(Observations and a TESTIMONIAL by a man named Richard, with commentary by Byron LeBeau)

{{After having listened to Richard for some months now, I am convinced of his sincerity which oozes from every pore. It is in this spirit, feeling the same passion for getting to the core of the so-called UFO phenomenon, and related phenomena, that I present to you Richard’s key ideas and TESTIMONIAL regarding ‘’THE BITE OF THE SERPENT’’, as part of an ongoing series. The subsequent PART V will actually be the beginning of the next phase ~~ possibly referred to as ‘’SATAN’S SCORPIONS AND SERPENTS’’, Section II of THE BITE OF THE SERPENT, (subject to revision.)}}

INTRODUCTION by Richard: Thousands of years ago, there were many cults & religions whose followers worshipped the heavenly hosts. These were the Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, etc. This then, in my opinion, is one of the ways Satan was able to receive worship by people believing that these heavenly hosts were truly gods.

Satan deceived these people because they did not know ‘’the true God’’. Today, “starry host” now comes to mean one thing, i.e., the UFO phenomenon. We are to open our minds & hearts to the following information, so we are not deceived. The UFO phenomenon is a cloak of deception used for Satan’s benefit.

‘’What is the “starry host’’?

ANSWER: It is the light characteristics of UFOs!

EXAMPLES: “Starry” (adj) that means

1. shining like a star
2. shaped like a star
3. illuminated of or coming from the stars

“STAR” (GK) [A quote from VINE’S DICTIONARY) ”Of certain false teachers described as ‘wandering stars’ (Jude 13, Bible) are cited as if the “stars” intended for light and guidance became the means of deceit by irregular movements!

Richard feels that it sure does sound like objects resembling stars at great distances, which are controlled by deceitful angels for ‘’more’’ deceitful purposes, where the “stars” move at irregular angles, with these same movements that reflect the same phenomenon we see in UFOs.

“SHINE” means to emit light-reflect light-to be immediately apparent (appear) -& to aim or cast a beam or glow of light.

“ILLUMINATE” means to provide or brighten with light-to decorate with light-to adorn with designs of or brilliant colors of light-to expose or to reveal by radiation (where light is electromagnetic radiation) & to provide intellectual or spiritual enlightenment and understanding.

This last derivation explains many abductees’ claims where they receive special powers from their contact event. But this is a deception! These people are being used by the evil ones, not knowing themselves that they are. (Cf. COR 11:14-15, showing Satan as an angel of “light” or a false appearance of Christ, with his evil agents as angels.) I know, because it happened to me, Richard; in fact, it happened several times. Now that I am truly with Christ, not one sighting or event by evil has appeared to me – going on twelve years now!


Through my beloved relationship with the Lord, I’ve prayed to know about that suffering and years of torment, with every imaginable event involving the UFO phenomenon, which had plagued me day after day. Eventually, then, in desperation, and feeling like ‘’ending it all’’, I called upon the heavenly Father, and crying said: What do I have to do to find your real son? You see, I was being deceived by Satan before this, who had posed as an angel of light to me. ‘’I thought he (Satan) was Christ, but that was a deception – a false image’’! Through the blessed mercy of the ‘’true’’ Son of God, my spirit was led to believe. I was being deceived, because the way my relationship is now with the true Christ, there is a ‘’definite’’ difference. Through deception, I just could never understand what was happening, but when it came to the real Christ, all of a sudden (in time) love-peace-joy & truth began to show themselves – and something ‘’I never experienced through the false Christ’’!

Afterwards, I prayed to the Father. He immediately lifted this weight out of my chest. I know now that what was lifted out of me was ‘’the evil spirits! Soon after this, the next day – no more experiences with ‘’any’’ of the UFO stuff that I had been accustomed to. It ALL stopped – and I mean ‘’all of it’’ – things like seeing objects periodically, grays, reptilians, out-of-body experiences, visions, headaches, frequencies ringing in the ear, voices, noises in the house, false angels, balls of light, nose bleeds, etc….TO SAY THE LEAST, by discovering the true Christ, all of this went away for good!

