SPECIAL NOTE from Byron LeBeau: I have decided to print the full notes of Richard for this part (without any editing or synthesis other than minor punctuations, spellings, so that the reader may see just how this author goes about "flushing out" (via general meanings (GM) as well as Vine's Greek dictionary,) the pertinent nouns-verbs and adjectives that reflect an overall connection (at least from the author's point of view) of FALLEN ANGELS as they "bite" "smite" & "stroke" the alien abduction phenomeonon AS WANDERING STARS, so as to massage the reader into a "PARALLAX VIEW" of the real truth of DEMONOLOGY. ENJOY.


The meaning of the word 'star' in reference to 'wandering stars.' Stars are used figuritively as 'angels' in "ENOCH (Etheopian book of chapters 1-101;) also (reflected) in Jude 13 * Revelations.

ANGELS (STARS) used metaphorically as real stars as far as this meaning in "Vine's Greek & Hebrew Dictionary." (Jude 13 = wandering stars)

As if the "stars" real(ly) intended for light & guidance became the means for deceit by irregualr movements. (UFOs)

"Wander" in Greek = "deceit" and "stars" as "angels." (ENOCH & THE BIBLE)

THEREFORE - wandering stars are deceitful angels!

PAGE ONE: "Wander" = Greek (planao) for that which we see in deceit; "deceit" Greek (apate) which gives a false impression, whether by appearance, statement or influence...(Dalos) is Greek primarily a "bait" or "snare." (Phrenapatao) in Greek litereature = "to deceive in one's mind." (Dolioo) in Greek = to "lure."(Pagis) in Greek = "snare" or a "trap." This is used metaphorically as allurements to evil by the "devil" in 1TIMOTHY 3:7 & 2:26

PAGE TWO: "Deceit" is a noun (GM) = the act or practice of deceiving (whereas) "deceive as verb = to cause to believe what is not true. "Ensnarte" is Latin (de-,de-t capere,) which means "to seize." (Abduct?) "Seize" as a verb = to grasp suddenly and forcibly; to have a sudden overwhelming effect on; to overwhelm physically; kidnap. "Kidnap" as a verb = "to seize & detain."

PAGE THREE: "Abduct" as a verb = "to carry off by force or kidnap. "Cause" as a noun = "the producer of an effect, result or consequence." (Producer originator ((of deception)) is a title of Satan "the deceiver" as per REV 12:9) (Akuroo) is Greek for "effect" = "to render void" and (Katarargeo) = "to reduce to inactivity; to render useless; ( what about to render immovable and to abduct under trance!)

PAGE FOUR: "Produce" is a verb = to bring forth, exhibit; to yield (produce offspring;) to create by physical or mental effort; to cause to occur or exist. (In reference to #3 above of the meaning for "produce" - supernaturally transcending the material order or brought forth into existence...THE UFO PHENOMEON!) "Void" as a verb = to take out (such as the contents of - like a fetus?) to empty; ineffective, useless. (or to render immovable through trance!)

PAGE FIVE: "Yield" is a verb = to give forth as "if" by a "natural" process, especially by cultivation. "Cultivate" is a verb = to improve & prepare; to promote the growth of; to nurture. (COMMENT: "improve" = more highly developed---"prepare" = selection of the best donor needs physically - for implantation! "nurture" = the best means of proteins made available through cattle mutilations.) {{It has been shown that the blood of cattle can be used in human transfusion in emergency situations, so this might allow for yet another part of this baffling mystery - by aliens - demons - or the henchmen of the New World Order.}} "Prepare" is a verb = to make ready beforehand for a specific purpose; to make by combining various elements. (That which is implanted.)

PAGE SIX: "Prepare" = to make ready beforehand for a specific purpose. (COMMENT: This is why abductions to find the right donor through medical examination & testing (is that) which is contributed by chosen people to be used in the mixtures for implantations.) {{This truly looks like a devils' brew that adds the serpent seed within the contour of humanity - so that the hybrid truly has a demonic element, if Richard is correct.}} "Prepare" also means to make by combining various elements. "Occur" as verb = to take place, come about; to be found to exist or appear. "Exist" is a verb = to have actual being; to continue to be; to be present under certain circumstances or in a specified area.

PAGE SEVEN: "Nurture" is a noun = sustenance (food;) environmental influences and conditions acting on an organism; to nurish or feed; to develop. (COMMENT: "Sustenance" = cattle proteins' blood; "influences" of evil spiritual realm of influences; "nurish & feed" = THE REASON FOR THE CATTLE MUTILATIONS! & "develop" = a highly developed hybrid.) {{The reader is enjoined to read the recently published book, "RAECHEL'S EYES," which is an alleged true account of how "alien hybrids" are nurtured socially; I got the feeling that the book was really about demonic activity, and when you read how & why they got rid of Raechel for "the sin" of just trying to be compassionate, it may add a little exclamation point to what is being stated here!}} Richard ends this PAGE with a statement:

"The UFO phenomenon was created by Satan and controlled by evil spirits and fallen angels, to make us believe aliens exist, when they "do not!" This is a deception ((a parallax view}} to hide the real truth going on behind the scenes, via the evil of creating hybrids!

