolic network, and also can be illustrated to be the same type of demons – doing the same type of things – as can be shown happens within the “alien” abduction phenomenon. I cited a book by Kim Carlsberg called “BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS,” that seems to reflect the dark side of demonic activity, posing as ET shenanigans….

Section three (THE SWARMING LOCUSTS) ends by exploring the differences of the soul from the spirit, thus becoming another compelling read! This web page is designed to show how the demons and fallen angels are part of the ongoing judgments, as seen through the light of scripture, as well as reflected by the suggested data of Ufology. The soul vs. spirit discussion at the end of this section puts into focus some of the more sensitive issues facing Ufology, especially when it comes to the stated experiences of Whitley Strieber, as commented on by Texe Marrs. Is there some kind of a transcendental link among the fallen angels of old, a goddess worshipped by ancient peoples, and what Ted Rice had to endure in today’s world, all entwined in the reality-net of demonic activity? Read this section, and you may be able to judge better….

Section four revolves around the second of four types of locusts that were mentioned in Revelation 9, namely, the cutting locusts! The symbolism directly relates to the demonic abduction phenomenon, where those (demons) who take the “embryo/fetus” represent those who “bite” as in the serpent, diminishing the embryo, which is echoed in verse 18 of the 68th chapter of Enoch.

Section five (THE HOPPING LOCUSTS) symbolizes the UFO portion of this demonic dynamic, as alluded to in a previous section called, “LIGHT DWELLERS OF THE STELLAR ORDER.” They can move (hop) from one dimension to another – which not so coincidentally, is a facility reported on in the UFO phenomenon. From a spiritual point of view, it would not be surprising either, since St. Paul had indicated in his epistle to the Ephesians that the spiritual hierarchy of wickedness comes from on high (6:12.)

Section six (THE DESTROYING LOCUSTS) shows how this deadly phenomenon of UFOs can lead you down the rabbit hole to spiritual oblivion; I have a link to my web page called ”RELIANCE” that explains (from my own testimony) just how easily this seduction can ingratiate itself with the unwary….

The last of the three-part series concerns the two-part extended essay called, “THE CURS-ED NET.”

PART ONE revolves around the warning not to honor or serve the sun, the moon, or ANY star, as per Deuteronomy 4:19. Ample evidence is provided that the wily fallen angels, using their aforementioned knowledge of astronomy and astrology (as per Enoch 8,) try to get mankind to honor and serve them – by using the stars as their councilors and guides…and this is the reason why it was forbidden by The Bible, since it leads one away from relying upon the one true Father of all! A comprehensive review of the key words behind the constellations of the ZODIAC, plus the constellation of Orion, should leave no doubt about how this “cursed net” is trying to bind mankind to the dark side! Some ideas from Ufology are also thrown into the mix (such as those who hail from the brilliant star of “Rigel,” which just happens to be a part of the Orion system, and how the FAÇADE of Ufology is used to weave the demons’ unsuspecting plan of ingratiating themselves with mankind by spinning fables about their so-called needs, and how we can help in their collective endeaveors…. You have to hand it to these demons -as in giving the devil his due – that they are very imaginative with spinning yarns that we are supposed to accept as gospel! The gullibility factor, especially for those with no Biblical anchor, runs very high!

PART TWO (which ends the three-part series of THE BITE OF THE SERPENT,) focuses on the symbolism of the two beasts of Job, chapters 40 & 41, namely, the Behemoth & the Leviathan, which should not be too much of a surprise. It also incorporates an understanding of the full dynamics of our present UFO-ALIEN ABDUCTION PHENOMENON! The Behemoth represents the “earthbound” demons, while the Leviathan incorporates the fallen angels operating in and around the sea, the atmosphere, and near space! Their costumes are many and varied, and their UFO ships are very colorful, but all for one purpose: to present a convincing façade for their evil purpose, which is to incorporate us into their curs-ed net!

