The first recording is Richard and Greg talking about an upcoming documentary on UFO's and an alleged UFO crash that occurred in November of 1992 in a state park on Long Island, New York.  Richard also speaks of his experiences and how he came up with the information about the UFO phenomenon.  The second recording is with Maria Cuccia, a woman who is in the documentary and speaks of her abduction experience and the child she was shown named Elijah. 

On Jan. 14th 2007 Byron LeBeau, the co-author of "The Bite of the Serpent" series joins Greg to speak about the Nephilim, fallen angels, giants and Satan's sinister agenda. (talk show 3)  The paranormal talk show is
Frontiers of Faith with Jack London and Kristin Walker.  Each show is approx. 60 minutes in length.
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Byron LeBeau was a guest on The Edge AM with Daniel Ott.  Click here to listen to the show that was recorded live on Nov. 17, 2007!
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Greg shares his testimony with Ronald Godwin from Total-Deliverance Radio on August 9, 2008!
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