by Byron LeBeau

The below analysis revolves around the ongoing thesis of one, Richard, and his attempt to show how "alien" abductions and the present phenomenon of cattle mutilations, are useful contributors to the creation of hybrids, which seems to be the end product of what was alluded to in PART ONE, especially as analyzed in ENOCH 68:18. Richard's interpretations will be put in parenthesis, while any comments of Byron LeBeau will be set off as such: {{ }}

Again, Richard connects certain key meanings from the general meaning (GM) as well as some key Greek roots (as per VINE'S COMPLETE EXPOSITOR DICTIONARY.)

Richard starts with the idea of "seizing" - which (among its meanings) has to do with putting one in possession of something. (This possession could mean implantation.)

"Seize" also can mean "to overwhelm" - or affect deeply in mind or emotion. (TRANCE STATE?) These words are also interconnected to some of the descriptions that Richard had applied to 68:18 (of PART ONE), I.E., stroke-afflict-repress-seize-control-effect-appear-amaze-abduct.....


The first meaning of mutilate is "to deprive of a limb or essential part;" interestingly enough, "essential" relates to, or being a dysfunction or a disease of an unknown cause. (Remember - the disease by an angel, derived from the word "SMITE" as in an unknown cause. [?]

"Deprive" also means "to cut" (GR.: 'aphaireo') where we come to the word "butcher." Oddly enough, the word comes from the OLD FRENCH ~ 'bouchier' which means - of all things - "HE GOAT!" (HE-GOAT in Hebrew is used for 'SATYR' and is thought to be tied in to the demon creatures of some sort. (cf. Willimington's Guide to the Bible.) (Could these creatures be, in any way connected, to the present reports of mothman (a la John Keel) - chaupacadra - BIG FOOT - and/or aliens?!?) {{My sneaking suspicion is that all of the above are "alien-connected" from their o riginal source, i.e., THE FALLEN ANGELS AND THEIR EQUALLY FALLEN (and soulless) progeny; there also seems to be a connection between things "paranormal" and the demonic fruit it seems to produce.}} Richard seems left with the speculation that the word "cut" as a "STROKE" or "STRIKE" can be linked to the Greek word, "kope" (slaughter or the key word 'strike' which also means to "remove or separate" and futhermore "to deprive of essential parts") so it would fit in with the whole idea of mutilating - and as we have discussed in PART ONE - in more ways than one, as well as our present focus on cattle mutilations! NOTE: "Cattle" in Greek means whatever is fed or nourished.


Among the meanings of "to hybridize" includes "to produce and preserve desirable traits in a stock, or "to engender." It further means "to procreate" - which stems from the Greek work "genos" (beget) also denotes "an untimely birth" from the Greek "ektitrosko" (to miscarry) {{which, not so coincidentally, is the same "footnoted" word for 68:18, as to the diminishing of the embryo of the womb!}} An untimely birth also means an improper time; the word improper also means abnormal, and the meaning of abnormal is the alteration of obsolete. The world obsolete (biol) means inmperfectly developed - especially in comparison with other individuals or related species.

(RICHARD ASKS: Does not then "miscarry" also mean "abducted?!?") {{As suggested in PART ONE, I do not think this is a stretch to arrive at this tentative hypothesis, especially in light of today's so-called "alien" abduction phenomenon, where the fruit of these bitter experiences is far from being - shall I say - purely angelic.}}

In closing upon this little exercise, it seems that Enoch certainly had the gift of prophecy, (as mentioned by St. Jude,) a prophecy that only now seems to be capable of being seen for what it is: THE STEALING (TRANSGRESSION) by THE FALLEN ONES (and their minions) FOR THE PURPOSE OF INCREASING THEIR OWN STOCK, WHILE DIMINISHING THE STOCK OF THE HUMAN RACE, as well as the cattle we were put in charge of (as per THE BOOK OF GENESIS.) THESE TRANSGRESSORS ARE "like stars out of their season - wandering aimlessly in their misbegotten tract! ONLY EVIL CAN COME OF THEIR FRUIT - as in THE BITE OF THE SERPENT!

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