Richard ends with a heart-felt plea to pay attention to Psalm 91, (as he did,) since the answers to defeating the mighty beasts of the mighty men (fallen angels,) is simply to rely on the one true Father of All, and His only-begotten Son, Jesus, who will do battle for us, and all we need do is but rely and call upon the Lord Jesus! If we do not do this, the power of the beast can and will overcome us! THIS IS THE MAJOR MESSAGE OF HOLY SCRIPTURE ~ LOUD AND CLEAR! [Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me." -Matthew 28:18]

I end the treatise by drawing the reader’s attention to THE MYSTERY OF ORION, which was a curious show that was put on in the mid-1990s, concerning researchers Robert Bouval & Graham Hancock, among others. The long and short of this tale was to show that certain constellations and stars (like ORION & SIRIUS,) were ensconced in THE GREAT PYRAMID in Egypt, with two shafts (of this very pyramid) pointing to the god of resurrection (Osiris within the belt of ORION, and the other shaft pointing to his consort, Isis, represented by the dog star, SIRIUS. [The latter goddess, whose other name is Ishtar, is none other than the queen of heaven that Jeremiah had warned the Jewish people about (7:18-21.) Bouval immortalizes the timeframe of this honoring as 10,500 B.C.E., based on some computer references regarding the belt of Orion and the alignments of the three pyramids at Giza. It all sounds good until one realizes the implications and then overlays this three-part series which potentially gives one the insight to connect the spiritual dots to an otherwise ufological or historical level of understanding. The intent of this honoring and serving (as in the case of Pharoah,) was to hitch your star to Osiris’s, so one could wander together in Osiris’s constellation of Orion…or, as I would put it, allow oneself to be ensconced within THE CURS-ED NET!

I hope you take the time to read all of the three-part series, so as to better spiritually arm yourselves in the ensuing battles that lie ahead, and thus avoid being stung by THE LORD OF THE STING.


[The below is an analysis of Enoch 68:17-18, as it relates - not to the "ALIEN ABDUCTION PEHNOMENON," but rather to the DEMONIC ABDUCTION PHENOMENON. The presentation had been put together by a man named Richard (a self-professed "alien abduction" experiencer, who also, feeling saved by the Holy Spirit, also feels inclined to give the viewer his insight into the above-captioned verses in ENOCH, using a Greek dictionary; all other references, if noted, will simply be their general meaning (GM) in one form or another.]


First of all, what do verses 17 & 18 of chapter 68 of ENOCH say?

17 " The name of the fifth is Kasyade; he discovered to the children of men every wicked stroke of spirits and of demons."

18 "The stroke of the embryo in the womb, to diminish it; the stroke of the spirit by the bite of the serpent, and the stroke which is given at midday by the offspring of the serpent, the name of which is Tabaet."

All of the words in italics will be thoroughly reviewed in Richard's analysis of these very interesting and intriguing verses by Enoch, after Richie presents his general idea as to what is going on here, and how (via his own experience,) he feels he has come to an understanding of the meaning of these words, and therefore - perhaps - a KEY to the understanding of what has been framed as: THE ALIEN ABDUCTION PHENOMENON.

Allow me to make a few observations about this intriguing subject. First of all, it is important to realize the meaning of two words, one nephilim and the other (which will be the meaning that is being referred to in verse 18,) nophelim. NEPHILIM is used in the passive tense as those who were thrown down and therefore - per force - must have preceded GENESIS 6:4; on the other hand, nophelim is the active tense, as in those who came down of their own accord, so that the WATCHERS referred to in ENOCH 68:18, are the same ones referred to in GEN 6:4 - or the FALLEN ANGELS who lusted after the daughters of men. After reading the full BOOK OF ENOCH, I formed the opinion that the original NEFILIM had committed a different sin against the ALMIGHTY: one of PRESUMPTION - and that is the reason they had lost their "first estate." There seems to be some evidence of this "secret judgment" against this sin of presumption, where the wicked angels were acting "like Lords" if you go to the 67th chapter of The Book of Enoch. [Incidentally, the "SECOND FALL" (of LUST) is shown as distinct from "THE FIRST FALL of PRESUMPTION" if you go to "The Book of the Secrets of Enoch," (18:3) where certain angels called 'GRIGORI' (who were later identified as the so-called Nophelim,) came down from their place in the SECOND HEAVEN, unto the daughters of men; their prince, SATANAIL, was being held in the FIFTH HEAVEN.]