PAGE EIGHT: "WANDERING STARS" = "DECEITFUL ANGELS." (Satyrs are figuritive of angels, as in THE BOOK OF ENOCH, chapters 1-105, and also in THE BIBLE, as in Job 38:7; REV 8:10-11 & 9:1-2. "Deceit" is a Greek adjective signifying "wandering" or leading "astray."; it also means seducing (1 TIM 4:1) - seducing (spirits) and used as a noun; it denotes an "imposter' or one engaged in a deception. "Deceit" as a Greek noun (Apate) = that which gives a false impression, whether by appearance, statement or influence.

PAGE NINE: "Impression" = an effect, a feeling, or an image retained as a consequence of an experience; a remembrance. ((COMMENT by Richard as an abductee experiencer: Often, through hypnosis, you remember the horrible images retained in your mind by these experiences.) The Greek (Eidos) = "image" = a shape or form as appearance, but not necessarily based on reality; (Skia) is Greek for a "shadowed" form or resemblance. "Shadow" = a phantom or ghost.

PAGE TEN: "Consequence" = something that logically or naturally follows from an action or condition as in a played out event. "Appearance" (from the Greek 'phaino') = to become evident to "appear." (This is the same reference in Greek that MATT 14:26 exhibits, as well as MARK 6:49.) "Appariton" is a ghostly figure a specter; a sudden or unusual sight; the act of appearing.

PAGE ELEVEN: "DECEIT" in literature = to deceive in one's mind or to deceive by "fancies." This is a mental faculty through which whims, visions, and fantasies are summoned up. As far as "consequence" goes, it leads to "remembrance" as the Greek word ('mnemoneuo') that signifies "to call to mind." (Hupomimnesko) = to cause to remember (Hupo)"under" implying "suggestion." "Suggestion" = the process by which a thought or mental image leads to another."

PAGE TWELVE: LOOK ON BACK: (COMMENT) The evil ones & evil spirits induce the person's mind through suggestion of what "they" would like you to remember, so while under hypnosis, tell the story the way your mind was given it. {{This may very unfortunately be the case in our real world of nuts & bolts...but...Karla Turner had indicated in her short treattise on the matter, (ABDUCTIONS IN A GINGERBREAD HOUSE) that a good psychologist may break through this deceptive technique by going to "layer three" of hypnosis; Barbara Batholic would be such a person that the now deceased Dr. Turner had in mind, when she made this statement.}}

RETURNING TO RICHARD'S COMMENTS: (I believe that the story given to each person that was abducted is personal, but contributes all the familiar characters, surroundings, and events which also take place for everyone else. If you can tell the person who put you under this story and tell him or her exactly what you are seeing and describing it, then isn't it the same as if you actually were awake when all of this happened? How come you have to be put under to remember it if your eyes were open to see the event take place? Would you not be awake and in control of your senses at this time?

PAGE THIRTEEN: "Phantom/phantasm" = something having no physical reality but apparently seen; an illusory mental image; in Platonic philosophy, objective reality as perceived and distorted by the five senses. "Phantasma-gory as noun = a fantastic sequence of haphazard associative imagery; a constant changing scene composed of numerous elements; the art of creating supernatural illusions. "Supernatural" = of or relating to the immediate exercise of divine power; miraculous.

PAGE FOURTEEN: Now "miraculous" is an adjective of the nature of a miracle; preternatural, = out of or being beyond the normal course of nature - differing from the natural; transcending the nautral or material order. "Trancend" as a verb = to pass beyond the limit of. (COMMENT: Through supernatural powers, the evil ones & Satan take whatever God has created for their use, i.e. deceiving mankind, and then, by transcending the material order - they change the molecular structure of said order. {{This may be the reason why certain UFOs are reported to change shapes, merge and even split up and disappear, as observed by many people over time.}}

PAGE FIFTEEN: (SUMMARY COMMENT: These materials are used to make them work specifically for their (the evil ones') use so as to make them look real in our world - that the phenomenon is real - and that these substances and materials are NOT from this world - when they are! They are just supernaturally changed by transcending the material order. In effect, they push the materials beyond their natural structure {{like a super-magic show?}} THEREFORE, they are nothing but props of deception. {{Michael Heiser called such a show, "THE FACADE" in his own novel that addresses these same issues of aliens as DEMONS.}}

Many of these objects ARE REAL, and can be touched and felt, but are not what they seem to be. Hybrids, posing as aliens, to further impose reality, are part and parcel of this deception. Remember ~ we are being {{"had"}} through supernatural powers, so ANYTHING GOES!

{{AS you peruse these notes above, you will see that FALLEN ANGELS have many skills - probably beyond the expertise of any professioanl magician...since they have been at it for a very long time...and seem to do it with a deceptive gusto, where the average human would be no match for their skullduggery, unless skilled in heightened awareness, and , more importantly, protected from above; in THE BOOK OF ENOCH - it does say that some are so protected, as true children of the true Father.}}

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