So I prayed day after day to know the truth about all of this, and after twelve years THE HOLY SPIRIT showed me through these ‘’key words’’ that I have been writing about (in these four parts of THE BITE OF THE SERPENT,) - and showed me all of what is really happening!


“SHINE” is a Greek verb to cause to “appear.” In Greek ‘periastrapto’ means to flash around, to shine round about.

SO, these aforementioned keys words about “lights” (to me) show something which I contend to describe as UFOs. Look at the below list and picture the characteristics of these lights: emitting lights~glowing~decorations of lights~brilliant colored lights~radiation~suddenly appearing~lights flashing around (the object lights going on and off)~lights moving round about….

“SHINE” (GK) to appear while “APPEAR” = to come into existence, and “APPEARANCE” = THE OUTWARD ASPECT OF

“ASPECT” = “mien” or an appearance from a specific vantage point; a way in which something is also ‘’viewed by the mind’’

“MIEN” (as noun) is an appearance “bearing”, especially as it reveals an inner state of mind (suggestion?); alteration, influence by appearance!

“BEAR” (as verb) = to exert pressure, force or influence on, to overwhelm, to effect.

“COLOR” (from illuminate, as noun) = the characteristics of light by which the individual is made aware of an object or objects or light sources described in terms of dominant wavelength; to give a distinctive character to (which UFOs certainly have!); to exert influence on, affect; primary colors whose mixtures may be subjective.

“DOMINANT” (as adj.) = exercising the most influence or control over.

“SUBJECTIVE” (as adj.) = proceeding from or taking place within a person’s mind such as to be unaffected by the external world. (When put in a trance, you are totally absent in mind from the outside world.) It also means particular to a given person (“chosen”) personal; psychological existing only within the experiencer’s mind or (influence through light & color!)

‘’Let’s look at the word ‘color’ in Greek; here it says to see the word ‘cloak.’ {{written as “cloke” by Richard, which in Greek = ‘epikalumma’.) which is a covering, a means of hiding, a pretext, a cloke for wickedness..}} See “DECEIT”…and remember (deceitful angels as discussed in a previous part.)

“PRETEXT” (as noun) = an effort or strategy intended to conceal something; in LATIN (to disguise)

‘WICKEDNESS” (GK) = (‘kakia’) = evil.

You see how in the Greek, color explains it as an instrument for deceit, to influence people through lights and brilliant colors, & to set in our minds through deception in believing we are seeing something ‘’not of this world’’ – when indeed, it itself is being used as a prop for deception.

UFOs and the related phenomena are created to deceive us into believing we are being visited by other races of beings not of this world. Where else would we expect them to come from? The whole UFO agenda accomplishes all of its deceptions, which are just clokes {{cloaks}} to hide Satan’s real intentions. When we see aliens doing abductions, medical examinations, & cattle mutilations, we just don’t understand what the meaning behind all of this is. Years of research, both by governments and private people/organizations, have resulted in ‘’no concrete answers!’’


When we use God’s specific words, decoded meanings in Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and the general meanings, we may perceive the sensible truth emerge to explain what all these UFO-related events are, and what is being done deceivingly behind our backs, so to speak. Just open your hearts and minds. Pray about what you are reading. Let God guide your spirit to the ‘’truth!’’

(NOTE): The primary colors are red, yellow, blue & green, as well as the achromatic pair of black & white. These are most often seen and used colors of lights on UFOs.

{{This ends Richard’s passionate TESTIMONIAL & observations for this FIRST SECTION of ‘’THE BITE OF THE SERPENT,’’ but it does not end his complete observations about the “STARRY HOST” (THE HOSTS OF DECEPTION) and more ‘’very specific’’ references to scripture, that will go even further in identifying SATAN-the serpents-and the scorpions under his sway – as “the PRINCE OF THIS WORLD.”** Stay tuned!}}

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