What is really intriguing to me (and the reason I wanted Richard to read the BOOK OF ENOCH,) is the fact that in the canonical Epistle of Jude, Jude actually refers to Enoch as one who prophesies; the "problem" is that Enoch did not prophesy in the canonical Old Testament, but was merely referred to in GENESIS 5; however, he did prophesy in the BOOK OF ENOCH, which the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH has (for some reason) dismissed as is this very book that throws a mighty light on the characteristics of the FALLEN ANGELS, what their names were, and why they were contended with by THE HOLY ANGELS - who did "not lose their first estate." In this same amazing epistle of Jude, he also identifies the "men" as these same FALLEN ANGELS, who were subsequently referred to as "wandering stars" (JUDE, v. 13) which Richard will also analyze below.

If the below analysis is in any way valid - or near valid, I contend (speaking as a Ufologist of forty some odd years,) that we (collectively) have to RE-EXAMINE our posture of the UFO PHENOMENON (and related alien abduction phenomenon,) and perhaps admit that the combined phenomena are rooted in the spiritual dynamics as postulated in the combined Old & New Testmanets, with ENOCH as the prologue to since his work predated the Bible, from what I can gather!!!

All I can ask anyone reading this, is to be patiently open-minded, and hold on to your collective hats: THIS IS GOING TO BE SOME ADVENTURE!

NOTE: OCCASIONALLY, I may interject a parenthetical remark amidst the notes of Richard, and they will be thusly noted by the {{ }} code.



I, Richard, believe that the BOOK OF ENOCH, chapter 68, verse 18, explains in some detail, about the (alien) abduction scenario, and by the use of the tools of certain key words (decoded from GREEK,) and sometimes Latin, Hebrew, etc., plus the general meanings, all chosen with my experience and knowledge of the phenomenon, I will try to demonstrate how it accurately brings ALL THE KEY WORDS AND MEANINGS HERE TOGETHER in such a way as to relate the story of the *ABDUCTION PHENOMENON - including why it was done and who's doing it.

They apparently merge together to reveal the truth as to the whole abduction sequence, including the hybrids, who I believe are being used for specific purposes, and also created for future use as an army for the ANTICHRIST.

When a person (or persons) are abducted, whether it be day or night, inside or outside, they are unexpectedly and suddenly struck with a blow ~ a stroke ~ a violation, done, physcially by force. This always seems to happen when the victim is involved with a sighting (UFO) or usually alone in a house or car. They are immediately put into a trance- whether awake or not. They are then rendered immovable, and transported out of their natural state of mind.

They are abducted for a specific reason - a specific use, all mostly intended for medical examination, to determine which person has the best to offer ~ each person offering that specific tissue, etc., which could best be used for their ABDUCTORS' needs.


Abductees fall into three categories: HOSTS-DONORS-RECEIVERS...

HOSTS would be chosen females for implantation & procreating hybrids, medically examined for "host" use.

DONORS would be medically examined people who have met the grade - having a special tissue etc., in chosen parts of their bodies, for use as to engraft into the "sperm" which is also chosen from males whose sperm has been tested and found to be useful, in its capacity to mix with the DNA tissue, taken from the chosen abductees. (This is called HUMAN ABDUCTEE TISSUE DONORS.)

RECEIVERS would be those people who claim to receive special abilities, visions. etc.

Now IMPLANTS, are surgically planted devices, placed under the skin. These implants are used for tagging an abductee, chosen for use, because of a special source of tissue, etc. Their possession is needed for the EVIL ONES' procreation of their own hybrids. These implants, placed at specific locations, (in each of the donors' bodies,) exactly where the tissue is to be found, and is not the same in every abductee. These implants then monitor the substances needed to tell the life, function & useful condition of said tissue for use if needed at any time; implants also tell the location of the donor when needed to be found; it also, by extension, shows the location of the tissue needed. It monitors the condition of a person if a person dies, or gets a disease that threatens the needed tissue; at this point, the implant would be medically extracted...and sometimes, they just seem to dissolve!


The name of the fifth (fallen angel) is Kasyade. He 'discovered to the children of men every wicked stroke of spirit and demons.

Now, according to Richard, armed with his Greek dictionary, the word discover means to reveal, and wicked means bad or evil (and by extension - injurious.) (SATAN is mentioned as the EVIL one; note MATT 13:38 & 5:37 as well as EPHESIANS 6:16)

STROKE is a sudden occurrence or attack, as paralysis. Paralysis is the inability to move or function; total stoppage or severe impairment of activity.
((If this is the meaning of STROKE, then it becomes fairly obvious in the alien abduction literatue what may be going on here in this verse.))


This is a supernatural being as in angel or demon; according to ENOCH, stars are used figuratively as angels & also as WATCHERS, the holy WATCHERS
as well as the unholy WATCHERS. in Greek, 'phantasma' is rendered "spirit"; also see "apparition."

APPARITION is Greek for phantom or phantasm, which means "to appear.". According to Richard, then, those ghostly light images may appear as humans, "grays," Reptilians, or others.

PHANTOM was shown to be something elusive or delusive, or an image that appears only in the mind as illusion.

DEMON (or a demon) in the New Testament denotes "an evil spirit" as used in MATT 8:31. and mistranslated as devils. Acting under Satan, (according to REV 16:13-14. demons are permitted to afflict with bodily disease; also LUKE 13:16. {{This concept of causing disease is important and will be addressed again.}}

ENOCH 68:18 analyzed

What is "the stroke of the embryo in the womb"? According to Richard, the embryo becomes an offspring - the offspring of the serpent, which must be the evil spirits...or "children of the nophelim" since they came into being illicitly as per GEN 6:4; ((remember, as explained before, the original nophelim chose to come down unto the daughters of men: THEY WERE NOT CAST DOWN as were the NEPHILIM! Therefore, the serpent must represent the stars or unholy watchers. TENTATIVE CONCLUSION: When the Nophelim died, (being earthbound) - they became the "offspring" or evil spirits, who today would be the ones doing the implants!

Now the word STROKE means to inflict a blow, but also means to penetrate or enter one's mind or to remove or separate as if with a blow. STRIKE (GM) is to wound by biting, especially of a snake; to afflict suddenly. BLOW can also mean to lay or deposit eggs in. The Greek word for blow is "hupo" which means "under"; it indicates repression or trance state. REPRESSION further menas to exclude from the conscious mind, as in the unconscious exclusion of painful impulses or fears from the conscious mind. (A person remembers only under HYPNOSIS.) {{Is not this how most abductees recall traumatic alien abduction events, as enumerated by hands-on researchers such as John Mack (now deceased,) David Jacobs & Budd Hopkins, once the victim(s) undergo hypnosis? It is important to note that not all victims need to have hypnosis to recall abductions; the late Karla Turner would be a prime example, showing that what is perceived by some, happens in "real time" - third dimensional reality.}}

According to the Greek, with the word TRANCE, it says to see "AMAZE"...and when we come to AMAZE, we find that it is connected to a root that signifies "to render immovable" and frequently associated with terror!

TRANCE, itself, is a condition in which ordinary consciousness and the perception of natural circumstances were withheld, and the soul was susceptable; furthermore (GM) as a noun, it means a hypnotic, cataleptic, or ecstatic state or detachment from one's physical surroundings.

EMBRYO (as noun) in (GM) in human beings, is the product of a conception from implantation through the eighth week of development. On the other hand, a FETUS (GM) is the unborn young from the end of the eighth week after conception to the moment of birth as distinguished from the earlier embryo. {{You may note that - according to the alien abduction literature - the "embryo/fetus" seems to be taken at some point in the first tri-mester, so could ENOCH be alluding to this illicit stealing from the female "HOST" so many years ago - a phenomenon that continues to this very day?}}

DIMINISH is Greek for defect, or a lessening, decreasing or loss! As a verb, it means to detract from the authority of - "as of FALLEN ANGELS." Furthermore, "loss" (as a noun) is the condition of being deprived of something; deprived (as verb) means "to take" something away from or "to remove" and in Latin, "to rob"!

STRIKE means to fall; it also says to see "SMITE", which in Greek (metaphorically) is the infliction of disease by an angel. (Richard notes that in chapter 85 "the stars fell from heaven - ie, the unholy watchers; also "angels"; and JUDE 13 refers to them as "wandering stars"; in Greek, they are referred to as deceitful angels.) {{This is the same reference I had made in my introduction to this subject, where the "men" of JUDE, were, in fact, the unholy angels or wandering stars! What did Jude know about all these connections, and there were at least seven other canonical sources, including Peter, James, Matthew, Paul, Timothy, Luke, John, Daniel, & Rvelations, that quote ENOCH almost word for word; this can be found in a book called, FORBIDDEN MYSTERIES OF ENOCH, in a section called, Biblical Parallels to the Book of Enoch, and makes one (like me) really wonder, again, how come this Ethiopian Enochian book was not considered worthy enough to be considered canonical?!?}}

Now the word DISEASE in Greek, means "to have badly" which is "to be ill or in an evil case." "CASE" idiomatically, interestingly enough, means "to make one's own" {{which, of course, the abductors of the embryo-stealing, seemingly do, in effect!}}

"BITE" (from the Greek 'dekno') has the idea of rendering with reproaches, and metaphorically, of wounding the soul. {{Is this, then, what THE BITE OF THE SERPENT is all about?!? It certainly would have us look at the "alien abduction phenomenon" in a possible new & different light!}}

Richard would now have us look at the word "WANDER" as in JUDE 13's reference to the wandering stars as angels - the unholy watchers talked about in ENOCH. The word "wander" is Greek (planao) which means "deceit." So THE BITE OF THE SERPENT could mean the deceit or deception of the unholy angels. {{No matter how you look at this curious phrase, it does strongly suggest that the FALLEN ONES & THEIR PROGENY are up to NO GOOD, especially when it comes to interfering with the daughters of men, both way back when, and maybe even to this very day!!!}}

To add insult to injury, the word "DECEIT" can also be linked to "the deceiver" which is also one of the titles of the devil; cf. REV 12:9.

The word "SERPENT" in verse 18 is mentioned twice, so let's look at its fuller meaning. The characteristics of the SERPENT as alluded to in scripture is "EVIL." The general aspects of its evil character are intimated in the Lord's rhetorical question as in MATT 7:10 AND LUKE 11:11. Its characteristics are concentrated as the "arch-adversary" of God and man.This is metaphorically described as the SERPENT both in 2 COR 11:3 & REV 12:9. Furthermore, SERPENT in Greek is "herpeton" which menas a reptile. {{And remember, too, all of these sources seemd to be very familiar with the BOOK OF ENOCH, as previously cited.}}


This name is given as "TABAET" at the end of verse 18, and it means MALE or STRONG. "STRONG" is a Greek adjective that also means MIGHTY; this has been alluded to of the angels in REV 5:2, 10:1, & 18:21. "MALE" in Greek(arseo) or (arreo) is translated as "MEN" in the plural...{{which, if you recall, was the same link that JUDE had given to the word "men" in his epistle, but these "men" were unholy angels, if you read the epistle (and footnotes) carefully, and it is only one chapter long!}}

As to the phrase, the stroke is to be given in the midday..." Richard alludes to the famous Psalm 91:5-6, which uses this same word of "midday" in reference to evil striking at man:

"You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday."

Now the word PLAGUE in Greek (mastix) which metaphorically refers to "disease" by an angel.(Remember, it was mentioned before, that the word "STRIKE" - which is repeated three times in verse 18 as "THE STROKE" - also means "SMITE", which metaphorically means the infliction of a disease by an angel, {{so the meaning begins to emerge more clearly, perhaps, and all these STRIKES spell TROUBLE to the children of men!}}

FINAL COMMENTS by Inspector LeBeau

Richard has done other analysis that will be explored in the next section of THE BITE OF THE SERPENT, (which will have the same title, but added as "PART TWO,") yet I believe that the above examination of the key phrases (in both verse 17 & 18,) seems to point to an interesting tentative conclusion, no matter how vague it may seem at first glance, and this current examination is only the tip of the iceberg, just so that the viewer can get the jist of this amazing thesis from a "non-scholarly approach," but yet one who had experienced the other side, and was determined to find its root! I applaud his effort, and am fully cooperating with his sojourn....

If we can agree with ST. JUDE that ENOCH was a prophet, then perhaps his chapter 68:17-18 were a "coded prophecy" where Enoch, himself, was prophesying that our current "alien abduction phenomenon" really should have been called, THE DEMONIC ABDUCTION PHENOMENON.

If you are not convinced that this may be the case, then - perhaps - after we examine PART TWO of this ongoing hypothesis in the near future, Richard will have nailed down his case for aliens as being none other than the demons that infest and infect our current reality, even as I pen these words.


NOW A QUICK SUMMARY OF THE KEY IDEAS FROM VERSES 17-18, as per Richard's analysis:

It is being REVEALED that the EVIL (one) who is SATAN - suddenly attacks his victims with a paralysis (STROKE) and these SPIRITS are identified as the FALLEN ONES (Nophelim) who had transgressed the commandments of God....They come in APPRAITIONS - being elusive, and are linked to the same "evil spirits" as noted in the New Testament.

VERSE 18, continues by noting that the EMBRYOS become the offsprint of the Nophelim, and these evil spirits are doing implants (perhaps to this very day, and may be THE GRAYS we see discussed in Ufology.)

This "STROKE" PENETRATES the victims' minds and may deposit eggs, while the victims are in a TRANCE STATE...and the same victims are left with a "REPRESSED MEMORY" (that ostensibly can be mostly retrieved by hypnosis, with some exceptions.)

This TRANCE leaves the victims IMMOBILIZED...and the womb is "DIMINISHED" ie, robbed of its embryo due to the "DISEASE OF THE FALLEN ANGELS) who are also the "deceitful angels of old - or spiritual robbers!"

This "DISEASE" is evil, because the perpetrators are stealing to make the product (illicitly done) THEIR OWN PROPERTY!!!

THE BITE OF THE SERPENT wounds the soul because of this process, which, as stated before, is FORBIDDEN BY THE ALMIGHTY!!! Yet, the evil spirits (GRAYS) continuously transgress the LAWS OF GOD & the will of the Father....

These SERPENTS can be referred to as (walking) REPTILES!!! "TABAET" was one of them, depicted as a strong MIGHTY MAN (remembering that Jude called "men" fallen angels in his own epistle.)


SPECIAL NOTE: If you want to read a link from a researcher who has REALLY taken a BITE out OF THE SERPENT - exposing these Reptilian Overlords for what they truly are (despicable), then you must read James Bartley; in my opinion, he probably knows as much or more about this subject than any other researcher out there, especially among the UFO CROWD.


SPECIAL NOTE #2: For those who have a hard time accepting the reality of demons, please go to
AND THEN SCROLL DOWN THE "ARTICLES" PAGE until you come to March 26, 2006 entry:


It is a true story of an experienced exorcist (Fr. Gabrielle Amorth) who actually was able to identify two types of demons, the scorpion-type & the serpent type; how he does it is best left to the reading of this most informative article.

This will also be good preparatory reading for PART TWO of this series, since scorpions & serpents will be addressed also!!!

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